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Story Mode finished on Very Hard difficulty level.

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    This is not hard at all. I can't pin-point any "trouble spots" off the top of my head, but very hard mode really doesn't have any hair pulling moments. Just a few tips:

    - The only real weapon you're going to need is the rifle. Whether it's the "classic" or "scoped," it's by far the most useful and usually results in one hit kills, two hits tops. If you cannot get the rifle, the quickshooter(s) works very effectively.

    - Enemies aren't that much more of a threat if you remember to keep distance. The only real exception are enemies with shotguns, as the spread has a surprising range, and can kill you in one hit if you aren't careful.

    - I NEVER used dynamite.

    - As the other solution mentioned, start from Chapter 1 instead of New Game, to avoid the gatling gun section. In addition, when you actually get to this part (Beginning of chapter XIV) DO NOT use the gatling gun. It's pretty much suicide.

    - When you use the bow, remember that the arrow does drop over distance, so aim above the head accordingly. Yeah, and ALWAYS make headshots.

    - For the duels, I would always reach the RS down as fast as possible. The crosshair will fling about, but it's not that hard to control. Alternately, you can try to dodge all the enemies shots (6) and shoot them when they reload, but this is challenging. Made worse by the fact that getting shot in a duel is a one hit death.

    (Thankfully, the game checkpoints before each duel)

    - For the melee fights (I think there were only 3 of them in total), don't worry about combos, and just keep backing up and punching the enemy in the face. There's no block button, so just keep backing up and wailing on his face a few times, and repeat.

    - The only real trouble spot was the end of chapter XIII, in the room with the gold. If you have a rifle, this'll be easy. After the brief cutscene, back up to where you came from and pick off the enemies throwing the dynamite. Then move up and shoot the enemies on the left hand side.

    Once you defeat them, you'll fight a boss, who's not tough in theory, but he's got supercharged revolvers. Head to the small alcove in the right hand side of the room and pick him off with the rifle. Once you knock him down to about 25% health, the chapter ends.

    - Another trouble part was chapter IV, where you have to sneak past a shitton of guards camped out. There are far to many of them to fight, and you're about as durable as a wet piece of paper. Past the two guards on the upper hill (kill them), drop down and head ALL the way around to the left, staying in the bushes in case lightning strikes and reveals your location. When you get to the guards who are talking about taking a piss, look for a tent you can crawl through. From there, crawl through another tent and you should pop out near a horse. Slap the horse on the ass (lol) to drive away the attention of the guards, and beeline it to an opening on the right. If they see you (and they saw me) just bolt. They won't catch up.

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    Unknown DoboWorth mentioning that you unlock very hard mode by collecting 3/4 of the wanted posters in the game, I spent a while trying to work out why i didn't have V Hard mode as an option until i spotted this on another website.
    Posted by Unknown Dobo on 27 Feb 17 at 23:06
    Sabin VIi pretty much used Rifles all the time i think the only annoying chapters are the ones with the Idians at the Mountains.. especially when playing as Billy other than that Very hard is pretty easy oh and i wish i would have checked the solution earlier cause i spend 20-25 Minutes on the Prolog laugh

    btw some weird glitch happened to me.. i beat the Game on Easy doing all the Collectibles /Misc Achievements and the Achievement for beating the Campaign didn't Unlock so i was worried that Achievement might have glitched on me but after beating the "Gather the Eagle Feather" Chapter (10 i believe) on Very Hard the Achievement randomly popped.. i found that really weird.

    anyway the only spot in the Game where i used Concentration Mode alot was at the End of the Game shooting those damn Dynamite Sticks that Juarez is throwing at you and Molly.
    Posted by Sabin VI on 29 Jan 18 at 14:01
    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution, very helpful tips.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 24 Dec 19 at 00:48
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    It really isnt all that bad just take your time i would usually try to kill enimes from as far away as possible just so i didnt die as much cause you die quick.. Also you dont have to beat the very begining with the gattling gun just choose episode 1 and go from there and you cant just beat the last level for the chieve you gotta do the whole thing believe me i tried lol. And of course you have to collect 30 of 40 wanted posters to unlock very hard mode. If you have any questions or need help on any part just message me here or live
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    ComesBrothersHey! Thanks for posting this! I unlocked the achievement a few minutes ago!!! Maybe I once also tried just doin' the last episode / level, 'cause the achievement popped as soon as I had finished episode 14 ... did it also pop for you after finishing the 14th level (and not the last, the 15th)? If so, this would suggest that completing it on Very Hard works like collecting all the bounty posters and special guns... as long as you just finish the episode, right? (in case of the guns and posters you'll have to collect them and make sure you stay alive until a checkpoint AND then just finish the episode. Dying after the checkpoint isn't bad, since your progress is saved at the checkpoint; you don't have to worry 'bout collecting the gun / poster anymore) ...
    I was just wondering! Thanks in advance!
    Posted by ComesBrothers on 03 May 12 at 07:33
    Although this is very short, doesn't offer any specific episode help, and is quite poorly written, it has the key elements I wanted to know; how to unlock very hard mode and about skipping the gatlin scene. Upvoted.
    Posted on 28 Aug 15 at 03:49
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