Master Badge Collector achievement in The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running (Windows)

Master Badge Collector

Unlock all Badges in the three worlds of Story.

Master Badge Collector0
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How to unlock the Master Badge Collector achievement

  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,220,152
    13 Jan 2013 13 Jan 2013
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    Each level has the same five badges associated with it. These are:
    - Successfully complete the level
    - Collect more than a third of the coins
    - Collect all treasure chests
    - Shoot all targets
    - Collect all powerups

    Badges do not have to be earned all in one run. Furthermore, the locations of the coins, chests, targets and powerups are all static if you make the same turns each time. I recommend making all left or all right turns at a fork and only switch it up if something isn't working for you.

    The last badge is unobtainable until you purchase a powerup in the store. I recommend Ghost Mode, the first powerup on the list underneath Extra Life. This will also earn you...

    The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running (Windows)My First PurchaseThe My First Purchase achievement in The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running (Windows) worth 16 pointsComplete your first purchase

    It's much easier to do it with just the one powerup rather than all three, as you only have to collect the one or two instances of Ghost Mode rather than up to six with the other two included.

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    GeoffistophelesNo, you don't have to aim. The best advice I can give is to wait that fraction of a second when the icon pops up, as I found shooting just as it's going up can cause a miss.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 31 Oct 13 at 19:16
    BillJones0302Thank you! I do not know why I keep missing, but I will keep trying. I am missing targets or a treasure chest on almost all of the levels. I guess I just suck a this game.
    Posted by BillJones0302 on 01 Nov 13 at 16:09
    SwamiMacGyverAnyone have any hints on 3-4? The third chest seems impossible. I jump at the last second and either hit the obstacle or miss the chest. I think I have the same issue with 3-2
    Posted by SwamiMacGyver on 14 Apr 14 at 23:48
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  • PrayNsprayEMPrayNsprayEM154,051
    16 Jan 2014 16 Jan 2014
    3 0 3
    Just to add onto DrCanadianNinja's solution which he has full credit for; there are a couple levels (which seem to vary in amount of levels depending on the person) that you are not able to shoot a single chest during the boulder rolling segments no matter what people try. I have figured out that if you are as unfortunate as I was to come across this that you have to time your shoot BEFORE the target is displayed on the chest. The two levels I came across that did this to me was world 2 levels 1 and 2. On level one I took my shot the instant that the bullet appeared at the top of my screen. This also happened to be when the chest was behind the tree coming down the river. On level 2 I timed my shot to be as soon as I saw the chest appear at the top of the river on its way down. (it fades in, so I shot once it came up and before it became a very clear picture).

    This will take timing but you'll get it. stick with it. Also if you manage to hit it one time but die, do not worry because I tried this method a couple times on each level and it wasn't just a coincidence because I then hit the chest every single play through.
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    ZX KNIGHTGah, tried deleting one comment and got the wrong one.

    Anyway, excellent - used this guide to get the two pesky chests and now just need to get the boss power-ups. Thanks!
    Posted by ZX KNIGHT on 20 Jun 14 at 15:35
    PrayNsprayEMNo problem at all. I remember being so frustrated i couldnt hit it and finally figured it out had to share the wealth
    Posted by PrayNsprayEM on 20 Jun 14 at 22:18
    McD76Good show on the chests. Thumbs up.
    Posted by McD76 on 18 Aug 14 at 17:10
  • MoneyShot360MoneyShot360859,959
    23 Nov 2014
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    This is no longer obtainable unless you purchased power ups before the server was taken offline. The reason is the 5th challenge requires you to collect power ups, and if you can't buy them, you can't collect them.
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