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Archaeologist in Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

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Collect 72 Specialty Melee Weapons!

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Achievement won on 26 Oct 09
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Posted on 28 June 10 at 18:31
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First off, this is NOT MY GUIDE. This is just the one I used:
Taken from

Level 1: (Axe with Hatchet Taped to it) Backyard

Level 2: (Mail Box) Just after the First Monster Fest. Jump off of the Bridge and Look to the Right

Level 3: (Tennis Racket) Near the Beginning of the Stage there's a Basket Ball Court and a Tennis Court it's Right there.

Level 4: (Walker) Once you hit the very First intersection Turn Right, Once you reach the end of this road you're forced to go left. As you do you'll see an alley way with a trampoline. Hop on the roof with the trampoline and it's up there.

Level 5: (Muffler) Just as you hop on the Second Conveyor belt Path. Quickly jump the the left. Use the Trash can there to jump on the smashing machine. (from here you should see the Muffler on the top of the cars if you look towards the first conveyor belt path. You can jump on the cars from here.

Level 6: (Car Axel) With out maps this is tough to describe but, After recovering the C4. When heading to the Detonator keep the the left. It's in the far left side of the parking area just before you run into the wheelies.

Level 7: (Toy Hammer) At the boss battle run along the far right wall it's in between all the toys.

Level 8: (Cricket Mallet?) In the sporting goods store next to the miniature golf holes.

Level 9: (tire iron?) Right after the first monster fest once you see the Health and weapon soda machines
to the left. Make a right.

Level 10: (Chair) Near Larry tools van there's a room that you can go in that has a chair. I think it's
the closest room to his van.

Level 11: (sledge Hammer) after you cross the first bridge to the second rooftop it's all the way on the other side of the building.

Level 12: (Looks like a basketball hoop?) It's in one of the buildings next to the Janitors leg. I'm not even going to try to describe. This stage is too huge.

Level 13: (Cloud's Sword from FFVII?)
once you leave sewer (after you get boat) make an immediate Right and hug the right until you see it.

Level 14: (Giant Mace) As your progressing through the stage you'll run into Spikes popping out of the ground. It's in the middle of the Second group of these traps.

Level 15: (Axe) Once you encounter the Tree people. There's a mini Graveyard to the right it's in there

Level 16: (Pole Axe) Right after Larry tools van there's long lava path with moving platforms to jump across it's on the other side of this path.

Level 17: (Battle Axe) After you run up the spiral stairs at the beginning of the stage it's behind the blue barrels

Level 18: (Giant Cleaver) In each of the four corners of the Lab there are Containers of "swamp boy" it's in one of those containers so you have to blow it up.

Level 1: (Hand Saw) In the Garage

Level 2: (Katana Blade) this is at the very beginning of the stage as it starts. Just look to the left.

Level 3:(Fishing Rod) Just before you jump on the Swan Boat. it's on the dock.

Level 4:(Broom) At the very first Intersection go straight. shortly after the intersection there's an alley to the left. it's leaning on a trashcan in there.

Level 5:(Broken Bottle) This is hard to describe but it's on the longest conveyor belt path (third path I think). Just keep looking to the left. It's like in a nook. I can't describe how far along on the path.

Level 6: (Hand Saw 2? looks like the saw used in the firsts "Saw" movie)
It's in the car garage right next to the Car wash where the C4 is.

Level 7: (Bamboo Stick) Just before the Boss Battle where the 4 Gatling guns are it's behind the Huggles Poster.

Level 8: (chicken) As you start the stage there's a pillar with rings on it. Wack the pillar a couple times and the chicken will fall from it

Level 9: (wizards staff?) in the area where you have to fly through rings its the the left of that area.

Level 10: (Umbrella) on top of middle bookshelf in library

Level 11: (Marlin) Near the second encounter of the Principal

Level 12: (Looks like a broken propeller) Down the elevator where the hip bone is on what appears to be a first aid raft.

Level 13: (Musket with a bayonet) Early on the stage You'll see it about the bridge before the Scorpions. You'll need to stack boxes up to get to it.

Level 14: (Harpoon gun) Right after you first encounter the Mummies There's a tomb where you see Andy's Giant Femur. It's right above it as you walk up the ramp that goes over the tomb.

Level 15: After you protect the pot of gold. When you start to head to the spiral road path the the castle. There's a lot of weeds in the way it's in the weeds. It took me forever to find because it doesn't have a purple ring circling it. So I didn't notice it until after destroying all the weeds and the weeds faded away.

Level 16: (Long Sword) The part right after you pass the lava jumping across moving platforms. You'll run into sparkly rings roaming around the floor. If you hop in the first sparkly ring on the left it'll teleport you to the sword.

Level 17: (Stick with a duckbill on it) After you pass the giant fans it's on next circular platform.

Level 18: (Baseball Bat) after you kill Metal Cog Larry You'll see it on the right wall just before you hop in the buggy

Level 1: (Plunger) In the Bathroom

Level 2: (Roller) in the backyard just behind Larry Tools van

Level 3: (Tree Branch) After the Evil Clown Monster Fest. run down the path. Just before you hit the bridge with the Fat Zombie it's in the grass to the right.

Level 4: (Parking Meter) After the Werewolf Monster Fest. You hop in the buggy and pass the first dangerous cross way with the speeding zombies. Keep driving straight and you'll see a parking lot with a lot of parking meters. One will have the red circle indicating you can pick it up.

Level 5: (stick with Boot on it) Just before Bob Zombie there's a repair shop to the right. Jump on top of the repair shop using the pile of cars

Level 6: (Toilet Scrubber) Once you get the Larry tools. If you walk past him there's a dark alley way. Run all the way in the alley way and there will be a cut scene. There's a toilet back there with the scrubber in it.

Level 7: (Mannequin Arm) Right after you put out the fire wall. Go to where the fire wall was and hug the right wall and you'll see it. Right when you see the Jack-O cut scene.

Level 8: (Sausage) At the very north of the Possessed Cart battle. There's no red ring around (at least for me there wasn't) so it so it's hard to see

Level 9: (Walking Crutch) At the boss battle. As soon as you walk in the gym look to your left.

Level 10: (Bass) In the room just before the science lab(second to last room of stage)

Level 11: (Hockey Stick) Use the Exploding barrels as stairs next to the player revival coffin, at the very beginning of the stage to get on the roof. (Thanks Caleb3)

Level 12: (Shield) This one took me far to long to find. When you're heading towards the Gargoyle cut scene. You'll have to cross a Bunch of graves where you can fall in some. When you enter these graves

where the Ammo and Jolt machines are. Head to the left batch of graves and fall through the furthest grave to the left and it'll be in there.

Level 13: (Banjo) After you pass the part where you have to "frogger" jump over the water. Once you encounter the demons you'll see a fork in the road. The stages continues by going right. But if you go left the banjo as against the wall.

Level 14: (Giant Femur) Inside the tomb with the green mist around it. The easiest weapon to find since level one.

Level 15a: (The Leprechaun) Right after you protect his gold you can pick him up as a weapon

Level 15b: (Loaf of Bread) THAT'S RIGHT ANDY HAS TWO ON THIS STAGE!!! After you drop the final Drawbridge the loaf of bread is on the other side.

Level 16: (Lobster) when the bat is holding a lantern in the dark room the bat will pass the lobster while on a table. Really hard to miss.

Level 17: (Microphone stand) Just before you get the rubber shoes knock down the blue barrels and it's under them.

Level 18: (Wrench) During Metal Cog Larry. Use rockets to destroy the pillars it's hiding in one of the pillars

Level 1: (Knives) Kitchen

Level 2: (news papers) Just before the first monster fest on the right on a porch.

Level 3: (Gardening Tools) right next to Larry tools van at the very end of the stage. in one of those small gardening thingies next to the jolt soda machine.

Level 4: (exacto knife?) just after the Werewolf Monster Fest. Just as you exit the gate using the key imediatley turn right. It's next to the pile of junk. (I think you have to get out of the buggy. I can't remember.)

Level 5: (Swiss army knife) before you encounter Bob Zombie (near Larry Tools) just keep hugging the right wall. You'll see it at the dead end.

Level 6: (Dust Pans) Just before entering the alleyway for Andy use the Rubber Shoes to jump on the roof before entrance. it's right there.

Level 7: (Maracas? or Chicken Drumsticks lol) There's like a kiosk just before getting to the Gold Police Zombie in the back of the mall. (where you turn off the fire). It's in the kiosk

Level 8: (Table Tennis Paddles) Just as you jump the pit of fire make the left it's right next the trampoline

Level 9: (Pom-poms) at the football field in front of the bleachers across the field from the gym.

Level 10: (Pencils) in the second room after Larry Tools van

Level 11: (Batons) at the final principal battle

Level 12: (Glow Sticks) when you fight the boss it's on upper floor near the window.

Level 13: (Gun Blades?) near Larry Tools van in the water there's a Round shaped small building. It's in the building.

Level 14: (Sickles?) Just look around the room where you fight the grim reaper. It's in there.

Level 15: (Frying Pans) Sitting right in front of Larry's van the second time you see him.

Level 16: (The Same exact Gardening tools from level 3) After you pass the annoying room with the floating rocks you'll enter the castle. You'll hit a 4 way intersection in the hallway. Just keep straight and there it is on the wall.

Level 17: (claws) It's on a small cog when you're jumping across the cog platforms

Level 18: (Tonfas?) Hiding in another test tube thingie I believe it's another Swamp boy. Can't remember.
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