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Devils never cry

Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty

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  • ll Lone Wolf lIll Lone Wolf lI301,268
    21 Jan 2013 21 Jan 2013 27 Jan 2013
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    After you complete Son of Sparda you unlock heaven or hell and also Dante must die. I suggest that you go through heaven or hell first as it only takes about 1-2 hours. While going through Heaven or Hell you should naturally get a ton of red orbs. Max out your Large heath stars, Large devil stars, gold orbs, and your devil trigger and health gauge if you haven't already done so. Don't worry about buying any small stars as I found them to be a waste, you are better off just saving the orbs for when you need more large stars.

    Now you can start DMD with knowing that you have plenty of supplies. When I went through DMD I only used two of my Large stars, but I always used 1-2 large demon stars on the later levels to quickly dispatch of some of the tricky enemies like the witches, blind teleporting samurai dudes, and angel/demon rages (they can be hurt with any weapon while you are in devil trigger). If at any time you start running low on supplies you can grind about 3000-4000 red orbs a minute by playing level 14 on Heaven or Hell and then return to DMD mode. Note: this grind will only work once you have all of Dante's skills as you won't get any red orbs for completing levels without all of Dante's skills. Level 14 is a boss stage and is very quick to complete on HoH mode. You can skip past the cutscenes by presing back and once the mission begins just use devil pull on the red thing on Mundus' spawn and then shoot the blue orb. Then pull out Mundus' mistress and kill her. My fasted time was about 11 seconds and the most red orbs I got was about 2000 a run.

    Overall I found DMD to be really easy while using my devil stars and even managed to complete it about an hour faster than I did San of Sparda mode. You too should be able to get this and if you have trouble just remember you can always use the camera angle trick by running to a corner of a room filled with enemies and just spam the attack with Dante's rebellion where you hold Y down until the sword flashes 2 times then release and and tap Y a couple of times to send 3 sword strikes torwords the enemies (This works good on any Stygians, chainsaw dudes, and the big mech demons).
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17753,140
    15 Jan 2013 17 Jan 2013
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