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All Stars

Collect every Star in World Tour

All Stars-1.6
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How to unlock the All Stars achievement

  • ChizzyChizzy744,776
    11 Aug 2014 11 Aug 2014 23 Aug 2014
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    This achievement requires you to get all 232 stars in career mode, this is the equivalent of 58 different races/mini games. There are 4 stars per race, but you may be wondering, "I can only get 3 stars per race, how are there 4?" Before you start even going for this achievement, I recommend unlocking expert mode by beating all 10 of the Grand Prix's at least once. I also recommend beating all of them on expert before going for this because you will be somewhat experienced in expert mode before tackling career mode.

    Now as far as characters go, I mostly only used Sonic with the Handling/Acceleration mods. Boost for the boost races, but really, it depends on the level because some have more turns and what-not. I also used MeeMee and Aiai for ones I was having trouble with, but 95% was done with sonic.

    Regular Races: These are standard 10 player races, you must simply come in first. Make sure you get the boost at the beginning of the race. To do this, when the countdown starts, before the screen turns black hold down RT and then release. If it changes color you know you are doing it right, this is vital to success as all the racers in the last area get the full boost on expert.

    Versus: You must race opponents one on one until you eliminate all of the rivals. To eliminate one, you must get a significant distance on your opponent or be in the lead when the timer runs out. My tips for this is to try to get a weapon and hit your opponent, then when you get another one, save it for when you win that race so you have it for the next one. Again not too bad, the only ones that took me a lot of tries were towards the end where there are 5 opponents.

    Boost Challenge: You must keep your vehicle boosted and prevent the timer from running out. So these can be pretty tricky, but again, nothing that can't be done with practice. I would try to use the acceleration mod for some of these, because you need to drift the corners perfectly or it will ruin your run. You also get one boost power up each lap of the race, use your best judgement on when to use them because they can make or break a run.

    Traffic Attack: I again recommend the acceleration or handling mods for this. You must go through waves of cars. For the most part, the cars are scripted, so if you find something that works, it will work most of the time. It's mostly just trial and error. It's also in your best interest to go for as many of the time checkpoints as you can.

    Ring Race: These are the drift challenges for planes. You must fly through rings and you can't miss any or you lose 3 seconds, which pretty much fails you the run. Most of them I only had 1 second left. You need to become a master plane drifter for this because of the boost you get and the way some of the rings are. Again nothing to hard here again, but they can be frustrating when you're right at the end and the time runs out :(.

    Battle Race: It's an elimination race, you and your opponents have 3 bars of health, and you lose one if you get hit with a weapon or fall of the course. I would stay behind on purpose, because the AI don't fire backwards too much and it is MUCH easier to shoot in-front of you than behind you.

    Sprint: You must beat a course best. These aren't as fast as the expert ghost challenges, but still are a little annoying. Here is my advice, use either the acceleration or handling mods, and one the first lap don't use your boost or anything. Before you cross the line for a new lap, use your boost. You will have a little bit of a start on the ghost and you will still have your boost for that lap.

    Drifting Challenges: So these were the hardest for me. You must follow the checkpoints and drift on the arrows to gain time. You must make it through all the checkpoints before the time runs out. You won't get the time if you don't go through the purple checkpoint. I used Sonic's handling mod for these. You just have to get good enough at drifting. I will post videos of people doing the ones I had the most trouble with to get an idea on how to do it. All video credit goes to their owners.

    Hopefully some of these tips helped you. This honestly is that bad of an achievement, and is easily doable with practice.

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    Lazy with StyleBeside the already mentioned Pursuits you forgot the Boost Races. In these you have to make full use of the boost pads and drift boosts to win against opponents. Naturally Sonics Boost mod is the right choice here.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 21 Jan 20 at 07:55
    oo Storm86 ooYou can also unlock expert mode by making it to the showdown world. Expert unlocks as soon as you unlock the gate to the world. You don't necessarily have to play through all the grand prix.
    Posted by oo Storm86 oo on 12 Jul 20 at 03:39
    Inferno118Wow tricky traffic was a nightmare, took an hour 30. Not even noted in the solution? Looks like I’m in for some pain laugh
    Posted by Inferno118 on 12 Sep 21 at 19:10
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  • I Ebon Hawk II Ebon Hawk I2,148,486
    28 Jul 2013 28 Jul 2013 22 Jan 2014
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    After unlocking this achievement today I would just like to offer some tips to make it easier. For the majority of the events, I used Sonic with his Acceleration mod equipped. I switched to Console or Boost for the Boost Challenges and Boost Races.

    In the standard races, try to get a Boost Start at the beginning of every race. This is done by tapping RT once when "Ready, 3, 2, 1" text appears on the screen (4 taps in total). The color of your kart's exhaust fumes will change if you have done it correctly. If you aren't in a good position at the end of the first lap (in the top 3, ideally), restart the race. It's hard to catch up when you are a long way behind the leaders, especially on Expert.

    For the Ring Races, try to get drift boosts as much as possible (done by holding LT and releasing after a few seconds). If you miss any rings, it's best to restart as you receive a 3 second penalty for each ring missed.

    The Boost Challenges were the hardest events for me. You must be boosting constantly, either by driving over boost pads, flying through the airborne boosts, and getting drift boosts. You also get a boost pickup at the start. Try to be drifting constantly. Also try to get transform boosts whenever your vehicle changes form (done by doing a stunt with the right stick during the transformation) The Golden Axe boost challenge took me about 2 hours to complete. There is a section in the middle of the track where you can go left or right then jump through an archway. Take the left path here as the right one is badly designed - you will hit the ceiling when you jump, which almost guarantees a failure.

    Tank pursuits seemed impossible on expert as Sonic, so I switched to AiAi for these. The best advice here is to go slowly and don't get hit. Try to have 9 rockets whenever you attack the tank. I rapid fired them individually instead of holding A - this seems to do more damage to the tank.

    The Traffic Attacks can be quite difficult at first. These are mostly trial and error. Your main priority is not to hit any cars - if this means missing a boost pad or pickup, so be it. If you have a bad start, pause and restart. Try to get through the first 5 waves without any crashes.

    This is a tough achievement and one that certainly deserves its ratio, which stands at over 5.0 at this time. Practice and perseverance are the key to getting it. Good luck.

    If anyone has any suggestions on improving this solution, or reasons for voting negatively, please mention them in the comments.
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    Lazy with StyleI have 205/232 stars currently and have to disagree on some of the points you mentioned. You can always win an expert race in World Tour from position 3-8 in the last round if the field of racers is not too separated and especially if you get an allstars item. I have done this on several occasions, last was the event Arcade Annihilation which is a race in the Allstars Transformed stage.
    Secondly I did all but one Ring Race but one (Molten Mayhem) without drifting. It's often too dangerous and not worth it. It's more important to find the right control of your vehicle and a good route through the rings in combination with boost items. No need to drift.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 24 Jan 20 at 19:25
    I Ebon Hawk IHey, Lazy with Style. I got this achievement and completed this game over six years ago. I quite vividly remember that winning races on Expert was very difficult for me without being in the top 3 by the final lap. Also, I remember drifting in every Ring Race made those races much easier for me. If your strategy works, good for you. I won't be playing through the game again to confirm it though.
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 28 Feb 20 at 07:48
    Lazy with StyleNever mind, got all stars by now. I will tackle the time trials now one by one.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 28 Feb 20 at 20:31
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