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Fully Loaded

Fully upgrade all Powerups

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How to unlock the Fully Loaded achievement

  • SashamorningSashamorning2,658,521
    09 Aug 2013 09 Aug 2013 05 Dec 2013
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    In order to get this, you need to reach level 5 in Ghost Mode, Ghose Sense and Undead Rush. You do NOT need to level up Lucky Horseshoe. That being said, it still doesn't look pretty.

    (Some have said they needed Horseshoe for another achievement. I had level 4 in Horseshoe when it popped, but I didnt need 5 in that whereas I needed 5 in the rest. So I'm assuming Horseshoe is irrelevant.)

    You'll notice that the level 4 prices are wonky compared with the level 5 prices. Those are in the game. I don't know if that's a developer error or what, but level 5 is much cheaper than 4.

    I don't have the costs for each level (since I already went through), so if anyone can help with the missing ones, I'd appreciate it. :-)

    Ghost Mode:
    Level 1: 1000 gold/1 diamond
    Level 2: 8000 gold/8 diamonds
    Level 3: 40,000 gold/40 diamonds
    Level 4: 250,000 gold (!!!)/250 diamonds
    Level 5: 25,000/1000 diamonds

    Ghost Sense:
    Level 1: 2000 gold/2 diamond
    Level 2: 10,000 gold/10 diamonds
    Level 3: 70,000 gold/70 diamonds
    Level 4: 30,000 gold/300 diamonds - This has fluctuated
    Level 5: 35,000 gold/1200 diamonds

    Undead Rush
    Level 1: 3000 gold/3 diamond
    Level 2: 15,000 gold/15 diamonds
    Level 3: 100,000 gold/100 diamonds
    Level 4: 400,000 gold (!!!)/400 diamonds
    Level 5: 50,000 gold/1500 diamonds

    Since the level 4 prices are so far out of whack, it's pretty much a given that you're going to have to spend some cash to get past that. $20 will get you 2500 diamonds, which might also help buy extra lives for Endless Runs. Also, if you're going to spend cash, $5 will get you the double gold perk, which will help a lot with the Gold Fever achievement and help you finish this faster.

    Best of luck!

    Edit: Thanks to Bryan2041, UnrealKarnage76 and Mjolnir 69 for updating the prices!

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    Leadfoot2010I can also confirm that Level 4 of Ghost Sense is 30,000 gold for me since the most recent update. Level 5 is still 35,000 gold. Get it while you can!
    Posted by Leadfoot2010 on 05 Dec 13 at 02:18
    NevrSurrenderI am grinding the 400,000 for level 4 right now. It's painful, but getting a relatively quick 750 coins at a time and dying. Between this and the bonus levels for 4 elements, nah, this is far worse...
    Posted by NevrSurrender on 28 Jul 14 at 01:08
    SashamorningTOTALLY agree. I gave up and bought my way through this thing, I'm ashamed to say.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 28 Jul 14 at 01:32
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  • NevrSurrenderNevrSurrender184,881
    03 Aug 2014 03 Aug 2014
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    First off, the option of buying this achievement is no longer available, since this game was pulled from the store. In order to do this, you will have to grind this one out. To be honest, this game was never worth buying all the achievements for (can anyone say freemium)?

    I used Alpine Pass, and it took me a few days of grinding while doing other things. I developed a pattern, and although the obstacles are somewhat random, was able to respectably grind 800-1200 coins per session. Alpine is also good, as the double coins worked with the red and purple coins nicely. The red and purple coins start coming after about 320 coins (if you were perfect until the first gate you had to shoot to run through). Also, avoid that first "slow down" powerup at all costs (at 100 coins). It will aid you in shooting 3 meaningless targets.

    It cannot be stressed enough that a good keyboard can make such a difference in this game. My ultrabook's keyboard arrow keys are well separated, and makes it easy to move around, as opposed to my Surface, where everything is so close together.
  • Obb ShankObb Shank415,434
    15 Mar 2013 15 Mar 2013
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    As of the 3/14 update this is no longer glitched. It did take about 5 min to pop after I made my final purchase.

    It will take about 7500 Diamonds to purchase all of the upgrades.
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    OneChicago51My game is broken and i can not buy anything because "Couldn't contact the store , please try again later" has been there all week and the reward timer is frozen and i am not getting any daily rewards. Hopefully it fixes itself i need 2 more achievements.
    Posted by OneChicago51 on 23 Oct 14 at 18:27
    OneChicago51They closed the in game store this game can not be completed now. Really not happy i didn't read anywhere they were closing that down so we couldn't even buy power ups or anything else.
    Posted by OneChicago51 on 25 Oct 14 at 15:08
    RandomnuttaWell this is frustrating..
    Posted by Randomnutta on 13 Jul 15 at 02:01
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