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Clay Pigeon

In Crimson DLC matchmaking, shoot an enemy who’s airborne from a Man Cannon.

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Achievement Guide for Clay Pigeon

  • The Dawn of DonThe Dawn of Don293,029
    11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012
    20 0 2
    Please Note - The description of this achievement is deceiving. You must kill your target while they are mid air after being launched by a man cannon or gravity lift, not just shoot them.

    This achievement can be completed on any of the Crimson maps where there is a man cannon or gravity lift, but the easiest place would be on Wreckage.

    Wreckage has two man cannons that converge to a single location that have roughly a 2 to 4 second airtime when launched out of them. So using any precision weapon can get the job done with a steady aim.

    Harvest and Shatter have gravity lifts that take less than a second to go through. Using the sticky detonator or a plasma grenade (or a well placed rocket or railgun shot) would work on these maps, but means the achievement is more of a hit or miss as there is latency in other player’s connections to consider.

    If you choose to try and complete this achievement on Wreckage as I did, here are some things to note.

    1.) The platform that both man cannons converge at is located in front of the initial spawn for the energy sword. The energy sword spawns here only at the beginning of the game, so take note of its location before someone picks it up.

    2.) The energy sword and landing platform is closest to red team’s initial spawn meaning they have the advantage of taking this position first. This also means blue team is more likely to go through their man cannon as it is more in their direct path at the start of the game and after re-spawns in a CTF game.

    3.) Red team spawns and re-spawns facing their man cannons launching end, so getting a kill on a red player for this achievement is less likely unless playing King of the Hill as there is a hill point at the platform landing. King of the Hill would force red team to re-spawn at locations that would put the man cannons right in their paths.

    4.) DMR, BR, and LR can get the job done, but require hitting every (or most every) shot. Sniper rifle, binary rilfe, or railgun would be the easiest precision weapons for this kill. Using the energy sword (as it is up there already) could work as well if you jump at the right time and location to get the kill.
  • Flash IncarnateFlash Incarnate189,228
    11 Dec 2012 13 Dec 2012
    15 0 0
    This one is very simple all you need to do is camp near a Landing Zone of a Man Cannon and kill them in Mid-Air. It is easier if you use a DMR since it is more accurate than a Battle Rifle.
  • WackFiendWackFiend289,079
    11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012
    12 0 3
    I got this while playing on Harvest. The lifts that take you to the bridge area near the middle of the map (I was playing King of the Hill, it was hill A) count for this achievement. I threw a Plasma Grenade as an enemy was coming up. It stuck him, killed him while he was in mid-air, and the achievement popped.
  • LegendStormcrowLegendStormcrow101,908
    02 Mar 2013 19 Feb 2013
    7 0 0
    Could also simply hide near it and wait for someone to come for it. When they go to take it run behind them and either sword them in mid air or use another power weapon. They can't dodge so a sniper rifle should work as you have no worry of their arc missing slow projectiles. Bonus, this should get you both achievements. Unfortunately I don't have clay yet due to it being a trickier one to get but this is more about luck on that strat.
  • Lj IOWLj IOW243,982
    10 Dec 2012 13 Dec 2012
    8 1 0
    The above solutions are fine, but I find the new maps to be riddled with latency issues so I found an easier way to get this achievement with not much skill needed:

    •Firstly play CTF on Wreckage. You want to be on the team which the flag is below the cliff top that has two man cannons that land you on top of said cliff top. (I believe it is Red Team).

    • Secondly: GET THE ENERGY SWORD.

    Now you camp at the top of the cliff top looking down to the orange man cannon, and wait for an enemy to use it, just as he is about to hit the ground... MELEE, your 1 kill up and 40GS the better.

    This IS how I got the achievement. So it does work, I don't know if you can get Special Delivery this way as I have yet to try it, I hope this helps the non-sharpshooters out there.
  • Tyr GRTyr GRThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    11 Dec 2012
    9 2 0
    If you are a sharpshooter maybe you'll find it easier to do this ach in the Wreckage map. During a Capture the Flag game you can camp high on the outpost overlooking a flag. There are 2 long duration lifts that lead on this outpost so you can keep an eye on both of them for brave enemies who'll take them and shoot them down with a DMR before they land.
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