Summoner achievement in Shadowrun


Kill one hundred enemies with your Minions.

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How to unlock the Summoner achievement

  • Scoochi2Scoochi2279,091
    29 Jul 2010 06 Mar 2011 06 Mar 2011
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    Buy the Summon spell ASAP. If you buy with LT/LB/RB it will also auto-assign it to that control.
    Target an enemy to summon a minion. The minion will attempt to kill them and will then vanish.
    Target the floor to have a minion guard that area. It will target any nearby enemy and pursue them a reasonable distance. It will not vanish if it kills anyone.
    DO NOT summon a minion if there is a friendly minion nearby- minions will always target other minions before your enemies, even if said minion is friendly.

    BOOSTING METHOD (works for all get xx kills achievements)
    If you don't have 8 people for the session, don't even try. Nothing will count, nobody will get an achievement. The optimal number is 13 people. For this guide I will assume you have 13 people, but if your numbers are different it's easy enough to figure out :)

    Create a private game. Invite everyone in. The maximum party size is 8 and Windows players won't be able to join [the party], so tell everyone the order of who takes their turn and when at the start to ease confusion later.
    Have 5 people on RNA (either the first 5 to take their turn, or people that need the achievement for winning) and the other 8 on Lineage. You won't get an achievement if there is less than 4 people on either team, and having a fifth helps in case someone disconnects.
    Set the map to Dig Site (on Raid).
    Host makes sure Killer is on RNA and RNA has 5 players, then launches again.

    The entire Lineage team should stand still (NOT even running around).
    Everyone on RNA gives their money to 1 person (from now on named 'Killer').
    Killer then buys a weapon they need as well as smartlink and either smoke or glider.
    As soon as the round starts, Killer jumps down the well by the RNA spawn and uses glider/smoke to stop them taking damage at the bottom.
    Killer then realises he is at the Lineage spawn zone and summons a minion on the ground in the middle of enemy locations- don't target any enemies themselves. Minion will kill Lineage members. Round finishes.
    Killer repeats this a further 5 times to end the match (RNA wins 6-0).
    The 'Killer' title then passes onto the next player.
    Host makes sure Killer is on RNA and RNA has 5 players, then launches again.

    If done correctly, each time it's your turn you get 48 kills (8 players * 6 rounds). You will also pick up the Godlike achievement if you don't take that fall damage. If everyone agrees, you can also get Unstoppable if a few revives are performed on the Lineage side (other than that, there should be no revives).

    If Killer intends to go for the Special Delivery or Master Blaster achievements then the entire Lineage team should group up.
    If Killer intends to go for the Summoner achievement, Lineage players should be any race other than dwarf. Elf is preferable.

    Whilst the Lineage team just stands around doing nothing (so they can be easily killed), the RNA team can do whatever they want to (EXCEPT following Killer to the Lineage team).
    It's an ideal time to work on Heavy Smoker/Teleporter. In my boosting sessions we ended up with the RNA people running around the map in a race- as the rounds progress we used teleport/wired reflexes to go faster or strangle to hold up the other racers :) And sometimes we all just summoned Minions and had 'Minion Fights'. It was that or standing around doing nothing.

    This boosting method works for all weapon achievements, as well as Master Ninja/Target Lock/3-for-the-price-of-1/Summoner.

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    CDJ 1000One thing to add - If you choose to do revives with this you will increase the number of kills you get per round and with enough people on the linage side you could get this achievement, or any kill achievement, in 6 rounds. Just make sure that everyone knows who will be doing the revives on the linage side so you do not accidentally kill the “reviver”. (It works best if the "reviver" is completely away from the rest of the linage team.) The down side to this is it will defiantly add to the over-all playtime for a boosting session.
    Posted by CDJ 1000 on 17 Aug 11 at 12:40
    Scoochi2Well said CDJ. What you said is exactly right, but it has another downside as well: everyone needs to constantly play (reviver to revive, others to stay together). If you don't revive, the entire team can go AFK (checking in from time to time just in case).
    Posted by Scoochi2 on 17 Aug 11 at 18:23
    Sera Di SiahOnly needed about 20 more minion kills when it popped for me in a boosting match. Nice guide :)
    Posted by Sera Di Siah on 07 Nov 12 at 16:37
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  • SkillfulMmdSkillfulMmd272,209
    06 Sep 2008 06 Sep 2008 14 Oct 2008
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    the best class to do this is a dwarf make sure not to buy anything on the first round and just use your pistol. once you get to round two buy the minnion and make sure you put one down in a good spot (remember not to put them near each other) . once you can put another one down make sure it helps the first one so if someone runs they run into it. this achievement is mostly luck so good luck.
  • Phantomzero17Phantomzero1769,170
    22 Dec 2010 09 Apr 2012
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    Although you could include some of you xbox live friends if you test it out first and you don't lag out.

    First off you will need to create user accounts on your PC. You do this by going to the control panel and finding the user accounts section.

    (The Next two steps can be done in either order)

    Once you have 10 user accounts (9 new ones and your own) you will need to log into each one seperately and activate Shadowrun on each user account.

    Next go to (or a mix of hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc) and create 9 new xbox live accounts on

    Now you can log back in with your account or one of the boosting ones on each account so that you can change the video settings. Set everything to low and put it in smallest size in windowed mode.

    Once you have all 9 accounts made and the correct settings for each one you need to choose 1 for each new user account. Then set the login to auto for each of the "bots" to save you time later.

    Add all 9 of the bots to your friendslist or add 8 or the bots to one and add just that one using that one bot to send invites to all of the bots when you start putting the lobby together.

    Now that you have that all in order its time to boost.

    Make sure that you are also set to the lowest settings, or if you think you can handle it go ahead and bump up a little bit.

    1) Host a private lobby of extraction on Lobby.

    2) Invite all of your bots

    3) Log in as each bot to join the game.

    *NOTE* This is where many people screw up. Do not, do not, do not use CRTL+ALT+DELETE to switch between user accounts. Instead hit the Windows Key (Its right next to the Alt key on most keyboards) and the Windows start menu will pop up on the side. Now click on an empty area of your desktop. Then hit the windows key again and select switch user. Do this for each of the accounts as you sign in and next to switch. The reason being that when you do it the other way the game stops in its tracks. And while the bots usually stay in you will experience much more lag and they take longer to kill on occassions. That and they are much, much, much more prone to lagging out. For some odd reason when you do the click on the Desktop method the game runs just as smoothly as if the player was still there.

    4) Set 4 players up on the RNA side (Including yourself) and 6 on the Lineage side.

    5) Make sure everything is set to your liking. With bots set up to certain races if need be for you to work on other achievements.

    6) Start the game.

    7) Do not do anything, even move.

    8) Your not playing a Local game with bots your still playing on Xbox Live. Everything you do has to be sent out and then re-recieved by your computer for each and every user account. The first few kills or minutes can and will lag. Although on a few occassions during non-peak hours I ran silky smooth from the get-go.

    9) Buy whatever you want that you can afford. Avoid explosives or even using your grenades the first time. And do not jump off of anything.

    10) Run over to the Lineage Spawn and kill all 6 of your bots. I just used my pistol.

    11) Continue doing so for the next five rounds with whatever weapons or spells that you want and that you can afford.

    12) If you earned Summoner in this time then the achievement will pop after the game is over. If not continue playing till you do earn it.

    Thats it. You can use this method with a few alterations to earn many of the achievements. I used it for 3 for the price of one, Summoner, Master Theif, Master Blaster, and That's one Frustrated Sniper. Although I wish I would've thought of this sooner.

    You could also use this to boost time spent in smoke.
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