Fashion Show achievement in Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

Fashion Show

Unlock every character costume.

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How to unlock the Fashion Show achievement

  • Mr Midnight 1Mr Midnight 1233,040
    05 Jun 2010 31 Jul 2010
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    The Fashion Show achievement on Monster Madness requires that a player “unlock all character costumes.” When considered as a standalone achievement, Fashion show is long-winded, boring, difficult, glitchy and fairly daunting. You need not worry however, as the achievement is broken down below and is presented with several tips, tricks and exploits that should make this achievement just difficult and glitchy… And that’s not all bad.

    I’ve broken this guide down into sections as it is unlikely that ALL of it will be relevant to you, this should make the bits that are useful a bit easier to find.

    Each character has 4 costumes

    (1) Zack: default costume already unlocked
    (2) Zack: level up all guns to LV3 (for Zack)
    (3) Zack: complete the game on childsplay *
    (4) Zack: S rank every level on childsplay *

    (1) Carrie: default costume already unlocked
    (2) Carrie: level up all guns to LV3 (for Carrie)
    (3) Carrie: complete the game on thriller *
    (4) Carrie: S rank every level on thriller *

    (1) Andy: default costume already unlocked
    (2) Andy: level up all guns to LV3 (for Andy)
    (3) Andy: complete the game on horror *
    (4) Andy: S rank every level on horror *

    (1) Jennifer: default costume already unlocked
    (2) Jennifer: level up all guns to LV3 (for Jennifer)
    (3) Jennifer: complete the game on madness *
    (4) Jennifer: S rank every level on madness *

    * This is a stackable unlock. If you complete the game on “Horror” you will not only unlock Andy’s third costume but also Carrie’s and Zack’s as well, but not Jennifer’s as hers is unlocked on the difficulty above Horror.

    Armed with this knowledge most of you have probably seen that the main crux of this achievement is S ranking every level on madness (thus completing it). With that in mind, almost everything that follows in this guide will relate to that facet of the achievement.

    Getting them to LV3

    The harder the difficulty you play on the rarer and more exotic the weapon parts you find will be. To quickly advance each weapon to level three, repeatedly play Zack’s House, School Rooftops and Road to the Castle. These three levels are either easy, quick or both to complete, even on madness difficulty. My personal favourite is School Rooftops because it is a healthy mix of short and easy, with a great many checkpoints and few enemies. However a lot of people dislike the escape sequence at the end, so my advice is, find a stage that works for you.

    How can I make my life easier?

    Most of what follows here may have already been mentioned in my guide to completing the game on the madness, however a notable amount of time has elapsed since then, so I’ve got a little extra.

    Tip: Use the minigun, radioactive flashlight, nail guns and one other weapon of choice (mine being the cd launcher). Hotkey all of these weapons to your D-pad and as long as they’re all LV3, you have everything you need to get this achievement.

    Tip: The minigun is your bread and butter, a boss weapon, a crowd clearer and an accurate gun with a long enough range to cannon-snipe most things before they can even get close. The minigun is useless when you require a weapon that needs to fire immediately OR you need to be quick moving. In both of these instances the radioactive flashlight is your friend. THAT is all there is to using weapons.

    Tip: Complete the game as Carrie or Andy (preferably Carrie) as you need to collect the (MADNESS) melee weapon on the last stage. Jennifer’s is glitched and can’t be picked up, Zack’s is hidden in a column during a boss fight making it a pain to get a hold of, Andy’s is in clear site but I hear it is buggy and has frozen many peoples Xboxes. Carrie’s is at the very beginning, easy to find and works perfectly.

    Tip: I use EVERY item nearly all the time, except the monkey bombs as they’re slow and weak. You should at all times ensure you are fully stocked on every one of them. They all have a very specific use and are normally the key to survival in some of the games trickiest segments.

    Trick: If you face away from a wall, aim downwards, jump and shoot with the minigun, your character will scale the wall and achieve several times their own height per jump. This is a great trick for missing out tricky parts of levels. One usage is the junkyard level in which it is possible to walk nearly all the way to the boss without navigating those tricky booby-traps, another is the monster mash on the penultimate level, wherein it is possible to scale the columns in the middle of the stage and be impervious to 90% of the monsters attacking you.

    Trick: You need to find a melee weapon on a stage belonging to that character to get an S rank. If you already know which melee weapon it is, you can choose to start with it (assuming you have found it on an easier difficulty) and begin the game with a D-rank. Unfortunately finding the weapon again WON’T give you a C rank, but every little helps.

    Trick: Run away!!! …………………….. and then come back, 99.9% of enemies disappear on this game if you run away from them. Assuming you don’t need the points or the tokens it’s normally the best way.

    Exploit: It is possible to collect all the monster parts necessary on a level (and die as many times as you need) and then - with a second controller - spawn another character. Doing this will allow that character to start with all the weapon parts already collected. That character is free to go about his/her business completing the level and getting an S rank (as long as he/she doesn’t die). Make sure you leave enough monster alive to get points and tokens for the new character’s S-rank stats. Consider combing this exploit with the trick above to make VERY light work of some levels.

    Exploit: The game asks that you complete a level without dying to get an S-Rank, as well as finding enough tokens/weapon parts/melee weapon and collecting enough points. All of these on their own are not difficult, but together they’re a pain. Well here’s a handy little exploit for you. loading a checkpoint counts as a death, but restarting a level does not. This is really useful… Consider charging through a level, collecting ALL the weapon parts and dying a bazillion times. Then simply press restart level. After you do that ALL the deaths are erased BUT you still have all the weapon parts. This can make the achievement so much easier, especially on levels where finding weapon parts is very long or tricky. If you die again… Don’t panic, simply restart the level and try again… The weapon parts only need to be collected once and you have infinite retries.

    Which are fairly hard levels, why, how can I beat them?

    (1) City: (difficulty high) remember my hints section for this level as the there are millions of weapon parts to collect. Some people have trouble with the basket ball section. Simply use the hologram, and turrets here. The end chase sequence in the buggy is quite hard. My suggestion is learning the layout of the track on childsplay first.

    (2) Junkyard: (difficulty low) Use the minigun exploit to glitch out of the map. Try and make as much progress towards the boss as possible and upon reaching the end attack relentlessly with the minigun. If you get hit with a red barrel it’s an instant kill so be careful. The other option is setting him on fire and running behind the buildings. This works well but is slow.

    (3) Mall Entrance: (difficulty moderate) Finding those gold zombies is tedious but not difficult. The boss here is annoying, as he has some devastating attacks and your weapons are useless. Remember to use grav mine to get rid of the dolls and keep a steady rhythm going on your throw attacks.

    (4) Mall: (difficulty high) When charging the carts use the turret item and the vacuum, this can be used as a shield against most attacks, but you should let go of the trigger frequently to hurl all the items at the enemies, especially those chubacabras (I hate them so much). Shopping cart Billy is tricky in his second form as one crash will result in your death. Drive in quite small concentric circles. Billy’s juggernaut has a large turning circle and this will prevent him from boosting into you.

    (5) Graveyard: (difficulty high) The difficulty of this level stems entirely from its length. I would argue that the hardest part is riding the large elevator down to collect the bone. You can actually jump off the elevator here and stand near the column that the lift descends on. This is great as the enemies charge you and fall to their deaths. Obviously don’t forget you have a monster talisman here. I think the Vampire talisman is potentially the most useful and powerful on the game. Using your beam attack will recharge your healthy PLUS you can hover.

    (6) Catacombs (difficulty V. high) A difficult fight, followed by a huge monster fest with a wrecking ball, followed by a vehicle section, followed by a boss fight in which you must throw destructible scenery. I think I’m right in saying that this is the second hardest level and by a very large margin. Use my technique of racing through the level and pressing restart (if you die) when you find all the weapon parts. This level is arduous mainly because there are millions of weapon parts to get a hold of. You are safe from the wrecking ball IF you stand at the exit point near the fence (where you would leave this area) what’s quite nice about this is that most of the monster won’t attack you or even be aware of you if you are this far away… Thus if you wait long enough, the wrecking ball will do the work for you. Use turrets, mines and HI-FI’s on the vehicle section. Use holograms on the grim reaper, as these will distract the harpies that attack you.

    (7) Castle (difficulty low) If you work your way through this level up to the point where you have finished the monsterfest with the bouncy floor. You can spawn in another character. There are more than enough enemies to achieve the necessary points and monster tokens before the end of the level. Especially if you kill people with mines for extra points. Simply use the minigun on Dracula, he’s down in about 5 seconds straight.

    (8) Finale (difficulty V. high) Start with Carrie, collect all the weapon parts from around the outside of the stage using the trampolines. Collect her ultimate weapon from one of these platforms. The devil can be killed with nothing more than minigun fire, but if you want to force the issue you can use the conscience power. After defeating him walk back through the portal. Larry tools is weak and slow… So you must use this time effectively, move around the stage collecting all the weapon parts, including those well hidden ones behind monster stasis tanks and in columns. Use the monsters in these tanks to free, kill and earn points (and tokens)… Right, that should be A weapon, Tokens, weapon parts, score… Now you’ve just got to survive… The vehicle section is a pain… But unfortunately I can offer little in the way of guidance… Just keep trying and dying until you know it like the back of your hand. In the case of the hover-boat at the end of this section, slow down, take your time and constantly jump…


    RUN!!! At first, you should be able to get to Larry in one go and only be attacked once… Collect the donuts from the Janitor and board the platform. And throw them down his throat when he starts to laugh… He will laugh after every fifth attack. I personally stand to the right of the platform about three quarters of the way back from Larry… The only really worrying attack is his purple lightning… You must be ready at a moments notice to leap out of the way when this is coming… Try to learn the variations of this attack as some of them are not harmful where you are standing on the platform. After you have fed him 5 donuts, he will fall down… Equip your radioactive flash light stand between his legs… (yes really, I’m not making a lewd joke here) and fire… It will do precisely a quarter of his life in damage… SO now all you have to do is that whole thing three times more and you’re done.

    If you’re injured by more than 50% when you’re trying to approach Larry the next time, use your Frankenstein power. You can charge through his power chords with little damage and arrive at his feet. Consider this a freebie when reaching him…

    If you’re injured the third time, hide behind the rubble and buildings on this stage when he is playing his power chord attacks. There are three boxes behind these structures… If you need health, they will contain it…

    If you’re injured the fourth and final time you have to charge him use your foam dome item, wait until you are replenished and make your way towards him again… Keep an eye on your ammo supply here as well… There will hopefully be a crate or two left if you’re in dire need.

    He will die, and the achievement (assuming this is the last level you need to S rank) will pop up… My advice is go for it… The main thing that makes this achievement hard is that YOU DON’T LIKE THE GAME. If you can overcome that hurdle then you can get this achievement…

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    ArcaniaAgarthusWhat made this achievement hard was me not using cheap exploits to get around Madness difficulty.
    Posted by ArcaniaAgarthus on 17 Jul 19 at 06:33
    ArcaniaAgarthusI believe that Catacombs (should you not use cheap exploits) is much more difficult to S-Rank than Showdown on Madness difficulty. It is one of my favorite levels in the game though. I think the design of Dracula's castle is better, but the level is way too easy.
    Posted by ArcaniaAgarthus on 17 Jul 19 at 06:36
    Mr Midnight 1Arcania, I respect what you've said in your last three posts and I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you read closely... you'll see that I don't say the game suck because it's hard... I say it's hard because it sucks. The game is buggy, it is riddled with glitches, it has unobtainable achievements, terrible audio, cheap bosses, bad graphics, uninspired multiplayer and lackluster combat.

    The game is hard because it's a chore. The game itself is not really 'difficult' because there's a learning curve - it's difficult because there's very little enjoyment to be squeezed from a game such as this.

    You can check my other games... they're all at 100% and - genuinely - this game isn't even in the top 10 of the most difficult I've played. It was just such a grind to get the 'full 970 for because the game was weak by nearly every measure of what makes a game good.

    That's the point that I was making and I think most other people are making / agreeing with.
    Posted by Mr Midnight 1 on 13 Apr at 17:35
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  • DEEJUNEDEEJUNE146,025 146,025 GamerScore
    20 Jun 2019 07 Dec 2019
    2 0 5
    This is a place holder solution for obtaining "S" on madness levels. Please standby.

    Now this is an achievement. This separates the men from the boys that's for sure. As you can see in the solution above Fashion show requires all level 3 weapons on each character and beating the game with "S" ranking on every level on every difficulty. The difficulty stacks, so not to worry on doing 4 straight playthroughs.

    For this guide, in conjunction with my capture card, I will try to best describe how to complete the game on madness with S rankings. Some levels are easy and some are downright insane. "S" rank is obtained by finding enough monster tokens, getting enough score points, finding enough weapon parts, finding your character's special weapon and never dying.

    Some assists:
    You can collect all weapon parts and restart the level, they will save.

    Some preliminary information: My weapon choice for every level is: Nailguns, Minigun, Shotgun, Defibrillator. Shotgun is not necessary but the Defibrillator kills witches in 1 strike. Witches' green laser can One-hit KO you while in frog form. Best to get rid of them as fast as possible. Don't even try this without level 3 versions of the weapons. I only used the radioactive flashlight in the final level against Demon Larry.

    Level 1 - Zach's House
    This is as easy as it gets folks. I do not need to explain how you go about getting S on this.

    Level 2 - Streets of Suburbia
    Not a very hard level by any means, just keep your distance from the fat zombies and the dynamite zombies

    Level 3 - City park
    Another level that is mostly a piece of cake. When you get past the playground and you are working your way toward the lake dock, run as far as you can go before you're stopped by an erected fence. You'll essentially skip over a ton of enemy groups that can easily overwhelm you. Kill the remaining enemies that spawn where you now stand and the gate will lower. These gates are meant so you can't speedrun the levels as easily.

    Granny is not too difficult just make sure to use your minigun, tennis ball launchers and soda hat when needed. "It's time for you to pass away!"

    Level 4
    This level is tricky as hell and it all comes down to the final chase scene with the garbage trucks. These bad boys actually go faster as the difficulty of the level increases. If they touch you, instant-kill. Crux of it, you have to restart the entire level to get an S. My only suggestion is to continuously boost at the beginning of the chase scene to get a good distance from them and then take it a little slow. I managed this by practicing a half-dozen times on Child's play difficulty and reverting to check point before the very end.

    The basketball scene half-way through the level can be challenging but be sure to set up tennis ball launchers and holograms when needed and you should make it through. Do note that there are fully-stocked Ammo and Jolt machines within the challenge area.

    Level 5 - Junkyard
    The further you progess into the story, the harder the levels get. This is an exception. This is just as easy as Zack's house. There isn't an in-depth explanation needed for this level however using your minigun on Bob Zombie will take him out in seconds. Be sure to use it. You will die a few times to the conveyor belt machines, just keep trying.

    Level 6 - parking lot of shopping mall
    This level is the only level that's easier on Madness than Thriller. Instead of Bigfoot monsters, you have aliens spawn. Bigfoot is a pain in the ass and can really damage you quickly even on Thriller difficulty, the aliens are super easy and don't hit very hard at all!

    If you don't know a couple tricks this level is impassable. Half-way thru the level Larry Tools gives you a giant mech machine to collect special parts with. Issue is, the only way you can repair the mech is through a Vehicle Repair Kit. You can only get these from Larry and if there are monsters in the vicinity, you cannot access his shop. Be sure to run back to his truck when you're 75% damaged, take out the monsters that make it that way and spam X button to open the shop.

    A word of caution for this level: The final part of this level requires you to topple a ferris wheel to access the shopping mall. During this part, no matter where you are in the parking lot, monsters will spawn indefinetly. It took me about 10 minutes of spamming X and killing monsters to open Larry's shop. It's best to repair your Mech right before collecting all the special vehicle parts to avoid this head ache.

    Level 7 - Shopping mall
    You'll be doing this level a few times. The only advice I can give for this one is practice on easier difficulties.

    For the huggles battle, be sure to use grav traps to kill the dolls that latch onto you in the beginning. When you do manage to get huggles to this Jaba hutt form, know this tip: you can stun-lock him by throwing toys at him with specific timing. Throw a toy, damage him, wait 1.5 seconds for him to recover. Be sure to do this on a pile of toys so you don't have to move very much.

    Level 8 - Mall pt. 2
    This is where the game gets real. I mean real hair-pulling. You'll also hate Jack-Os with all your soul. These monsters can damage you for about 40% of your health in one hit. If a Jack-O manages to throw his pumpkin on you, don't kill him. The pumpkin will explode on you.

    The level itself isn't crazy hard but the boss battle with Billy is. Because of the clunky steering, avoiding his vehicle can be hard. If he hits you, instant kill. What I did is I went full wrath of my vehicle turret on his train links. Waiting and holding back will eventually kill you because of the dynamite zombies. Good luck.

    Level 9 - Track and Field

    To start off you'll be facing against a ton of evil robots in a monster fest. Use the UFO, kill the robots using the tractor beam and the enemy ufos with the laser cannons. Not too hard. Difficult part is the leprechaun segment, you need to fly through 30 rings with infinite spawning enemy UFOs. Kill them when they spawn, their spawn timer is about 15 seconds. Your UFO health meter will reset upon entering this area.

    Larry tools is next, stock up. Fully. The following monster fest in the sports field isn't too special, be sure to use your minigun on the werewolves.

    The hardest of this level is the gym teacher fight. Doing it without dying once will take immense skill. When the fight begins, get ready to dodge. Set up your tennis turrets when the explosion zombies spawn. Set them up one at a time for prolonged usage. I managed this S with 5% health remaining. It's a nail biter and takes huge practice.

    Level 10 - inside the school

    Short and sweet level but in close quarters. Nothing crazy except the chemistry lab monster fest and the final monster fest.

    Chemistry lab monster fest is completely explosive zombies spawning in 3-4 in differing rows of the room. The room spawns a low-hanging gas that doesn't damage you but makes you cough and unable to attack temporarily. I passed this with a sliver of health using the defibrillator and the initial 300 minimum rounds (without reloading). Also using tennis ball launchers and Jolt Hat. One fully charged defibrillator blast will take out the whole room.

    The final monster fest is A LOT of robots. They hit hard and have a large health bar. Use your minimum and tennis ball launchers. Don't forget to run back to Larry Tools after the dynamite zombie monster fest to enter this room fully stocked on everything.

    Chapter 11 - school rooftops

    The level itself is not very hard, just two monster fests, three battles with The Principle and an escape scene. All I can suggest for this is to practice killing the principle on Thriller. His attacks do not change. The mini gun works if you're able to line up your shots. I restocked at Larry after every encounter.

    The escape scene might put you through a couple of controllers. The roof is collapsing and you have to haul ass. This is all about memorization and extreme practice. To this day I cannot pass this part without dying a few times. Try your best to memorize the correct escape path. One small mistake and you're toast, believe me.

    Chapter 12 -
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    ArcaniaAgarthusI rarely use the radioactive flashlight as well. I don't know why people like it so much. Minigun is way better if you can aim well (I used to have laser god aim with auto target disabled, and i would shred through everything (I even opted to fight the Giant Skeleton with just a minigun).
    Posted by ArcaniaAgarthus on 17 Jul 19 at 07:33
    ArcaniaAgarthusI will admit that I am dissapointed in your use of the running away exploit. I feel that it is quite cheap and takes away from the reward of s-ranking a hard level on Madness while killing everything in your path. It is much harder to do it this way. I also don't use the exploit where you hide at the gate on the Catacombs deathball monster fest, since doing that requires no skill whatsoever and takes away from an otherwise tough fight (I appreciate a good challenge). I also like to move around a lot while doing damage. I have the nailguns hotkeyed just to switch from the minigun for a split second to move away really quickly before switching back to the minigun or railgun. I enjoy maneuvering around and exterminating a ton of monsters while carefully avoiding them and the deathball simultaneously. Camping in a corner is so boring! Playing through the intended way also shows that Catacombs is a much harder level than Showdown. Once you learn the vehicle sequence, you will always be able to do it. There is far more randomness and danger within Catacombs. Multiple monster fests, the damned minecart, the boss...

    I took a year to beat this game on Madness the first time on my old account. This was way back. I had no computer or access to the web (no phone or ipad). I had the patch, but no guides or tips. I went into Madness completely blind, and I trudged through it killing all enemies in my path. I did not know what the best weapons were, and I only had a few level three weapons (nailguns, flamethrower, and defibrillator). Level 3 was much harder than Level 4. The difficulty curve is insane when you are fighting everything and don't have a minigun. There are so many powerful enemies that spawn at the same time in each area (6 gargoyles, in another area Frankie, in another area medusa and ufo and bigfoot etc.). The Granny fight is tough if you don't know what weapon to use, because she has so much health that most weapons are ineffective against her. I only got my level 3 minigun by Track and Field. Level 4 was only tough in the beginning (the first monster fest was the hardest part of the whole level in my opinion). The vehicle sequence was very easy for me, when I started looking at peoples' guides much later, I was shocked by how many thought it was hard. I think the golden hoops thing on the UFO gave me more trouble lol. Level 4 did not have much to fight through, so it was eh... Maul Field Tour is similar, because the monster fests, the vacuum cleaners part, and the battery part are the only times you really fight enemies, and the enemy layout is not quite so dangerous. I think the fight club is very easy, because none of the monsters are quite dangerous, and they are easy to kite/maneuver around. The only slightly difficult part of the level is the boss, and I didn't have much trouble killing him either, I just had to break all the grocery aisles before I got to the aggressive phase of the cart for maximum maneuverability.

    The experience I got from beating this game on Madness the intended way made S-ranking most of it not so bad. I rarely use turrets or holograms though. I just kite and kill by myself, and I use monster form when things get hairy (such as at the beginning of the deathball fest or the chemistry lab fight [it was one of the hardest fights for me]). I heal with the soda hat, and I do more damage with the red and white spider things.

    Sorry for ranting.
    Posted by ArcaniaAgarthus on 17 Jul 19 at 08:12
    ArcaniaAgarthusWait you thought basketball was hard?! Wtf?!
    Posted by ArcaniaAgarthus on 17 Jul 19 at 08:15
  • 2 2 27
    UPDATED 11/03/09

    *NOTE: Whoever is adding unregistered users for this game is clearly trying to sabotage my TA ratio. Seriously, stop. Or I will find out who you are and you won't like what'll happen next*

    Whoo boy, this one is the BIG ONE. Unquestionably the hardest achievement in the game, and possibly one of the hardest (but still obtainable) achievements out there. Although I'm not the first to get this particular achievement, I am the first to complete the game, so I will try to explain in as much detail as I can how to get this one.

    In order to get every costume, (every character has 4, 1 is unlocked at the start) you have to do 3 things, beat the game, get every level 3 weapon, and S rank every level.

    Now, each character costume is tied to a difficulty. For example beating the game on thriller unlocks a new zach costume, while beating it on madness unlocks one for jennifer. All you have to do is beat madness to unlock all 4... good luck with that though. There is a pretty handy guide for that under the "Complete the game on madness" achievement though.

    As for the weapons, this isn't tough but time consuming. Every character has to upgrade all weapons to level 3, and this means you have to play the game 4 times. You don't have to find those stupid melee weapons to unlock the costumes. More specifically, your looking at about 1.3 playthroughs/character to max out all weapons. I recommend Thriller difficulty for the best parts, or Horror difficulty if you are good. The Junkyard (level 5) is a good quick level to get a good amount of parts.

    Then there are the S ranks. If you didn't know here is the criteria for an S rank.
    - Collect X weapon parts (Self explanatory, these are all over the place)
    - Collect X monster tokens (Self explanatory, blue tokens are worth 1, red is worth 5, and green is 10)
    - Defeat X monsters (Specifically it's "get X score" but that's based on how many monsters you kill and how fast)
    - Find your special melee weapon (Guide below)
    - DONT DIE

    In just about every level, all of these except not dying are fairly simple. I found a complete guide for the melee weapons if you can't find those. (

    Not dying however is quite difficult, due to the game's high difficulty, and overabundance of glitches and poor controls. Doing this on madness is near impossible. You'll find luck is more of a factor than skill, you'll probably have to play a level more than once to S-rank it (Most a level took me personally was 5 tries)

    Another hint is if you are going for the S-ranks, there are 2 main weapons you'll want at level 3: The minigun and the flashlight. I've finished levels (With S's) using only the minigun so it is possible. If you have specific weapons you like to use feel free to do so, just be sure they are level 3 AND hotkey'd to the d-pad.

    Also a minor detail here, but the only levels that gave me any real trouble (ie. took more than 3 tries) were levels 4, (Downtown, that damned vehicle sequence) 14, (Catacombs, ALWAYS died on the minecart or at the boss. Hint; use the turrets at the boss to distract the other enemies) and level 18. (This level is just flatout nuts. No tips here, just be steady and calm... and possibly praise the heavens if you succeed)

    There is a reason the average gamerscore for this is so low. (I believe it's around 27/1000) This achievement as you can see is borderline insane, and not worth the effort, not for any completionists, gamerscore whores, or.. ANYONE! I did this so you don't have to, but if you are hellbent on giving this a shot, i hope this guide gave you a feel for what you got yourself into, and please leave some feedback if this helped you or not.
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    Shemp HowardI just read some of the stuff on these comments, and all I got to say is one word...AMAZING! Doominatorx6 is a GOD! Come on SERIOUSLY! PEOPLE! This is Monster Madness! This game is hard as ****! This guy can brag and say all he wants cause he has the right to. The Great Legend Shemp Howard bows down to this guy! He is a stand up guy, and he is the go to guy if you have questions concerning this game. Thaks for the guides Doominator!
    Posted by Shemp Howard on 04 Oct 10 at 19:48
    HarbringernightLAWL silly man children and high scores.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 10 Apr 13 at 22:09
    o EcLiipzEThis game is fun and really easy, I like it.
    Posted by o EcLiipzE on 22 Apr 13 at 04:17
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