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  • South Park TFBWSouth Park TFBW400,926
    21 Nov 2012 21 Nov 2012 24 Feb 2014
    44 13 187
    **PLEASE keep in mind that I completed the game in ONE SITTING meaning I started playing at around 7:00PM (11/20)- then to about 1:00PM (11/21). Basically, I got 1000G without turning off my Xbox or leaving the game***

    Ok ALOT of people report this as a glitched achievement.I had no problem unlocking this,my final achievement was for completing 30 waves.Now,it's not fully confirmed how this will glitch on you.

    After about 8 months of questioning this achievement, it's kinda confirmed how it will glitch on you.. It's pure randomly. It might or might not glitch on you. But, ALWAYS FINISH WHAT START. Meaning don't quit out of anything like taunting with peter or quaqmire FINISH THE MULTPLAYER MATCH. Extremely important.

    Anyway, the real thing is literally do every achievement all over again. Yeah you heard me. Start with the multiplayer achievements THEN the campaign achievements.It's more likely the multiplayer glitched on you then the single player.

    If you have any more questions,feel free to comment.Remember,i'm not God so asking me a question doesn't mean you will still 100% this game.It's still unconfirmed.

    Also,double check the store to see if everything is brought.Someone has reported that he got the achievement for getting everything in the store (Mort Will Now Lend You Credit) yet, things were still unbrought.SO basically check the store again.

    Please comment if this glitched on you and you found another way to unlock this.

    I would like to say that this glitched on me. How you ask? Well, I finished the 30 waves which took like 3 hours and it didn't pop. I almost lost my mind. I was back in the main menu and out of nowhere it suddenly pooped.

    UPDATE 1- Ok so since this has 100+ comments, I have read all of them and really there can be ALOT of reasons why this glitches.It's no just MP achievements like I thought it was. Sadly, still no exact reason why this

    UPDATE 2- Based on even more feedback, this is still no exact way to unlock this. As you can see in the comments, almost everyone has a different way they unlocked this. The only real solution is to complete the game...Again. Meaning, get every achievement again. It must be something with the saving system. which is why I said never to quit games.
  • A7X UnleashedA7X Unleashed1,311,563
    07 Dec 2012 07 Dec 2012
    15 0 8
    OK this achievement glitched on me also after i finished everything. i remembered the only multiplayer match i quit out of was when i was getting the teabag the d-bag achievement with quagmire.

    i went into a multiplayer match and picked quagmire as soon as i tautned over the opponent the achievement unlocked for me hope this helps somone else in the same situatuion
  • Ole Man LoganOle Man Logan444,718
    04 Dec 2012 04 Dec 2012 04 Dec 2012
    8 1 4
    One solution that worked for me at least I figured I would share with you guys. I had every other achievement unlocked except for this one. I decided to look through all the menus and store just in case I missed something. But even though I already bought everything from the store and got that achievement. When I looked though the costumes there was a bunch that weren't bought. So I bought everything that wasn't, then pop achievement unlocked. Maybe there is a glitch were this game doesn't save your in game store purchase data correctly. But that was the solution that helped me get this game completed. Hopefully this might be the same in your case. If not then, sorry I couldn't be more help.
  • The ButchrThe Butchr536,572
    18 Sep 2014 18 Sep 2014
    6 0 0
    I just want to say that this achievement is very very glitchy, my last achievement was to burn down the pot fields and I would've gotten this achievement, but no luck, so I played deathmatch with Meg and Quagmire, no good, but then I had an epiphany, I remembered I didn't use my save file while doing the Multiverse Madness. I played it on a buddies Xbox and got the achievement for the 30 rounds... Came home to finish playing game and didn't think twice about it... After redoing the 30 waves and completing them on my Xbox and save file achievement popped.

    So tips
    -play each level all the way through
    -finish multiplayer matches
    -don't jump systems, use you save file everywhere you go
    -clear cache (I did night before reattempting)
    -try to remember if you played on different box with a friend or sibling, whatever achievement you did there redo on your own save file

    Those are my tips, hope this helps
    Leave a comment so I can improve my solution or if this helped you
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