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Crimson Map Pack

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Special Delivery

In Crimson DLC matchmaking, kill an enemy with melee when landing from a Man Cannon.

Special Delivery0
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Achievement Guide for Special Delivery

  • Phantom XBLPhantom XBL184,644
    11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012 12 Dec 2012
    43 3 19
    Everyone is over complicating this.

    Here is my method which is 100% guaranteed to work.

    You can do this in matchmaking legit, or by boosting with extra controllers/with friends, just make sure you play on the map SHATTER.

    Once the game starts, go to the areas of the map where there are "gravity lifts", they can be found close to the default spawning area. They can be found on the lower sections of the map and they shoot you straight up to the next level (kind of like an elevator).

    All you need to do is get on the gravity lift and STAY hovering on it! While you are hovering on it, have a friend stand at the top level where you would normally exit the lift. Simply melee your friend 2 times, and BAM, achievement unlocked!

    EDIT: SeraphimNeeded has pointed out that "If your friend is floating in the lift as well, you'll also get the other man cannon related achievements."

    Use his idea for:

    Halo 4ODSTThe ODST achievement in Halo 4 worth 45 pointsIn Crimson DLC matchmaking, kill a player while airborne from a Man Cannon.

    Halo 4Clay PigeonThe Clay Pigeon achievement in Halo 4 worth 74 pointsIn Crimson DLC matchmaking, shoot an enemy who’s airborne from a Man Cannon.

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  • Flash IncarnateFlash Incarnate189,299
    11 Dec 2012 12 Dec 2012
    18 1 0
    There are a few ways to do this. Either take the easy way out and boost with 11 other friends. Or patiently wait on the grav lift and melee them. Here is a video I made that explains on how to get this achievement.
  • ThievishTrack9ThievishTrack966,986
    10 Dec 2012 10 Dec 2012
    17 6 12
    Achievement is glitched at the moment. You can unlock it by simply jumping from a raised point and kill an enemy with melee when landing, so no man cannon required at the moment
  • MiseMise122,115
    13 Jul 2013 11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012
    11 1 0
    This easy achievement can be done on the map "Wreckage"

    You earn this achievement by lifting off a man cannon, but before landing you jetpack slightly so you don't hit the ground and melee the person at the landing.

    You need to make sure the enemy at the landing is one shot.
  • mhitt46mhitt46126,129
    27 Dec 2012 27 Dec 2012 27 Dec 2012
    6 3 0
    For this achievement the description is slightly misleading. This does not have to be done from a Man Cannon.(the map that is needed is Shattered)
    You can get on the back of a enemy Mantis and just melee attack until the driver dies. I have it saved in my File Share as: "Alternate Special Delivery" for those that want to see how it is done.

    If you decide this is not helpful then please say why.
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