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Hard Worker in Black Knight Sword

Hard Worker101 (20)

Finish every mission in challenge mode

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Zenn P
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Zenn P
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Black Knight SwordHard WorkerThe Hard Worker achievement in Black Knight Sword worth 101 pointsFinish every mission in challenge mode

This achievement is obtained by successfully completing all 25 Missions in Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode can be accessed from the main menus and from the start, you are given 5 missions to attempt. The objective for these missions is very straightforward: make your way to the rainbow-colored Exit Door then press [cn_up] to clear the mission. Every time you clear 5 missions you will unlock another page of 5 missions to attempt. The majority of them are very brief and simple to complete, while several others may take multiple attempts to successfully clear. Each mission offers different types of challenges affiliated with things such as:

° Platforming
° Survival
° Time-Attack
° Boss-Attack

Upon completion of each mission you will receive a rank based on how fast you completed it ranging from A to D. Rank does not matter for this achievement, you merely need to successfully clear all 25 of these missions to unlock it. If you don't feel like you're doing well you can reset the Challenge by hitting the cn_back-button and selecting "Yes".

Mission 01
Clear Conditions: Use the enemies to get to the door!
You must make your way to the Exit Door by defeating the, what appear to be, flying Easter Island Head enemies to move forward. Jump and hit cn_down + cn_X to pogo stick off of the flying head enemies to make your way to the door. You can double jump after every enemy you hit with this attack so you don't actually have to kill every single one to move forward.

Mission 02
Clear Conditions: Use the enemies to get to the door (with only 1 health bar)!
This is a platforming mission. Use your pogo stick move from the previous challenge to make your way to the door above. Getting hit once will result in death as you only have 1 health bar.

Mission 03
Clear Conditions: Use the enemy to reach the door!
You must reach the Exit Door by having the Black Hog Boss from Stage 4 catapult you above. Wait for him to drive by then jump and hit Down + X on him. With enough hits he will crash and fall to the ground motionless. Approach his "corpse", jump, and repeat the Down +X move on top of him until he knocks you into the air above. You should land on the platform above you near the Exit Door for you to clear the Mission.

Mission 04
Clear Conditions: Avoid danger and make your way to the door (with one health bar!)
You only have 1 health block for this mission. Use your evasive roll to bypass the flames. Turn your back to them, wait for it to get close, then hit Down + A.

Mission 05
Clear Conditions: Make your way through descent to reach the door!
Simply fall downward but make sure you stay on the left side as you will drop to your death once you get to the bottom. Land on the green box then double jump to the door.

Mission 06
Clear Conditions: Bypass the chickens and get to the door!
Make your way forward by jumping (or double jumping) onto the floating blocks. Ignore the Chicken Bosses named, "Doodle" and keep moving forward to make your way to the door. Use Down + X if needed.

Mission 07
Clear Conditions: Make your way through ascent to reach the door!
For this mission you must make you way upward to get to the door. Use the cogs and blocks to get there and be sure avoid fireballs . Time your jumps and pan the camera above with the cn_RS if needed. You get 10 health bars so there's plenty of room for error.

Mission 08
Clear Conditions: Avoid the blocks and make your way to the door!
You have 4 health bars for the mission. You must be quick and make your way forward as falling blocks stand in your way, slowing you down. Blocks may land on you but they do not inflict damage. You will need to stand on top of some of these blocks in order to continue in some areas. Flying Bird enemies will try to slow you down. These can be killed with 1 charged sword slash or you can simply ignore them and press forward. You can also use your evasive roll to cover ground faster.

Mission 09
Clear Conditions: Reach the door in the rotating room!
This is a rotating room mission. Every 10 seconds or so the room will rotate and you will have to make your way to the door. Just follow the arrows around you to get to the Exit. After the room rotates enough times, the Exit Door will be accessible. Avoid spikes at all costs, as you only have 1 health bar for this mission. Once you find a stray yellow block with a cross on it, stand on top of it and wait for the room to rotate so that you can drop next to the Exit Door. Use the right thumb stick to pan the camera for this mission to get a look around you if needed.

Mission 10
Clear Conditions: Using one bar of health, reach the door!
This mission may be a little tricky. You only have 1 health bar and you must make your way through the Easter Island Heads and Green Slime enemies. The Head enemies can be killed with your Spin Projectile by pressing Away, Down, Toward + X, this move requires 5 hearts to perform. The Slime enemies can be evaded or killed with a crouching sword slash if needed. Use your Black Hellebore (RT) to turn the OFF Cubes to ON to make your way upward and to the Exit Door. Also, when you get to the Cat Teeth Platform, you can make it ascend by jumping on top of it, jump then hit X to delay your fall. Land then repeat to make it ascend into reach.

Mission 11
Clear Conditions: Use the switches to reach the door!
Another platforming mission; however, this one is a bit unorthodox. This mission debuts the ice blocks that can be destroyed by jumping into them from below, Super Mario-style. Make your way to the left side of the map and activate the ON/OFF Cubes to make your way up then to the upper-right where the door is located. There is a section with a Wheelchair and Knight enemy. You can use your Magic (cn_Y) here to take them out.

Mission 12
Clear Conditions: Get through the enemies and use the switch to reach the door!
Same objective as usual here. There are multiple enemies sprawled across this stage including a Giant Boss Knight enemy but nothing troublesome; you can even ignore the enemies if needed. Activate the ON/OFF blocks to make your way to the door above to clear the mission.

Mission 13
Clear Conditions: Defeat all enemies and get to the door!
This is the first of two Survival Missions of Challenge Mode that pits you against a series of enemy and boss characters. Use your charged sword slash against the foes as it is the most effective (hold down then let go of cn_X). Every time you defeat an enemy, another one will spawn from above. You must defeat all 24 enemies to open the gate to the Exit Door. There will be a microwave in the area; do not open it right away! It contains a health skull pick up you may need later. You start out with 10 health bars and 4 Magic stocks so make them count. Pick up the health pick up only when you're very low on health as it replenishes all 10 health bars. It's best to probably save your Magic for the tougher enemies such as the Bosses or Headless Flying Bird. Here is the order of all opponents:

1. Easter Island Head
2. Running Island Head
3. Helmeted Island Head
4. Jumping Island Head
5. Flying IslandHead
6. Purple Flying Island Head
7. Black Wolf
8. Green Slime
9. Pink Hopping Horse
10. Crowned Hopping Horse
11. Flying Headless Bird
12. Flying Headless Bird (tougher)
13. Green Slime
14. Spit Fire Island Head
15. Farmer (Throws Rocks)
16. Spit Fire Island Head
17. Giant Flower
18. Masked Enemy (Love Grabber)
19. Farmer
20. Lance Knight
21. Wheelchair Enemy
22. Knife Lady Boss
23. Giant Knight Boss
24. White Shield Knight Boss

Mission 14
Clear Conditions: Get to the door in the rotating room.
This is another Rotating Room mission, except this time the room is constantly rotating as you may your way to the Exit Door. You only have 1 health bar so don't get hit. In addition, there are floating face enemies that will spawn to make matters difficult. Kill them or dodge them as you may your way to the door. Don't forget to move the camera around with Right-stick and follow the arrows to find the way out.

Mission 15
Clear Conditions: By way of descent, get to the door!
Make your way downward. Wind will blow upward hampering you. Key to this is speed, only kill enemies that hinder your way. You only get 3 health bars for this mission.

Mission 16
Clear Conditions: Use the draft and blocks to get to the door!
This mission is the first one some may get stuck on. You will get to an area where there is a large gap and a wind updraft that occurs intermittently. You can take the fire spitters out on the right if needed and grab the health pickup that's above nearby. Once the updraft kicks in jump then double jump half way across to make it. Quickly crouch once you land as there will be fireballs shooting at you ahead as you make way to the left. Activate the ON/OFF boxes and avoid getting hit by fireballs. The exit door will be to the far left of this section.

Mission 17
Clear Conditions: Use the switch to reach the door!
Activate the ON/OFF block in the center of the map by holding down RT, double jumping from a ledge and letting go of RT. This will open the bridge that leads to the Exit Door.

Mission 18
Clear Conditions: Use the draft to get to the door!
You must use the wind draft to help you reach certain areas to progress. The best way to do this is jump into the wind, wait, then double jump to maximize traveling distance. Use the right thumb stick to see what lies ahead to help with direction. While jumping, you can hit X to delay your jump to see where you're about to land.

Once you get to the down arrow section you will have to time your jump so that you drop then jump to get to the next landing. Wait for the wind draft to pick up, fall downward holding to the right then jump again. You can use X to delay your fall here too.

Mission 19
Clear Conditions: Defeat all enemies unarmed and reach the door!
This is the second and final Survival Mission of Challenge Mode. You must defeat all waves of enemies barehanded and without any magic. Your sword cannot be used and you also cannot double jump in this mission. Numbers will appear in the background indicating how many enemies are remaining each wave. Once again avoid opening the microwave until your health is low since it contains a health pick up. It appears that the crouching punch attack is fairly effective against most enemies here so spam Down + X on enemies. You will also want to use your evasive roll to by pass enemies if they get grouped up too much.

Also for the jumping Island Heads, jump behind these and attack them from behind to avoid taking damage. The Farmers in overalls are the biggest nuisance of this mission so be aggressive and take them out with your crouched punches. Crouch punch away at them and hope you can group them up without them running past you. If you can keep your health high upon defeating them, you should be able to clear the rest of the mission no problem especially with the health pick up in the microwave.

Mission 20
Clear Conditions: Bypass the enemies to get to the door!
Make your away through the blocks and sack enemies to get to the exit door. Knife Ladies will also stand in your way. The sack enemies will explode when you get close so try charging your Black Hellebore and kill them from a distance. You may also need to keep your sword attack charged and destroy them faster to make progression go smoother. You also have 1 magic attack to use if needed.

You need to be quick as you only have 5 bars of health and the Knife ladies will chase you down. Don't bother killing them, just push forward and with luck you will make it to the Exit Door.

Mission 21
Clear Conditions: Make your way through the enemies to get to the door!
This mission is a bit odd. There are instances where it can be completed immediately without killing anything and other times, there are not. It starts you off in a room with falling blocks on the right. Destroy them then head the left section where enemies will spawn. You must eliminate all enemies in the area then Exit through the white door. You get 10 bars of health but no magic attacks. You can kill the enemies off screen if needed with your projectile attack.

Mission 22
Clear Conditions: Avoid danger and reach the door!
This is a very simple and straightforward mission. Just make your way passed the enemies and crushers to get to the Exit Door on the far right. You can evasive dodge through enemies also.

Mission 23
Clear Conditions: Make your way upward to the door as fast as possible!
This Time-Attack mission will require some speed and trial from you. You must create a path upward by breaking ice blocks with your head by jumping into them from below. You also need to use your Hellebore to activate the ON/OFF blocks to create a path. After 40 seconds pass, the Stage 4 Spider Boss will start to make its way up to you from below. If it catches up to you it will knock you upward and you will fail the mission.

There are multiple ways to reach the top. For me, I started on the left path then afterward, went to the right after hitting a few ON/OFF BLOCKS before taking the middle way to get to the Exit Door above. Speed is key. The faster you start out the more leeway you have to avoid the Spider as you make your way upward. There is no 1 route solution to this so feel free to figure out your own pathway to the top. Also, be prepared to possibly defeat some enemies (with magic or charged attacks) that await you near the top.

Mission 24
Clear Conditions: Make your way up to the door!
This is a unique mission where blocks will drop and you will have to jump on top of them as you make you way to the top. You must avoid getting crushed as well so memorization is vital here. Enemies will spawn as you move upward so kill anything that gets in your way. If enemies fall into enclosures then allow them to be crushed by falling blocks if they are not a threat to you.

A very important section of this mission is at the halfway point when blocks are falling on the left; you will need to jump on the block as it's falling then double jump to the right to make it further. If you don't time this properly you will be crushed/stuck and will have to start the mission over.

Mission 25
Clear Conditions: Make your way to the door by passing various obstacles!
This is the final mission of Challenge Mode and it is a comprehensive one at that. It offers a variety of challenges that have been posed to you previously up to this point. There are 3 sections to this mission: The Platforming section, the White Knight Boss, and the Rotating Room. I will provide a solution to each section below.

Platforming Section
You will have to make your way through enemies and an abyss section with moving blocks. Blocks will also fall from above. The falling blocks will mess you up but they don't inflict damage. The only tricky part to this section are the Headless Flying Bird enemies. Do not ignore them, eliminate them immediately. Keep the X-button held down constantly to charge your Sword. The Bird Enemies require two charged slash attacks to kill. Once you get to the crushers with the pink horse heads you can actually land on a platform that's attached to the bottom part of the crushers. This will allow you to take your time moving forward by killing the horses with a charged slash from below when the block descends low enough. Watch out for the floating faces that spawn around here too. Also, don't miss the health pickup in the microwave near the 4 crushers where the wind draft picks up. Use the wind to make your way up by jumping and avoid any dangers as your progress upward. Once you get to the top, head left and procure the health pickup in the microwave. You'll be needing it for an upcoming boss encounter with the White Knight.

White Knight Boss
You can try and use all 4 of your Magic attacks on him to take him out, but I advise against this because you will likely need at least 1 magic for the rotating room section. Don't spam your magic on him because he likes to counter with a magic attack of his own and it will nullify your magic attack, thus wasting it. A better trick is to charge your sword slash by holding X and then crouch. Wait for him to get in range then let go of X and quickly cancel the attack into an evasive roll by hitting Down + A. This is safe and effective. You can also camp into the corner, wait for him to get in close and evasive roll out of it and smother him with cn_X stabbing attacks in the corner. When he is overwhelmed, he loves to use his magic attack so quickly evasive roll away from him when this happens. The more health you have after this fight, the easier the following section will be. There are no more health pickups from this point onward so tread carefully from here. Try to save 1 or 2 magic spells for the rotating room if you can.

Rotating Room
Be very careful in this area as your health is probably quite low after facing off with the White Knight. Defeat the enemies in each section and hit the ON/OFF blocks to continue. You can hit the enemies through walls with your Hellebore or Charged Sword attack if needed. The last section can be annoying. There is a Fire Spitting Island Head, a Masked Man (Love Grabber), a Lance Knight, a walking Island Head, and a Giant Flower next to the Exit Door. If you saved up some Magic you can use it to take most of them out by standing above them and hitting the Y-button. You will need to drop down and quickly use your Spin Projectile attack (cn_leftcn_downright + cn_X) to kill the Masked enemy. Safely kill the lance knight from behind or below and carefully take out the Giant Flower. You can also use your Black Hellebore here to take out enemies through the wall by aiming downward. I'm not sure if the masked enemy can be killed with it though.

IMPORTANT: After clearing all enemies near the Exit Door there's something important to note before activating the final ON/OFF cube nearby. Make sure you activate it with your Black Hellebore through the platform from beneath it, NOT next to it. So from where the Lance Knight was that you killed, stand there and charge [R-Trigger] then fire your Hellebore upward to activate the cube. If you activate the cube from beside it, the room will rotate and you won't be able to reach the Exit Door in time, resulting in you being permanently stuck and having to restart the WHOLE mission all over again.
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