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How to unlock the Lexicographer achievement

  • Senior ChuponSenior Chupon520,930
    25 Dec 2013 25 Dec 2013 25 Dec 2013
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    This is by far the fastest method I found, but this does require additional hardware not everyone may have access to. This solution requires a Windows 8 machine along with a Windows Phone.

    Doing this from a skill level already around 1300 I went to 1500 in less than 15 minutes! I actually timed this with my stopwatch app on a separate phone.

    That included set up time of my Windows 8 secondary accounts and some testing. You don't even have to touch your Windows Phone until the very end, everything else can be done on the Windows 8 machine. With this method you don't need to even load the games that are sent to your primary account because the stats are updated on the server. You can check the stats on your phone periodically just to make sure you're gaining skill, but other than that it's not even necessary to have the phone on.

    Your primary account should be the one using the Windows Phone.
    Your secondary accounts are logged in to the Windows 8 machine, they should be friends with your primary account.

    1. Log in to the Windows 8 machine with your secondary account
    2. Invite your primary account to a game.
    3. Resign immediately.
    4. Without leaving this screen, select Rematch. It's in the same location as Resign, so this goes very fast. Just click or touch the button, then hit Enter to approve the Rematch/Resignation or select it (if using touch on Windows 8) Be careful not to go too fast, I ended up accidentally blocking my primary account a few times because I hit the Block button instead of the Rematch/Resign button. laugh
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the secondary account's skill rating drops to 800.

    Once the skill rating drops to 800 you'll no longer be helping your primary account by resigning as you can't go any lower and the primary account won't gain any additional skill. Repeat the above steps with additional secondary accounts as necessary. Starting from 1000 you should only need 3 accounts total. If you start higher you may only need 2.

    Once you've reached about 1530-1550 on your primary account go in to a Skill Match and resign. You'll lose a bit of skill to the resignation but should still end above 1500 and this should pop right away.

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    neosaladif i dont have windows 8 machine but windows 10 can this still be obtainable with this method? or is the win10 version classed as UWP or whatever they call it?
    Posted by neosalad on 08 Aug 17 at 14:54
    Senior ChuponPretty sure this one never went UWP so there isn't a win10 version of the game which means it just works on both win8/win10
    Posted by Senior Chupon on 08 Aug 17 at 21:32
    neosaladHmm. Can't seem get past 1493 skill level...

    I was 1291 (when I started) so maybe you need to be at least 1300 when doing this method. Hopefully just a few more legit wins will do me then.... 😁

    But working with windows 10 version ...
    Posted by neosalad on 09 Sep 17 at 12:55
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  • Dancing RobDancing Rob156,212
    02 Jan 2014 09 Apr 2013 02 Jan 2014
    18 2 5
    A more useful solution for those who want to play legitimately. You'll need a fairly high level of skill to get it anyway, but these are the basics.

    1 - When you play, always try to score for more than one word at once.

    To use a couple of visual examples when the word DATE is on the board. A novice player might play


    which isn't a great play.

    A more experienced player would do something like this instead.

    ------- I
    ------- N
    ------- E
    ------- R

    Or maybe even this.

    - DINER

    2 - learn the two letter words, most importantly the ones related to the high scoring letters

    Your best friends are the following words


    On a related note, other short words with these letters are also handy, particularly words with a Q that don't require a U. the most useful 5 are these. (QADI is also in some Scrabble type dictionaries, but not this one!)


    3 - try to keep a balanced rack at all times. You ideally want as close to 4 constonants / 3 vowels. Don't be afraid to change your letters when you have a particularly bad set of tiles. It's better to pass, then score 25 next round than score 7 for two rounds in a row. On a related note, multiple duplicate letters are generally bad, so try to get rid of them where possible.

    4 - Look for seven letter words. Having a blank or S helps, but any of the letters you can use to make the work RETAINS aren't bad.

    5 - play close attention to board position, try to avoid giving easy access to the high scoring squares


    finally achieved it!

    worth noting that it didn't pop immediately. I won a game to take me to 1508, at which point the achievement did not pop. Later that day, I won another game, at which point, the achievement popped.
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    The GlobalizerFYI, this took me just over net +50 wins playing "Skill Match" games (where you are matched against players of even skill). I'm a former tournament Scrabble player, so I was 57-4 when I got it, but your mileage will obviously vary. Just wanted to give a sense of the number of games to expect here.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 22 Feb 14 at 18:31
    The GlobalizerAlso, a few more handy U-less Q words:


    SUQ is also pretty handy in a pinch.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 22 Feb 14 at 18:34
    WoodsMonkTaking forever! currently at 1432 without boosting it.. but now I'm only getting like 2 points for a win and 20 for a loss D:
    Posted by WoodsMonk on 22 Jun 14 at 20:00
  • CL1333CL1333848,619
    08 Dec 2012 10 Dec 2012 17 Dec 2012
    31 16 45
    To Get it Legit may takes very long time. Now I am writing a viable boosting method.

    What you need is:
    1. Two Windows Phone (OR Boost Partner)*
    *Warning: One of you phone/ your boost partner's phone has to be master reset several times which may lead to all data lost on the phone

    2. 3 Dummy Accounts.

    3. If you own two Windows Phone, its much more easier, just use your main account (who want the unlock this achievement) to send the invite to another dummy account.

    4. Once the dummy account receive such invitation, resign the game. (2 Rating points will be deducted)

    5. The winner side starting Rating will be 1000, and win a game nets you 12 points until 1200 rating. After 1200 rating, each game nets you 2 points

    6. For loser side, each game deduct 2 points, and after the rating drop to 800, winner side won't get any rating anymore. Thus at this moment, you have to reset the Windows Phone (obviously the dummy account), then create/login with another account, with 1000 basic rating, lose another 100 games to the winner.

    7. Once the 2nd dummy's rating dropped to 800, reset the phone again, repeat step 6). Simpe calculations, this time lose another 50 games, if all done in correct, you can get a rating with 1500.

    8. Afterwards, check your leaderboards rating (both local and online) if your rating already 1500, just simply quite your game, then enter the game again=> achievement unlock!

    In case your partner also needs to unlock this, after you unlock the achievement, let you partners win, as your rating already high enough, your partner will get more rating points at the beginning (22 points per won against a 1500+ rating player). Thus lesser game is required to boost your partner until 1500 rating.

    It may not takes so much time as every resign count as a win to you. But the troublesome part is you have to use 2 Windows Phone, Or either your boost partner is willing to give up the data on his phone and reset several times.

    For my case, Me and my partner got this within 1 day via boosting. Thanks for my damaged Lumia 800.

    EDIT: As per dicussion with my partner, after a detail calculations, if you can gather up 4 boost partners (including yourself), It sounds possible that no need to master reset any of your phones. But what all among you to do will be much more time consuming. Roughly speaking, 4 booster in total, begins with boosting 1 of you until 1500, so remaing 3 booster's rating will be 2 of them has 800 and 1 of them has 900. Then after the 1st partner unlock the cheevo, then you can start to boost the 2nd partner , and so forth.

    EDIT 2:Dear Guys, would like to share with you who were using WP8 ...I tried to help my fd to boost who was using WP8 last week, and after he reached 1500 rating. achievement didn't pop. Afterwards we tried method , and then found that, after he played a random skilled match, then resign, the achievement popped! He also encounter same situation for played 10/ 50 games achievement. What you have to do is entering a random skill match and then resign. Hope it helps!
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    Senior ChuponYou can't sign out on Windows Phone 8, you can only sign out on Windows 8 (PC).
    Posted by Senior Chupon on 04 Jan 16 at 15:45
    gabrielgunsI need someone who has 1100 in the rating minimum ...
    there and so to "resign" for me until I get to 1500 am with 1276, soon after going to "resign" to you until you get to 1500 ... (add me on xbox live)
    Posted by gabrielguns on 27 Mar 16 at 23:41
    BODZ61Gabriel, send me a PM to remind me. I'll help you later tonight.
    Posted by BODZ61 on 28 Mar 16 at 15:15
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