Conqueror achievement in Battlefield 2: MC


Finish top in 5 games.

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How to unlock the Conqueror achievement

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    EA is shutting the MP servers down on August 11, 2011

    Boosting for this achievement is much faster than playing through random online matches. Do the following and you will finish a game in roughly 3 minutes depending on the cooperation with the servers. I have timed this method against the quitting method and this is the quickest way due to preparation and loading times.

    1. Find one other person that wishes to boost.

    2. You both create a Clan within the game. While doing so make sure that you set your preferred game type to "Conquest" and preferred map to "Damage".

    3. Both of you ready your clan with in the "My Clan" menu. When doing this, you are prompted to set your preferred settings for the clan. The previously selected game mode and map will be the default selection so just accept the settings as they are.

    4. One person will then search for a clan game within the clan menu. Again, you are prompted to select your clan settings. Go ahead and accept the default settings.

    5. You will then be brought to a list of clans that are ready to battle that have the same setting preferences as yours. You should see the name of your boosting partner's clan. If not, then your partner goofed and their settings. Have them change the settings and "Ready Clan" again. Select your partner's clan and send a "Challenge".

    6. Once the "Challenge" has been sent your partner will receive an in-game message. The open the message by pressing "Y" and accept the message.

    7. You will now both be loaded into the game. Once the span selection screen comes up both clan will have to ready up by selecting "Ready Clan".

    8. The match will now start and you will be allowed to spawn in. However, only the person that is going for the achievement should spawn in. Sometimes the spawn menu will freeze for a second so don't be worried.

    9. Once you spawn instantly start looking for a vehicle. If you are on the American team you will want to grab the Humvee. If on the Chinese team, take a buggy.

    10. Now drive straight to the opposing flag which will be marked on your map as a red icon. Pressing RB will change the camera view if it makes driving easier. Note that there is only 1 route that you can travel while in the vehicle.

    11. Once at the enemy flag walk towards it until you see the progress bar pop up on the screen. If you're unsure, just stand against the flag pole. Once the flag is neutralized the round will end and the new one will start. Since this is a clan match each "Game" is based off of a best 2 out of 3 system the Achiever will again spawn in alone. The Achiever will now will have switched sides and will need to drive the opposite direction and capture the flag they spawned on in the previous round.

    12. After that round the Achiever will end the match with 6 points to the Loser's 0. Thus awarding the Achiever with the top score, as well as, a Major Victory.

    At the end of each round and after the final scoreboard is displayed both teams will be given the option to vote for a new map. Continue voting for "Damage" until you have completed the desired amount of games.

    Obviously, this will be a great way to get the Matches played and Major Victory achievements too.
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