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Achievement Guide for Obsessed

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    I've updated the section on Level 6. I've also included pics from my WP for that section.

    For this achievement you must collect all of the secondary objectives in each level. For these to count for the achievement, and not just unlock the extras in game, you must collect them all in a single playthrough of the level and then complete the level. You can go back to a level at anytime, so if you are having trouble getting a secondary objective item, you can always go back and try it again another time - you'll just have to go after them all and complete that level again.

    Level 1) It’s All Greek to Me

    Once you collect the photo for Lisa and speak with Mort, Mort will give you the secondary objective of finding all of the photographs.
    Collect All of the Raunchy Sorority Photos
    Þ On front porch of yellow house next door to Mort’s frat house (Apple)
    Þ On front porch of the bluish house next door, where Mort gives you this objective (Lucy)
    Þ On front porch of the grey house next door to the previous one, the "NOT" frat house (Coco)
    Þ On the table in front of the next house (Diana)
    Þ On the table in the back of the same house (Alana)
    Þ On the table in the “island” in the center of the cul-de-sac (Paris)
    Þ Shoot the propane tank along the fence between the sorority house and the house next door (the tank is on the side of the house next door); this opens up a small area where the photo is at (Kimmy K)
    Þ On the ground behind this same house, near the skateboard/skating stuff (Mona)
    Þ Continue around this house, the next one is on a table in the front of the house (Lauren)
    Þ On the front porch of the same house, right by where you got the last one (Christy)
    Þ Once you steal the tap, you will jump the ditch. It’s on the table right there (Mary Kate)
    Þ After Mort assigns you the task of stealing the jocks’ jackets, go to that house; the next photo is on the porch next to Meg (Chelsea)
    Þ On the side of this house, by the passed out Greeks (Moon Unit)
    Þ On a table in the back of this house (Stacie)
    Þ When Mort asks you to steal the speakers, it is on the porch just behind the speakers (Jessica S)

    Level 2) Something’s Amish!

    Kill All the Chickens
    The chickens sometimes move around so locations will not be specific/detailed
    Þ 4 can be found in the area before completing the first objective
    Þ 1 can be found in a small, fenced-in yard to the left of Peter
    Þ 1 can be found in the area before you destroy the sniper tower
    Þ 1 can be found in the stable area
    Þ 2 can be found in the pumpkin patch off of the main playable area. You can get them from the stable area, or from where the buggies were after the pot field. These must be sniped.
    Þ Last one is on a platform above the quarry, by where the large house sits. You may have to shoot this before flooding the quarry

    Collect All the Wanted Posters
    Þ This is just to the left, outside of the barn you start in
    Þ By the Horse Fuel sign (You saw this one posted in the cut-scene)
    Þ Behind the store-portal in the alley across from the Milk Saloon
    Þ On the shed by the 3 hay stacks just past Herbert
    Þ On the back of the building next to the sniper tower
    Þ At the end of the short road to the left in the cornfield
    Þ On the stable, past the hay stack at the end of the building
    Þ On the big barn just after the stable
    Þ On a large rock to the left of the second tree you need to burn
    (Note, you must get these next three before flooding the quarry)
    Þ In the Quarry, at the bottom on the side of the ramp leading up
    Þ In the Quarry, on the second level
    Þ In the Quarry, top level, follow the path to the right

    Level 3) Handicapable

    Destroy All the Short Buses
    Þ You Can’t miss this one; it shows up right in front of you during the opening cut-scene
    Þ Drives up once you get your second objective
    Þ 2 drive up to block hospital doors
    Þ Near the door where you enter the first set of codes
    Þ Inside the parking garage just after you enter the codes
    Þ Top of the parking garage

    Collect All of the Handicapped Placards
    Þ On ground next to the wheelchair store
    Þ By the long bus at the end of the road; across from the hospital
    Þ Behind the short bus near where you enter the first codes
    Þ In an alcove to the left in the parking garage
    Þ Top level of the parking garage, in the bed of a blue pickup truck
    Þ Top floor of first hospital area
    Þ Second floor of second hospital area; just past the first ramp up
    Þ Second floor of second area, in an alcove to the right of an alarm
    Þ Third floor, second hospital area, cross a walkway from room with alarm
    Þ When fighting Crippletron, it’s by the water in front of where you start

    Level 4) Pussy Whipped

    •Collect Evil Mayor West’s Kitty Figurines
    Þ At start of level, on the stairs to the right
    Þ After cut-scene with tank objective, on right behind the sandbags under the crashed plane
    Þ Behind enemy spawn truck between first and second tank
    Þ Behind enemy spawn truck next to Burger restaurant
    Þ Behind last tank

    Level 5) No Cheese, Please

    •Find All of Mayor West’s VHS Tapes
    Þ Behind truck, under window washing platform/scaffold
    Þ On air conditioner/fan unit on rooftop after scaffold (use barrels to jump up)
    Þ Second roof, go straight; it’s behind crates at the end in a small alcove
    Þ On the next roof, in the corner with the steam trays of food
    Þ In the area with the crane, on the second floor, on a platform just over the stairs
    Þ In the room with Quagmire
    Þ In a trash can where you must kill the snipers and fight the chopper, by ammo crate
    Þ In the book depository, in the middle near the row of boxes with cash behind it.

    Level 6) Legend of Long John Peter

    •Collect All of the Pieces of Eight
    Þ In cell with the Consuela (the maid)
    Image 1

    Þ In cell with the skeleton; you must destroy the crate
    Image 2

    Þ Next to the door out; you must destroy the crate
    Image 3

    Þ Destroy the crate next to the treasure chest with your weapons
    Image 4

    Þ In the cell with Adam West
    Image 5

    Þ In cell with the Evil Monkey; you must destroy the crate
    Image 6

    Þ Destroy the crates under the aft stairs (behind where you appear on the deck) of the first ship
    Image 7

    Þ Destroy the crates next to the forward stairs (on the other side of the deck) of the first ship
    Image 8

    Þ Break crates near the forward/bow stairs on deck of the second ship
    Image 9

    •Feed the Sharks
    Þ The game gives you no direction for this secondary objective. When you are on deck firing the cannons at the other pirate ships, look for buoys (they seem to alternate sides) in the water with a shark near each. You have to shoot these with the cannon (It has been said that you can snipe the guys on the buoys as well). You only need three, so do your best.

    Level 7) Santa’s Sweatshop

    Collect All the Advent Calendars
    Þ Outside, next to the Ammo Crate (Sept)
    Þ By Vernon; up the ramp on the right (Jan)
    Þ In the factory, on the left wall near the gift bins at the start (Feb)
    Þ In factory, straight across from entry under a platform (Mar)
    Þ Across the conveyor belts, on barrels (Apr)
    Þ After conveyor belts, cross a beam between the fans (May)
    Þ After the first set of gears (June)
    Þ After second set of gears (July)
    Þ After conveyor belt of bombs (Aug)
    Þ At top of factory, break gifts near the wall to the left of the door (Oct)
    Þ By fountain in Santa’s office area (Nov)
    Þ In Santa’s office by pool table (Dec)

    Find All the Ruperts.
    Þ Across the sludge, break the gift with the crates near the entrance to the factory
    Þ In factory, behind the furnace with all of the mail around it
    Þ On top of barrels along wall where you turned on the power
    Þ Cross the conveyor belts and break the gift
    Þ After the second set of fans, turn around and cross the beam to the center of the room
    Þ Last ramp to the top of factory, break the crates/gifts
    Þ To the left of the doorway to Santa’s office you see some gears. Jump onto the raised area with the light then sprint by pressing (L) and jump to the higher gears. The Rupert is at the end
    Þ In chair by monitors in Santa’s office

    Level 8) Chickens in Space

    •Rescue All the Captured Quahogians
    Þ Bruce is next to switch for second crane (“oh, noo….”)
    Þ Consuela is next to switch for third crane (“Mr. Superman is no here…”)
    Þ Herbert is next to the switch for the third crane (“Where’s the paperboy?”)
    Þ Mort is along the route from the bridge-like/control room area
    Þ Joe and Carter are in the room with the cryosleep chambers
    Þ Tom Tucker is to the right just after you come back inside the second airlock
    Þ Cleveland and Quagmire are in a room along the path just after destroying the gas tubes

    Level 9) Chicken Fight

    •There are no secondary objectives in this level

    Level 10) No Place Like Home

    Collect All 10 Multiverse Remote Blueprints
    Þ On the right side, behind Goldman’s Pharmacy
    Þ On the left behind Quahog Boxing and the Flower shop
    Þ Inside the building next door to the flower shop
    Þ After destroying the lasers, on the ground between the Parking Garage and the house next door
    Þ In the doorway of house above; there’s a truck in front and it’s just across from Ed’s Motel
    Þ During or after next phase of battle; collect this just past the burning wreckage on the right, behind the piece of jet
    Þ On fence after the house on the left
    Þ On the way to phase 3, inside the shed with the store portal
    Þ During phase 3, on the tree next to Herbert’s house
    Þ On the side of the pink house across from Peter’s

    Destroy All the Plywood Cutout Folk Arts
    Þ On the right side, behind Goldman’s Pharmacy; it’s by the stairs
    Þ On the left, it’s inside the building next to the flower shop
    Þ Inside the parking garage
    Þ Second phase of battle; it is past the burning wreckage on the right, behind the piece of jet
    Þ Across from the jet inside the house's garage.
    Þ On the way to the third phase of battle; behind the shed with the store portal
    Þ Front yard of house to the right
    Þ Between this house and the next
    Þ Between Herbert’s house and the pink house
    Þ Between Peter and Joe’s houses

    Remember that you can go back to levels, so you can do these in any order. Once you have completed the last level needed you will earn the achievement.
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    for all the people who hate using or get confused using text guides here are a few video's i found on youtube. which i dont take credit for. special thanks to F0XOM3GA.

    PART 1 :

    PART 2 :

    NOTE: On the pirate ship level look to the left or the right of the pirate ships that you have to blast with the cannons. On the left or the right of the pirate ship you will see a dept float you will see a shark spinning round it and a guy on the float, its the guy you have to shoot on that float. Then take out the pirate ship and do the same for the other side until you get the three feed the sharks.

    PART3 :
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    To add to the feed the sharks part.

    While the ship is firing at you run around with Brian and just watch towards the front of the boat for the buoy. Once you see it pull out the sniper rifle, run to the front of the ship and take it down. It might take a couple shots because of distance.

    After that go take out the ship and another boat will come on other side. Rinse and repeat.
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