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Trap Layer

Kill 50 enemies with the AT-S in any ranked Multiplayer games.

Trap Layer+0.9
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  • Das KuhnenDas Kuhnen608,250
    04 Dec 2010 06 Dec 2010
    17 0 0
    Best if boosted with multiple players! The more you have, the faster the kills rack up.
    For Trap Layer, I boosted Deathmatch on Refinery. ( You can also get Rocketman and Repeating Offender on this map)
    Refinery is a small map and easy to know where you are after a couple minutes of exploring.
    In the main generator room, (2 main level areas and a trench in the middle you can jump over or fall into) have the person getting the kills fall into the trench and run into the dead end. (there will be barrels there) On top of the barrels is an ammo box and on that same group of barrels is where the AT-S trap mine spawns.
    Now the easiest method is to make sure as the killer, you do not move around, as it affects where everyone spawns. (If you stand still by the ammo box, people will spawn closer to the trench.) and the people who are dying just need to get from wherever they spawn into the trench, basically just falling down into a line of fire or near the trap mine.
    (if you're boosting with multiple people, make sure everyone is in the trench when throwing the mine to maximize kills, as there is a respawn wait for the mine)
    Good Luck! It will take time and some good partners.

    Additional Info:
    Rocket Launcher location: from the ammo box in the trench, go forward and make the first left into a tunnel. follow this tunnel til it's end and the rocket launcher is there.
    Repeater Cannon location: from the ammo box in the trench, go straight ahead towards the stairs leading out of the trench. In this stairway, the cannon is to your right on a little platform. hard to miss.
  • RaTheArchitectRaTheArchitect229,307
    14 Sep 2009 14 Sep 2009
    12 1 0
    Boost with your buddies and the more the better... set up a death match on office and raise the player speed and time limit all the way to the max, after that just have your friend walk into the mines i tried to multi-task but it makes this one even slower and it takes i little bit longer than most.
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord513,047
    25 May 2014 27 May 2014 03 Apr 2019
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    There is a trick you can do which makes this achievement easier to obtain. You only need a 2nd player to help you do it. I used a dummy since I had another copy of the game.

    Whoever is the host needs to set up a Ranked Capture The Flag Match...

    Map: Rubble
    Time Limit: 30 Minutes
    Capture Limit: 1
    Join Grace Period: 0
    Respawn Time Limit: 1 Second

    Everything else can be kept the same. By changing these settings, whoevers the player getting killed will have to press the cn_A button to respawn. This is a great advantage.

    When the match starts have the person doing the killing to to the bulding on either the left or the right side of the map. There are 2 ways you can access the building, which are either by the slope, or by jumping on the 2 wooden planks. Inside the broken part of the building is one of these Trip Mines. Simply get the person who wants the achievement to pick-up one of these and then throw them on the right side of the wall.

    Meanwhile the other player who is getting killed just needs to head to the same spot and just walk into the Trip Mine. Rinse and repeat until the person who's going for the achievements gets 50 kills. This is quite a long boosting method, since it'll take around 15 - 20 minutes.

    Now the trick for the player using the trip mines is that originally you would have to walk backward and forward to grab the trip mine, when it appears. It turns out that even if you press cn_A to jump and land on the trip mine when it respawns, you'll pick it up.

    Once the player has got 50 kills, you can either swap over and let the other person go for 50 kills, move onto another weapon for the player who is doing the kills, or you can just capture a flag and end the match.

    If the other player wants the achievement as well in the same match, the best method is to swap roles and have the player who was going for kills to get killed. Then the player which was getting killed heads over and perform the same boosting method.

    You need 50 kills to get the achievement, however the achievement will not unlock until you have completed the match. If you lose connection whilst going for the achievement, none of your progress would have been stored.
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