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MP 1000

Participate in 1000 ranked Multiplayer games of any type.

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  • EnsisVorthosEnsisVorthos166,452
    14 Mar 2009 31 Mar 2009
    116 2 11
    Even quicker than that is host on Evacuation and just jump over the ledge to your left. 3 second death.
  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,014,405
    03 Apr 2011 20 Mar 2011 03 Apr 2011
    33 2 0
    Create ranked match
    Game Type: Team Elimination
    Map: Evacuation
    Set max # of players based on your boosting session -- there are occasional randoms

    Put host on one team, all other players on opposite team. Host will almost always spawn on the rooftop, jump off immediately, match ends. If host spawns inside building, grenade yourself against a wall, match ends. Repeat x1000.

    You can check your # of matches played in the Leaderboards, press LT until it shows the Team Elimination gametype, press X to find yourself. (There is no "all gametypes" leaderboard, so if you've played other gametypes, you'll need to add up your total from each leaderboard. Skip the weekly leaderboards except to check current session's progress.)
  • ViPeR866ViPeR866152,083
    14 Jul 2012 10 Jul 2012
    15 1 0
    Here is the absolutely optimal way to boost this:

    Create a ranked match
    Game Type: Elimination
    Map: Evacuation
    Players: any number of players works. Less players tends to be more efficient because you need to wait for everyone to find the lobby after every game, and in larger groups there tends to be someone every few games that takes some additional time.
    Special Settings: set run speed to 1.5 and join grace period from 10 to 5 seconds.
    When the match starts, simply jump off the ledge near the spawn. If you have a larger party, some people may spawn inside. These people are to throw a grenade at their feet. Games should take no longer than 6 seconds.

    An additional tip: Jumping off the ledge should only take 3 seconds, but if you really want to shave time off, mash the jump button during the pre-match countdown. When the game starts, you should do a little double-jump right off the lendge, which should take 2 seconds. Not much of a difference, but hey, every second counts when embarking on such a grind.

    The achievement should take around 10-15 hours of boosting.
  • Mr AbodMr Abod231,263
    14 Jun 2009 08 Jun 2011 08 Jun 2011
    14 3 1
    Another boosting method useful IF u have two copies of the game or with one friend.

    Game-mode:- Elimination or team Elimination
    number of players: 2

    Method:- as soon as the game start throw a grenade in front of you and jump on it and the game will end.

    good luck..
  • With1nTheRuinsWith1nTheRuins841,668
    24 Aug 2011 13 Aug 2011
    14 5 2
    If you dont mind taking an incredibly long time getting the 1000 games achievement you can pretty much knock out every other achievement along the way.

    All you need is yourself and one partner. Set up a elimination match and take turns getting a kill with whatever weapons you still need. 1 kill = 1 game played. although this will take an incredibly long time at least you wont be mindlessly blowing yourself up for 500 games as I now have to do lol
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,017,586
    09 Jul 2014 09 Jul 2014
    7 1 3
    Turbo Controller Method For the Host


    Have a turbo controller.
    Be online at a time when NO ONE else is playing (which isn't too hard)
    Only for 2 players (host and friend)

    The (turbo) host should host a match of Team Elimination ON Evacuation

    Now, Turbo your 'A' button and rubberband your LS to the left. You will jump off the roof and right after the match is over, you will automatically search for a new match (which as long as NO ONE else is playing RANKED FEAR) will end up creating the same game you just played.

    The other player just keeps searching for a ranked game and finds yours, Joins and your idle controller kills himself.

    Occasionally you will spawn below but the other player will just have to kill himself. Only happens 1/30 times.
  • MonnaieDiableMonnaieDiable349,354
    12 Jun 2015 13 Jun 2015
    4 0 0
    il faux créer une partie en classement en match élimination et se suicider avec la grenade que l'on possédé faisable a deux a faire 1000 fois
  • ReliantGung hoReliantGung ho479,341
    18 May 2017 18 May 2017
    2 1 1
    I just want to add my two cents to this solution.

    The others were correct that creating a ranked match - 2 players - map: evacuation is the best.

    What was left out was that on the rare chance that a random shows up while you're boosting this and you quit out without finishing the match. That match you quit out before finishing it will NOT count towards this achievement, I had to quit out of 5 matches because of randoms and none of them counted towards the achievement.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3897,842
    14 Feb 2019 14 Feb 2019
    0 0 2
    All right, here is my FULL 2 PLAYER IDLE METHOD toast
    The scripts are not 100% waterproof so to say. The game/servers freeze every so often, which will end you up in a player match or in the campaign. Still, the idle was not bad at all. You can adjust the

    You will have one person always hosting, creating a match with the script via create match, team elimination and the starting time set to the lowest obviously. Map doesnt really matter I guess, since you are killing yourself with a grenade, though Evacuation works I guess.

    You can start/stop the script with cn_RT

    If you are doing this while asleep/doing something else not near the console, leave the script as it is. If you are semi-monitoring it, you can decrease the wait time wait(10000); to wait6000); for the joiner, and also decrease it for the host.

    The script will grenade both the host and the joiner when they are in the game. While in the main menu, the host will press cn_A to leave match, then down three times and A to create a match. Then also cn_A to start the match when the joiner is in. The joiner will only need press cn_A once, then down twice and cn_A to search custom match. Then cn_A to confirm search, join game and ready up.

    Note: host A presses between game:
    3 to have the lobby up, 1 to start match

    4 to join (though lobby needs to be up after 3rd one), 1 to ready up.

    Thus always have use a significant lower amount of waiting time between A presses for the joiner, as the lobby needs to be up by the time he searches for a match. If not = fail. Currently host has 3 A presses with 6 seconds wait time, so between 12-18 seconds for a lobby to go up.
    Joiner has 10 seconds, so between 21-30 seconds to join check the custom matches available.

    As mentioned, this is NOT a waterproof script. Game can freeze and loading times take longer, which screws the script and thus will stop progress from that point on unless you manually reset. We just though that this was the best balance for a complete idle while sleeping method.

    Script for "Host" - to be checked if correct
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Script for "Joiner"
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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