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Corleone Challenges
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CC Demolition achievement in The Godfather

CC Demolition

Corleone Challenges: Kill 10 mobsters using explosives before time runs out

CC Demolition0
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How to unlock the CC Demolition achievement

  • Frankie DrumsNYFrankie DrumsNY427,453
    07 Aug 2010 07 Aug 2010
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    For this, choose Corleone Challenges>Professional>Weapons>Demolition

    The original solution didn't work for me because I couldn't lure two gangsters together to kneecap them, making killing 2 with 1 stick of dynamite impossible. Turns out that, while you you start out with 6 sticks of dynamite, you can buy more from the black market merchant (they appear as black diamonds on the minimap) in Little Italy. The merchant is in the alley behind the barber shop--from the Dr.'s office on Bowery St., make a left onto Grand St., another left onto Mott St., and then immediately make a right down the first alley you see. Follow that to the left and then right and you'll see the merchant. Dynamite is $1,000 for the first stick and $500 for each additional stick.

    With all this dynamite, it was easy to kneecap the gangsters one-at-a-time and throw dynamite at each individually. Once you reach 10 kills, you have to wait out the clock.
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  • SkelixSkelix1,364,320
    19 Dec 2008 19 Dec 2008
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    I used Dynamite, although it looks like exploding barrels and cars blowing up gives an explosion credit as well.

    OK what I did was found a place close to my doctor spawn spot that had 2 gangsters in close proximity.

    I'd run up on them pull out a pistol and knee-cap both of them. Set off dynamite at their feet quickly before they get up.

    Get out of range of explosion to make sure your 2 kills count, let the cops (and or more gangsters take you out).

    Respawn at same doctor, rinse and repeat. I believe max Dynamite count is 6 so even if you screw up once you will be fine.

    I'm sure there is an easier way but this worked like a charm.
  • nemesis 99614nemesis 99614167,153
    01 Mar 2012 01 Mar 2012
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    Allright, another twenty minute timer, so you have plenty of time to play around. Dynamite dealer is located in the middle of little italy busy section of buildings, (where you start) Three blocks or so south of the church on Bleeker st.

    So, now that you have dynamite, what do you do you ask? Well, walk up, grab a mobster (LT + RT) use the right stick to go to town, and when they drop to their knees, tap up twice to equip your dynamite, place it at your feet, and just stroll away.

    Twenty minutes later, !
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