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In Crimson DLC matchmaking, kill 20 enemies using the Mantis' stomp attack.

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Achievement Guide for Bigfoot

    12 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012
    61 9 19
    Not a solution, but if you'd like to track your progress you can on the Halo Waypoint website. Go into your Wargames stats, narrow it down to Shatter and then you can select your weapon stats and it will list Mantis Stomps.

    So go to the site -

    Wargames: Matchmaking
    Scroll down to find Mantis Stomps
  • Flash IncarnateFlash Incarnate189,089
    11 Dec 2012 14 Dec 2012 06 Feb 2013
    19 1 0
    A Mantis can be found in the map Shatter.

    I recommend having the Operator Specialization, so you will have a Better time killing people.

    Also 343 buffed the stomping so don't be afraid to stomp at someone from 10 feet out. here is a video I made that shows on how to get this achievement.
  • SquirrlehunterSquirrlehunter180,869
    11 Oct 2014 17 Mar 2013 18 Apr 2013
    17 0 2
    Less of a solution, more of a helpful hint.

    Since the Crimson DLC playlist has gone, the only playlist that has merged the Shatter map, and spawns the Mantis is Infinity Big Team Slayer.
    I had wasted several attempts at searching in King of the Hill and Extraction as those two were some of my favourite game types when the Crimson playlist was active, as well as standard Infinity Slayer.

    Hope this saves some people from that frustration as well.

    [Update]: According to Mobius Evalon in the comments, the Mantis doesn't actually spawn when playing Dominion gametype, so I have updated this to reflect that.
  • PaperCirclePaperCircle195,589
    16 Dec 2012 15 Dec 2012
    11 0 1
    I'm still working on this one, but I think I've made a breakthrough on how this should be done.

    First be really stingy with both Mantis. Key an eye on when they die and get a feel for respawn time. Always make that mad dash to the Mantis when the game starts.

    Hang around teammates as much as possible, I've occasionally had a team member shoot some who boarded me off before he could grenade me. And if you do get grenaded, try to still get a stomp off. You never know...

    Finally I found that some of the easiest kills are the guys charging around in ghosts. Not sure if it counts as two kills or one but it sure seems easier.

    Last part of advice? Pray they don't have plasma pistols. If they do, and you get hit and you know you'll be boarded. Jump out and kill them. Beats waiting for the Mantis to respawn.
  • FauxFateFauxFate90,894
    13 Dec 2012 09 Apr 2013
    7 0 1
    The trick to this achievement is fooling people.

    As said by others, equip Wheelman and hang out by the teleporter.

    Remember, the stomp is always forward, even if the top of the Mantis is facing backwards. Of course, people know that you can only board the Mantis from the back. So stand with your feet ready to stomp the teleporter, with your top turned and randomly shooting at the nearby base with your machine gun and rockets. I SWEAR, people will think your distracted and actually trying to kill someone in the base, and they will run up trying to board you (and will probably choose not to use the Plasma Pistol, cause that would turn your top AWAY from them). So just keep an eye on your radar and stomp when they're dumb enough to run right up to you.

    I got 8 stomps in one match and 6 in another with this method, and two of my friends got similar numbers in just one match as well, so it doesn't appear to be a fluke. Credit for this method goes to one of those friends.
  • NixonioNixonio108,579
    11 Feb 2013 10 Feb 2013
    9 2 1
    Grab your mantis and camp near the enemy teleporter exit. This way they can't see you or get away.
    Just look around and shoot enemies to keep them at bay whilst keeping an eye on the teleport exit.
  • HizokaH8KHizokaH8K261,075
    09 Oct 2014 09 Oct 2014
    6 0 2
    If you're still trying to obtain this achievement or maybe you have the achievement glitched.

    Well, good news, 343i released today October 09 a hotfix for the glitched achievements. :D

    All you need to do is get into the game, when you press start and select your device, the achievements will pop up.

    Cheers :D
  • Mike PitchMike Pitch707,623
    10 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012
    20 20 4
    As simple as it sounds... Just kill 20 enemy spartans using the Mantis' stomp attack.

    You can only find the Mantis on the Shatter map in the Crimson DLC list.

    To use stomp, get in the Mantis and press whichever button you have mapped as your melee attack.

    NOTE: This is cumulative and does not need to be done in one match.
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