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Tournament Qualifier achievement in Project Gotham Racing 3

Tournament Qualifier

Qualify for a tournament and play in the first elimination round

Tournament Qualifier+0.7
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How to unlock the Tournament Qualifier achievement

  • OnzaOnza150,725
    04 Feb 2009 05 Apr 2009 31 Jul 2012
    33 1 16
    [UPDATE] Several people have commented that the multiplayer races are still up but Gotham TV and tournaments are shut down, which means this achievement is no longer obtainable.

    Just keep after this... Sooner or later luck will prevail and you will get in. I tried for a long time... In fact I actually had to buy a car (60 points I think) to race in the tournament that I actually qualified for. Maybe that kept the numbers down.

    Anyway, once you qualify, be sure to turn up for the FIRST race, typically a week later... Be sure to check when... The time shown will be your time (adjusted for your timezone). Keep in mind Bizarre shows the date as DD/MM. Don't let that throw you off.

    When you show up, at the specified time, the game will typically (it did for me) give you a new start time. This will be in about another 20 ~ 30 minutes and will be when the lobby actually opens.

    Leading up to my first tournament, I had read that if you sit in the lobby too long, you might get kicked (just like when waiting for any other on-line race to start). For this reason, you might not want to get in too soon... I did read of people who missed the achievement because they got kicked a couple seconds before the race started... OUCH!

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    N1NJ4What a shame, I done platinum champion a while back but never bothered going for Gotham TV or tournament achievements. Makes me think I should finish any old games with online achievements before they're outdated.
    Posted by N1NJ4 on 24 Dec 15 at 00:09
    N1NJ4What a shame, I done platinum champion a while back but never bothered going for Gotham TV or tournament achievements. Makes me think I should finish any old games with online achievements before they're outdated.
    Posted by N1NJ4 on 24 Dec 15 at 10:18
    Origin of Paynecry Gosh the happiness I would have if these ever were brought back.
    Posted by Origin of Payne on 06 Mar 19 at 16:53
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  • VinchuccaVinchucca182,058
    10 May 2009 11 May 2009 11 May 2009
    28 1 5
    First you need to qualify. Do this by entering qualification rounds for a tournament. Once your time is good enough you can submit your time and it will tell you your position (seeding) in the qualifications. Make sure to check your position regularly as you might need to re-qualify before the tournament starts.

    Once you're qualified you can check in the 'brackets' section when your first round is scheduled (notice that this is your local time). At the specified time and date just enter the lobby and you'll get the achievement. You don't need to race or anything, just entering the lobby at the right time and date should unlock it for you!
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    ezekiel 08Good tip about the in-game time being your local time. This save converting it to Aussie time. The first round of elimination starts at 3:30am for me! I work nights so this isn't much of a problem though.

    Can't believe I'll finally unlock this achievement! Go this game ages ago, way before I had Xbox Live too :).
    Posted by ezekiel 08 on 28 Aug 09 at 15:12
    m0nk3yboyGlad you only need to 'show up'. Local time for my elemination is 2.15AM!?!?! Not sure If I'll be up for a 'win', but it's worth a try. That's what you get for waiting 3 years between achievement drives (damn completion percentage).
    Posted by m0nk3yboy on 16 Aug 10 at 01:58
    VinchuccaOk, thanks for the heads-up. Haven't been following this game for a while now but I'll look into it and update if necessary. Grtz!
    Posted by Vinchucca on 15 Sep 10 at 10:30
  • Chris8875Chris8875615,666
    05 Jan 2010 07 Jan 2010 08 Nov 2010
    19 2 1
    There are still a number of tournaments being staged in this game (as of Jan 2010), around 1 a week.

    However there have been mutterings that the servers may be getting shut down ... that may or may not be true, but if you are lacking this achievement it might be a good idea to try and get it.

    The achievement is divided into two halves, with the first half (qualifying) much tougher than the second (turning up to the lobby for the first round race).

    Generally speaking, after a number of attempts, I have found it easier to qualify in an event which features manual transmission cars. This might be the case because some are daunted by manual transmission and do not enter these races, but I qualified mid 30s for a manual transmission race recently.

    In qualifying for the event, the first thing you should do is take a semi-leisurely spin around the track, noting its features, sharp bends, braking areas, straights and areas where you might be able to gain time through a good turn or by sticking to driving line.

    After doing this and familiarising yourself, knuckle down and try to set a time.

    Like any qualification period, your best time is highly unlikely to come on your first couple of laps. It may be 6,8 or 10 laps in. I've found mine usually come about 6-8 laps in - at a stage where I know the track, have worked out the driving line and braking points and have the confidence to floor it when needed without hitting a wall.

    If driving a manual car, it is important too to note and memorise the gears in which to take certain corners, and when you need to gear up from 3rd to 4th (or 5th) and back down again.

    This sounds tough but it is actually deceptively easy. Once you have these points sorted out, gearing up and down is easy and maximises the acceleration at vital points during the lap.

    Lastly, once you have qualified, continue to check back to ensure you remain under the qualification time right up until the end of qualifying. You may qualify early but be nudged out of the top 64 by faster drivers, meaning you will need to improve your time through requalification.

    Once you have qualified, simply show up in the lobby for the first elimination round - the achievement will pop. Then race and see how far you can get!!

    EDIT - I've been informed in the comment below that Gotham Tv (and thus, the tourneys) may have been discontinued. Before you go to all the trouble of trying to qulify, investigate whether this is actualyl the case.
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    DougSnow625Hey your solution should be updated as Gotham TV has been non-existent for the past month and no word from developers and has been flagged as discontinued. Don't have to remove your solution just add a note that it is now discontinued. Would be helpful!

    Posted by DougSnow625 on 08 Nov 10 at 07:39
  • Gridl0kGridl0k96,376
    03 Aug 2009 05 Aug 2009 06 Jun 2011
    17 1 2
    Achievement popped for me as soon as I entered the race lobby for Round 1, no need to get onto the start grid or anything just qualify and then turn up at the given time.

    To qualify pick a tournament with a DLC car requirement, set your time just before the qualifying closes (so you don't get outqualified later on) and just keep plugging away - practice makes perfect and slow in, fast out :D

    -- Edited Jun 5th 2011 - apparently this game's servers are dead and this achievement is no longer attainable. Why do I pay £45 a year?
  • RaasclarkRaasclarkThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    11 Oct 2010
    21 12 8
    This achievement is not possible to obtain anymore because they have shut the server down for the Gotham TV channel and the online tournaments.
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