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All Aboard achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

All Aboard

Complete Confounding Light with more than 3 turns left on the timer.

All Aboard0
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How to unlock the All Aboard achievement

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    This Achievement isn't Hard at all.

    You Start with 10 Rounds on the Counter, but you can easily Complete this Mission in 5-6 turns.

    For this Mission I had 2 Heavys , 2 Snipers , 2 Assault... but i guess it doesn't really matter at all, but you should have at least the 1 or 2 Snipers.

    Simply Place your 2 Snipers on Top of the Train (Squad Sight Recommended) and Shoot everything that Moves.Rush trough the train with your Heavys and your Assault. Your Assault should take Point and Rush to the Driving Room while your Heavys place the Transponders. You have to Complete this Mission with at least 4 Turns on the Counter left! Also YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KILL ALL THE ALIENS! Simply place the Transponders and get one of your Soldiers inside the Driving Room. This should End the Mission.

    On Easy Difficulty: 4-5 Thin Man , 3 Plasma Rifle Mutons
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    TsukimiI got 5 Thin Man on easy. But if you got a sniper on the roof of the train w/ squad sight that will be just piece of cake.
    Due to short of money I only got 5 men squad, 2 assault, 1 sniper, 1 support & 1 heavy.
    Better note those Mutons drops from the sky into the middle of the battlefield, so the sniper better stay on the train's roof's 1st cover.
    Posted by Tsukimi on 07 Dec 12 at 10:46
    ThePootermobileIt is definitely recommended to go for this achievement on easy. I had played easy twice already and wanted to go for the Classic cheeves so I played this dlc for the first time on classic and it's REALLY hard. I finished this mission on the last possible turn and even then just barely. You only get 4 soldiers since you don't have a officer's training facility and on top of that there's at LEAST twice as many enemies.
    Posted by ThePootermobile on 09 Dec 12 at 13:30
    Hirsute DaveIf you ignore the Slingshot missions until a lot later in the game - after the base assault for example - by choosing the original council missions, you can get this one done with plenty of time to spare (I had five turns left). 1 Sniper (Archangel/Plasma/Squadsight), 1 Support, 2 Heavy and 2 Assault - both Assaults in Ghost armour so they stay unmolested.
    Posted by Hirsute Dave on 13 Jan 13 at 12:49
    DillionDayGood solution. I recommend waiting til later once you get good weapons and abilities like Hirsute Dave mentioned.
    Posted by DillionDay on 09 May 13 at 14:28
    UrsiformGot this on a Classic IM after missing it in my impossible game. Was feeling really good about myself considering there are mutons in Classic and I did it the first time it was offered. Then I got a Very Large UFO a few days later (my god, month two?) which shot down a satellite, yada yada yada, goodbye Earth. I swear Classic has secretly gotten harder, I need Europe for Contintenal fellow and I've failed Classic IM from there three times now. Anyway point is this is very doable on Classic IM even if you apparently fail at it like I do now.
    Posted by Ursiform on 16 Aug 13 at 03:17
    UrsiformMAKE SURE that the move into the cockpit is not your last move. I just failed this mission on another CIM run and realized that's why I didn't get the achievement on my Impossible run, despite landing there in turn -4. If you dash to the cockpit with your last move, that guy from central will chime in about the mission being a success but your turn will still end before credit is given. This will cause you to fail the achievement if done on turn -4, or worse, fail the mission and lose any captives/fragments if done on the final turn. As long as anyone else still has a move, you can dash in and end it.
    Posted by Ursiform on 17 Aug 13 at 00:11
    dropK1CK ninJAJust an FYI. I know you have to do this on turn four just make sure that your final action of turn four IS NOT starting the train. If that is your last action, the turn ends, and the mission ends with 3 turns remaining.
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 24 Mar 15 at 16:01
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