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SEGA Super Star

Earn your Triple-Star License

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How to unlock the SEGA Super Star achievement

  • igor5618igor56181,547,348
    30 Nov 2012 27 Nov 2012 25 Jun 2018
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    For this you need to hit 100% of your license completion which basically covers other achievements - win all Grand Prix on Expert difficulty, same with all World Tour career races & challanges and staff ghost's Time Attacks.

    I CAN CONFIRM STICKERS AND MODS ALSO GIVES YOU % to license completion. People unlock achievement at different ghost progress, depending of how much stickers and mods they unlocked.
    So more of theese you get, less Expert ghost you have to beat.
    As for roadmap I suggest going after Master World Tour and GP's first then do as many Expert Time Attacks you are able and finish remaing %'s with mods and stickers.

    You can also do it this way without DLC but you need to maxout level for almost all characters and get close to all stickers. Getting DLC's certainly make it easier.

    Some tracks are glitched and you can jump off from high roads and land on lower road and half lap later, watch ghosts to see where.

    GP's seems easier to beat if you race with 3 split screen gamepads because it looks game removes few harder AI's and races auto end 30 secs after you cross finish. Unfortunatelly this doesn't work to well in career because races doesn't auto end there so you have to drive full race distance for each of gamepads. Still to drive well first learn tracks, you are racing on quarter of screen and can't keep bouncing from walls.

    As for vehicle everyone has his favourites, mine was Sonic with Acceleration setup for most events, changed it to Speed or Console mod for few hardest boost races and boost challenges.


    *UPDATE*. As stated in comments it looks game was patched and trick with skipping some portion on few tracks no longer works so you have to focus even more on getting badges, leveling characters and other secondary stuff but recently anothet track/character DLC has been released.

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    Vinni500I had for 100%:

    232 World tour stars
    25/25 Characters
    10/10 Grand prix wins
    153/168 Staff ghosts beaten
    109/120 Stickers collected
    110/150 Mods

    38:24 hours for this
    Posted by Vinni500 on 22 Oct 21 at 10:15
    Todoroki XIXAt 100% I had:

    232 World tour stars
    25/25 characters unlocked
    10/10 Grand Prix Wins
    156/168 staff ghosts beaten
    94/120 stickers collected
    93/150 mods earned

    20:24 time played
    Figured I'd add my statistics at 100%. Not sure how the game calculates it outside of the fact that world tour stars, Grand Prix Wins, and staff ghosts beaten give the most progress (not sure what the threshold for mods/stickers is so 90+ for both is probably a safe bet). Happy hunting
    Posted by Todoroki XIX on 24 Oct 21 at 19:02
    MichSolus228 stars
    25/25All figures
    90/168 ghozt
    100hrs time played
    Posted by MichSolus on 03 Nov 21 at 03:17
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    17 May 2016 18 May 2016
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    igor5618 solution is great in detail, but I will post my stats as soon as I got the achievement.

    I went for all the expert achievements in the game and started with time attack. I did 22 courses on expert, 2 medium, and the rest on hard for my ghosts.

    As you can see for my world tour stars I did not have them all when I got the achievement. Everything on the license page gives you % but it is weighted differently i.e stickers are less than world tour stars etc.

    But for this specific achievement you should do the time attack on hard (pretty easy) do what you can in world tour on expert (at least all on hard), same with the grand prix, and then focus on stickers/mods

    I focused on a single character until I maxed them out in world tour so this one popped before my world tour stars one did

    100% Game Completed
    227/232 World Tour Stars
    24/24 Characters Unlocked
    10/10 Grand Prix Wins
    141/160 Staff Ghosts beaten
    88/100 Stickers Unlocked
    80/144 Mods Earned

    The ones bolded are the ones that give you the most % but they all do. If you are going for all the achievements then you will most likely get this one either before or right after you get the other ones.

    Let me know why if you vote negative, otherwise Happy Hunting toast
  • AcaelusTAcaelusT318,300
    24 Sep 2021 24 Sep 2021
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    Hello Folks,

    Excellent tips all around here from previous guides. Acceleration mod being a great option... in my opinion... Sonic, Gum, Shadow are the most superior.

    If you have a couple extra controllers (i have total of 4), hook'em up and join them to the game as guest. The three players you add to the event will level up a bit on each event, effectively allowing you to speed up the process of unlocking MODS that may help you get closer to 100% game completion. So make sure you do not add a STAR level character, and always add a character that can level up.

    This has the added value of It basically removing 3 contenders off the race and I am not entirely sure why, but I was never able to fail at coming 1st place after doing that. I mean, the difficulty curve seems to be humongous after adding the 3 inanimate players split-screen and i cant really tell why... but the expert event becomes quite easy. This works for all "Race" types events including World Tour Races, World Tour Boost Races, World Tour Battle Races, Grand Prix Races, etc... Basically any event that you are competing against all 10 other characters.

    Hope this helps other with this game that can become a bit tough at times.
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