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And welcome to Hell!

Complete all missions on the Hell and Hell difficulty

And welcome to Hell!0
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    First of all I would highly recommend completing Dante Must Die! Mode first in order to unlock Super Dante, which can be selected in the Costumes/Perks menu. This gives you infinite devil trigger.

    When in Devil Trigger, the enemies will float around, so you can simply angel lift up to them and deal some damage. Occasionally enemies will make it back to the ground and start attacking you again, if this happens simply disengage and re-engage Devil Trigger. This will make the whole game a breeze until you get to Vergil.

    Vergil is the only tough part of the difficulty, and I would recommend having a quick practise run on DMD! or SoS to acquaint yourself with the moves he uses on you.

    The most efficient method I found of taking out Vergil was to have Osiris equipped as your Angel weapon and Eryx as your demon weapon. As soon as the fight starts engage Devil Trigger (note: you will have re-engage at the start of each stage of the battle). The main tactic of this fight will be to demon evade as much as possible then hit Vergil with a RT + Y x2 combo, demon pull him towards you and then uppercut him (RT + B), if he is stunned you can sometimes get a charged uppercut on him, but with the bonus damage from Devil Trigger, this isn't particularly necessary.

    As you die in one hit, learning to evade/parry/cancel his attacks is very important. If you see him with summon swords around him, get up close and use prop (LT + B) to destroy them. If he teleports away from you and then charges at you get ready to demon evade him, as once he has charged he is open for you to demon pull him and attack.
    If he teleports into the air, he will do one of three things, either bomb straight back down in which you can roll out of the way and try to get a hit in before he recovers; throw a summoned saw blade at you in which you can easily dodge, whilst he is in the air after this attack you can demon pull him and start a combo on him; finally he may do a downwards kick towards you, this is a perfect move to demon evade and start a combo.
    Another move he likes to do is where he teleports away from you and then throw 5-6 successive saw blades at you, very quickly. This is probably his hardest move to dodge, I found the best way is to evade the first normally, jump in the air and then angel boost away (not angel evade, I found that doing I that I frequently landed in the path of his final blade).
    When he gets onto his fourth stage he will start calling down a sort of 'sword-storm'. You will see him charge up, swing his sword across and then the storm will come down on your position. I didn't bother attacking during this stage and just evaded until he returned to his standard attacks.

    Once you have got past that he will summon his shadow to fight alongside him, this is the hardest part of the fight and I would recommend trying to have at least 2 gold orbs remaining when you get to here. He will do his normal moves except this time his shadow will copy him, so you have twice as much to dodge. He is still left open for attack after the same moves as during his normal stages.
    After his shadow form leaves you will have one quick section of fighting him normally before he goes down. As you are already in Devil Trigger once he drops to his knee, land an attack on him and the fight will be over!

    Feel free to leave a comment with any way I can improve this solution, or other tactics.
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