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Corleone Challenges
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CC Monopoly achievement in The Godfather

CC Monopoly

Corleone Challenges: Take over all of one family’s businesses in less than 65 minutes

CC Monopoly+0.2
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How to unlock the CC Monopoly achievement

  • Evil R0und3r665Evil R0und3r665123,621
    20 Jun 2011 23 Jun 2011 23 Jun 2011
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    I would not recommend attempting this achievement unless your level is 50 or in the high 40s (47, 48, or 49). Also, I would not recommend attempting it unless you have the street sweeper (shotgun level 3). This is because at such a high level and with this weapon, you will basically be able to take over rackets, warehouses, and the compound without worrying too much about dying.

    As for the actual completion of the achievement, I would recommend taking over all of the properties of the Tattaglia family (the brown/gold T). There properties are, for the most part, relatively close to one another in each area of the map. Also, this family has zero properties in New Jersey which saves a bunch of time from having to drive over there.

    It is pretty much impossible to complete this achievement unless you run around taking over businesses and rackets without taking out your weapon. There are just too many locations and you will get involved in many mob wars.

    If you follow this guide, you should be able to complete this achievement in less than an hour. There are two major steps for my solution:

    1) Take out locations without holding your weapon out. I will go through the path I took. This will leave you with only a few locations left that you have to take over by force.

    2) The nice part about choosing the Tattaglia family is that most of these left over locations will be in Brooklyn and you can take them out relatively quickly. The second step is now taking over the locations for which you need to use your gun.

    Here is a location by location guide to getting this achievement. I will state when you should start taking over locations with your weapon (and possibly a hired partner). I will also include the best time to go pick up a partner. When I did the achievement, I used the hired partner for $5000 to take over all of the locations for which I needed to use my weapon.

    As a side note, you can always check how many and which businesses the Tattaglia family still owns by going to the map and pressing LT twice.

    a) Turn left from the start to go to Mot Street.
    b) Continue to H_ster street just below the location on Mot Street. (Can’t read the name of the street on the map)
    c) Bowery street below previous location.
    d) Turn around, head left on Canal Street, then Right on Broadway. Take over the first location.
    e) Take over the next location on Broadway just a little past the previous one.
    f) Follow Broadway and make a right on Fifth. Take over the location here. For this location, you will have to fight the boxer in upstairs in the back. After beating the boxer, the mobsters in the location will try and fight you. DO NOT shoot them. Run past them and talk to the owner of the store. This will take over the location and avoid getting into a gunfight.
    g) Continue on Fifth and make a right on 34th street. Take over the location at the intersection of 34th and Lexington. To save some time, to get the owner of the business, enter the front door, make a quick left, then enter the door on the left before the elevator. The owner is in that room.
    h) Now head the other way on 34th, take a right on Fourth, and make a left on 40th street. Take over the business here. For this one, you will have to take out the hooligans and fireworks in the back lot for the business. Shoot the first box of the fireworks, then blow up the car. This should kill all of them and all of the fireworks. If not, look around for the last fireworks box and shoot it. Then talk to the owner and you now have that business.
    i) Follow 40th street, make a left on Fifth, right on 34th street, make a left on 9th, a right on 33rd, and take over the business at the end of the street.
    j) Head up dyer and take over the location just to the right on 34th street. Now continue down 34th street, make a left on 8th, a left on 41st, and take over the business at the end of the street.
    k) Make a right on 10th, a right on 44th, and take over the business at the end of the road.
    l) Make a left and take over the location at the corner of 48th street and this road you are on now. (This business is also a safehouse)
    m) Follow 48th street to the end, make a left onto 11th. Follow 11th down and there should be two businesses relatively close to each other. Take over both of those businesses.
    n) Now, make you way into the train yard through the entrance on 12th and take over the business here.
    o) You have now taken over all locations in Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen. Head back to Little Italy. Get back on Bowery, make a left on Christie, make a left on Grand, and take over the two locations in this area.
    p) Now take the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. Make a right at the end of Toll plaza, and take over the location on Main. This location will also have a police chief symbol. I recommend bribing the police here.
    q) Continue down Main and take the next left. Take over the first location on this street and only the first. (I think this street is Cron street… It’s hard to read on the map)
    r) Turn around, make a left on Main, a right on Plymouth, and take over both locations here. After taking these over, you will now need to start using your weapon, primarily the street sweeper, to take over businesses.
    s) I recommend hiring a partner in Brooklyn on the road Fleet Alley. After hiring a partner, take over the Tattaglia Compound in the far corner of the map, at the intersection of Fleet and Greene. To take over the two places in the compound, you must bomb both buildings.
    t) You will most likely be involved in a mob war now. This will most likely not affect you taking over the next place if you can make your way over there without dying. If you do die, it is really not a problem. Head down Hudson, make a right on Gold, and take over the warehouse here.
    u) I would now let the mob kill you just to end the mob war. If your partner died, go get another one. I would now take out the four remaining locations in Brooklyn. They are all relatively close to each other. The owner of one of the businesses will ask you to destroy a car. It is located in the lot just behind the business. Destroy the car and talk to the owner again. Even if a mob war ensues, you should be able to take over all four of these locations before dying. After taking these four businesses over, you will have finished Brooklyn.
    v) Head back to Little Italy over the Manhattan Bridge. Make a right on Bowery, a left on Prince, and take over the business towards the end of the road on the right.
    w) Now turn around, head back down Prince, make a left on Bowery, a right on East Houston, a right on Pitt, and take over the warehouse here.
    x) You now are on the final location. Head back down East Houston, make a left on Bowery, a right on Canal, and head towards Little Italy Heights. If you no longer have a partner, head left towards our compound and pick up a partner. Now, with a partner, head to the final warehouse which is in Little Italy Heights across form our compound. Take over this warehouse.

    Congratulations!! You should now have the achievement.

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask. Good luck!
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  • CSARdiverCSARdiver470,519
    14 Oct 2008 16 Oct 2008
    21 2 5
    Cuneo and Tattaglia are the two most popular families for this run. Key time saver is to not have your weapon out - run in and buyout the business/racket and move onto the next. Shoot your way into warehouses and let the family kill you once you start a mob war. Make good use of the map and waypoints and have a plan in advance on where to go.
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    BadBoyBungleAs a footnote, make sure you don't kill any merchants or racket bosses, as the business won't re-open before the timer runs out...
    Posted by BadBoyBungle on 17 Mar 10 at 15:50
    BDCJW69Thanks for the Guide helped me greatly!!!!! Josh the goat you saved me a headache
    Posted by BDCJW69 on 17 Aug 10 at 00:46
    PugslyPuppyI'm doing everything by the book but its taking me twice as long as it should to get to each checkpoint. Is it penalizing me for checking my map and placing checkpoints? I'm leveled up all the way and have a fairly good grasp of the map although I don't have each individual business memorized. Any help on this would be appreciated. I've been revisiting this achievement for the past few years and I get frustrated and move on... And eventually return to it again.
    Posted by PugslyPuppy on 20 Apr 11 at 20:34
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX979,627
    17 Jul 2011 17 Jul 2011 17 Jul 2011
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    First thing you need to be aware of is that this IS the hardest CC Challenge. You will need to have a plan, even with a high level character, which you'll also need. Others also say to let yourself be killed if you start a mob war. This is a little misleading. You want to AVOID a mob war as long as possible. We'll get to that.

    The Tattaglias are popular victims for good reason. We'll be going with Tattaglias. To unlock the achievement, you'll need to turn every beige "T" on the map into a white Corleone symbol (a lion). If you want to see what they've got left, go to your map and press LT until you get to Tattaglias.

    The only gun we'll be using is the Street Sweeper (shotgun). Make sure you always have it available, but you won't be needing it until later.

    Once you start, do not pull out your gun. I'll say it again: do NOT pull out your gun. I don't care if half of Brooklyn is shooting at you. Run away. The only exception could be where you have to complete a couple favors. Aside from that, don't do it.

    Now, we're going to take over all the merchants and rackets. You can start where you like, but leave Brooklyn for last. You won't need to make a trip to New Jersey for anything. The farthest you'll need to go is Hell's Kitchen in the trainyard.

    Once you take a merchant (just run in and spam Y at him/her), give it about 5 seconds and the symbol will either change or it won't (check your map or walk outside). If you've got a lion, you're done. If it's still a "T", go back inside and go through doors, up/down stairs, etc. until you find the racket. Take that over the same way as the merchant.

    Use your waypoints. Have a plan.

    Do this to every single "T" EXCEPT:

    2 Warehouses in Little Italy
    1 Warehouse in Brooklyn
    1 Compound in Brooklyn

    We're saving these for last. And now that we're ready for these, you should have (almost) not pulled your gun out yet? Right?

    Drive to Brooklyn. There is an area on your map there that looks like a mobster's head. Go there.

    At this point we should still have about :30 left. And here comes the action.

    Hire the goon that costs $2,500. He'll make a good distraction and he can shoot out of the car. Nice. I mentioned not wanting to start a mob war. This is because if you start a mob war and then die, you'll get one of your places bombed, and a VERY popular target for the Tattaglias is the exact place we need, which is where we pick up our hired goon.

    Take over the rest of Brooklyn with him by your side. Try not to let him get killed, if you can. If he dies, and a mob war hasn't started yet, and you're not in the middle of anything crucial, you may want to die on purpose to avoid having the place bombed. That way you can just pick him back up. KEY TIP: Be careful not to shoot ANY racketeers. Somehow I managed to do this twice, ruining both runs (they won't come back). The warehouse racketeers are problems because they're in the middle of gunfights. For the compound, I used a car as much as possible, having homeboy shoot out the side. That avoided taking too much damage before I could get in, rush the buildings firing my street sweeper (hold LT, press RT, release, repeat), and bomb the suckers and get out quick.

    Once you do the compound, the mob war has started, and ended, with you as a winner (hopefully). Just keep your goon alive as long as possible. Pick up another if you have to. If you can't, oh well. We're going to take down the warehouses in Little Italy, goon by our side, last.

    Take them down, being careful NOT to shoot the racketeer. There's a good chance you'll be doing at least one of these without a goon. Use that Street Sweeper generously, unless a racketeer is close by. Then, be a little more careful.

    Hopefully, this is enough to help you get this sunova bitch achievement.
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    RisottoRageI look forward to the chase....
    Posted by RisottoRage on 24 Jul 14 at 20:17
    RisottoRageI look forward to the chase....
    Posted by RisottoRage on 24 Jul 14 at 20:17
    Onyx GrimoireI did the warehouses first, too. Rushed in, murdered all of them, paid the guy and them ran off to the next destination. Better than fucking up when there's only a handful of businesses left.
    Posted by Onyx Grimoire on 12 Jan 17 at 23:53
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