1,000,000 Online Credits achievement in Forza Motorsport 2

1,000,000 Online Credits

Earn 1,000,000 "Online Credits" from Tournaments and Career races.

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How to unlock the 1,000,000 Online Credits achievement

  • Gold Rush NLGold Rush NL118,414
    10 Jan 2008 15 Feb 2009 10 Jan 2011
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    The fastest way:

    Make the fastest car in-game, download the setup in the leaderboards for the Ford GT 40. Make the fastest car, it has 3 gears and has a topspeed of 411km/h (+/-255mph).

    Make a lobby on the Nissan speedway. Wait for 7 people and put the laps on 25, 50 or 75. Almost everyone will quit the race because it's very boring. You can finish the race easely. Now you get get pretty much credits (+/- 270.000 for 75 laps with 8 people). It's boring but it's the fastest way.

    To get more credits: Put all the assists off! This will give you a big bonus. You don't need them so this will give you lots more of credits.
    Warning: If you put everything off. Be sure you never hit a wall. And don't forget to change your tires and fuel!

    [EDIT 12 June 2009]:
    Someone asked how to download the car options. Go to the "Leaderboards" and view the best times on the "Nissan Test Track." From some players you could download the setup (not very much players does have a downloadable setup). I thought you had to press "X" to download their setup. Now you get their tuned options and a upgrade list. You have to buy all upgrades conform that list.

    NOTE: There are different setups you can download. Not every setup is that fast. So look for the best!

    I'am sorry for the bad english.

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    PhilAllInsI’m interested in getting this mindkiller76 and 1nsane. Add me
    Posted by PhilAllIns on 13 Aug 19 at 04:44
    iDuLStill looking for people to boost this achievement. Currently at $100k
    Posted by iDuL on 21 Mar 20 at 20:32
    KingFlippynipz0Looking for people as of 25-Sept-2020. Final achievement I need for a 100% a long time in the making. Shoot me a message TA or XBox (XBox preferred, as is having a mic)
    Posted by KingFlippynipz0 on 25 Sep 20 at 12:27
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  • TheDumpSweatsTheDumpSweats207,900
    29 Dec 2009 29 Dec 2009 03 Jan 2010
    54 3 5
    Certainly not the fastest way, but if you have a solid internet connection and some patience this will work for you.

    This method takes about 10 hours of racetime in 1 race. The good news is that you can walk away for hours at a time. When I did this my total race time was over 24 hours.

    Get 7 friends to join a this race:
    Gametype - Circuit Race
    Track - Nordschleife
    Number of Laps - 75

    Damage Type - Cosmetic
    Tires and Fuel - Off ***VERY important!!

    I used a 2004 Audi #5 Audi Sport Japan Team Goh R8. Any R1 car will do. (Edit: Make sure its a 10.0 Rarity car.)

    For assists:
    Suggested Line - Full
    Anti-Lock Braking - ABS Off
    Traction - TCS On (Makes getting back on the road easier)
    Stability - STM Off
    Shifting - Automatic

    With 8 players it will say you get a baseline of $825,000. Wait 10 seconds or more and your friends can all drop out of the match leaving you alone.

    This is the Nurburgring Circuit. Its almost 13 miles per lap. When I started I was completing laps (not including penalty time) about 8 minutes even. After 15 laps I was down to 7:45. In the end I was doing about 7:20-7:30 a lap. 75 laps will take about 10 hours at that pace. Comments are more than welcome if there are much faster cars to use.

    At the end of the race you will receive $1,072,500. Achievement in 1 online race.

    If you need to do a silly thing like sleep, eat, or go to work/school and you have a solid internet connection, and a Plug'n'charge cable, plug it in and put the controller down. As long as your Xbox Live Connection is uninterrupted your game will be uninterrupted when you get back.
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    UndergrounCzechJust wondering, THEICEMANCOMETH, you mean 7-player race including you or not?
    Posted by UndergrounCzech on 14 Jan 10 at 00:38
    NicolaM1985im 25/75 and bored already and being a girl i cant do it in any less than 9.40 -10.00 per lap. thanks for this guide to.
    Posted by NicolaM1985 on 28 May 11 at 08:30
    AndreFlash83i"m now at 40/75 man what a long way, i'm doing laps around 6:40 and 7:00, my best 6:39, i just hope i can finish this, btw great guide :)
    Posted by AndreFlash83 on 27 Dec 12 at 23:14
  • roy obanionroy obanion60,263
    24 Sep 2009 18 Sep 2009
    48 5 9
    Definitely the fastest way to do this is the Nissan Speedway.

    Here's a tune for the Saleen S7, I got it from forzamotorsport.net. All credit goes to TomCat7.

    I did find this car quite a bit more drivable than the GT40, it's actually not too bad with all assists off.

    Make/Model: Saleen S7
    Class:U; HP:880; Torque: Weight:
    Misc. Info
    Track tuned for: :Nissan speedway Best time:35.558

    Mods: No rear wing
    Front Bumper: Forza
    Rear Bumper: Forza
    Sides: NA
    Spoiler: NO
    Hood: NA

    Engine Mods: All Race
    Intake: Race
    Exhaust: Race
    Ign.: Race
    Fuel: Race
    Camshaft: Race
    Block: Race
    Intercooler: RACE
    Turbo: Race

    Chassis Mods: All race except Sport Trans
    Brakes: Race
    Suspension: Race
    Anti-roll bars: Race
    Trans: Sport
    Clutch: Race
    Flywheel: Race
    Driveshaft: Race
    Differential: Race
    Weight Reduction: Full Race

    Tire compound/manufacturer Race/Avon:
    Wheel width: Stock
    Wheel diameter:
    Wheel make/model: Work -/Equip 03
    Tires(psi) F/R: 34/34 or 55/55 with no Tire/Fuel Simulation on.

    Gearing: With Sport Trans. You can switch to Race trans it you want.
    FD: 3.10 With Sport Trans.

    -Camber F/R: -1.5/-1.0
    -Toe F/R: -0.2/0.0
    -Caster: 5.0

    Anti-roll Bar F/R: 19.66/13.11

    Springs F/R: 570.1/ 352.3
    Dampers (bump):6.0/ 7.7
    Dampers (rebound): 10.1/ 14.0

    Downforce:126/ 0.0 This is lowest setting for front downforce.

    Braking Brakes. You really don't need brakes

    Balance: 50%
    Pressure: 100%

    Rear Diff Accel: 75% You can try 25%
    Rear Diff Decel: 75% Can be lower
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    roy obanion@ Silver Haze NL: if the others start the race, they can leave as soon as you are driving and it doesn't affect the prize money. I think it was Rapjackal or another who came up with the idea of rotating lobbies for boosting, When we had 6 players you could stagger starts and run several races one after another. It definitely helped make short work of this one.
    Posted by roy obanion on 06 Jun 12 at 03:03
    xJarutheDamajaxThanks very good car and tune-setup.. I like it..
    Posted by xJarutheDamajax on 10 Feb 13 at 18:01
    GepardsDone! Chrysler ME Four-Twelve Concept at Nissan Speedway, 75 laps, 2 players. Took around 20-22 hours
    Posted by Gepards on 15 Jun 20 at 17:28
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