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Complete all missions on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank

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Achievement Guide for Jackpot!

  • Gamer186Gamer186145,929
    27 Jan 2013 17 Feb 2013
    14 0 4
    SSS ranks are based on
    -) how good you score in combat (style points)
    -) how fast you complete the level
    -) how many collectibles you have found

    Before you even attempt to get SSS ranks on nephilim i recommend you make a separate playthrough and gather all collectibles. Also while searching for them you might want to keep out an eye on how the level is built and where you have to fight which groups of enemies since this will come in handy for you.

    Great combos are
    Rebellion: Overdrive (charged Y attack) and Trillion Stabs (forward forward YYY....)
    Arbiter: Trinity Smash (Y,Y,Pause,Y)
    Aquila: (Y,Y,Pause,Y) and (charged Y attack) afterwards
    Eryx: Jump and Hold RT+B (useful if you have a bunch of enemies underneath you or after you used the Aquila combo mentioned above)
    Angelic and Demonic evade moves are always useful (do never risk too much it is always better to evade before you get hit or your style meter will quickly go down)

    Also you do not want to stick with one weapon. Check out the combos you have purchased and learn them by doing. It is always good to know a bunch of them and mix them randomly (the above mentioned ones can be used as setup moves when you start a fight). The more you vary the more style points you will obtain.

    For fast movement jump and use LT+A (ways faster than normal movements which will make up for better time ranks)

    It might also be important to note that the faster you move from fight to fight the higher is the chance that you might still start the fight with the previously scored rank (does not always work however)

    Also do not hesitate to use items if you need them: an items gives you only -10.000 points but a death gives you -10% of score. Multiple items will also not be a big deal to the overall score (each mission you will get millions of points and -10.000 for every used item is compared to those numbers a joke)

    Furthermore it is not always required to have SSS on all 3 requirements (sometimes 2/3 is enough) but this is rather based on how many style points you got during the mission so do not rely to much on that. To say it easier: style points are the most important since they are multiplied by x8 for every SSS you get on the three requirements mentioned above. The higher they are the higher is your chance of getting an overall SSS rank.

    I've uploaded a complete playthrough of all 20 mission with SSS ranks on Nephilim on youtube with some additional tips for boss fights. (link for the playlist can be found below)

    All in all it comes down to practice but if you don't give up you will definitely manage to unlock this achievement. Wish you luck :)
  • shredsectorshredsector166,633
    02 May 2013 02 May 2013
    6 0 0
    First of all, credit to Gamer186 for the above solution and a very helpful playlist of videos for every mission. I noticed my scores at certain checkpoints didn't quite match up, despite having great variety, high score earning combos, and not getting hit. Then I realized from a comment on the mission 1 video that these were all done pre-patch.

    The patch makes it harder to gain and maintain higher ranks during combat, which will obviously affect your style and total score. So I deleted the patch and played offline to finish the two missions I was stuck on SS rank for (11 and 17), and voila! Jackpot :)

    This should be something important to note for anyone having trouble with this achievement post-patch. Just follow the tips the others have posted and good luck.
  • FearInoculum987FearInoculum987203,579
    28 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015
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    Hello all! I'm currently working on this achievement and I was about to give up on mission 17 when i found the following link and realized I was only coming up a few thousand style points short. Great guide by Gamer186 on here already; just wanted to share this link, as it was very useful to me!
  • WirelessYoshiWirelessYoshi392,944
    20 Jan 2013 18 Jan 2013 26 Jan 2013
    7 7 16
    First of all this is NOT a solution, they are however tips to help you to aquire those SSS ranks.
    First off, you need to have all collectables for the SSS in completion.

    Then there are the needed skills:
    Demon dogde - ideally level 2 for increased damge buff. This will make short work of smaller enemjes and get you up to a SSS in combat awfully quickly. Use this in conjuction with the Arbiter RT YY pause Y to smash to floor, this i found was the best method in combat. Doing this has given me some pretty good scores and ive placed in the top 20 scorewise on nearly every mission ive done.
    If that doesnt work for you, try using Buy-in (YY Pause Y) with the aquila to bring the enemies close then use Tornado (Hold Y).

    Do not restart from checkpoint as this counts as a death giving you a -50% score decrease i believe, instead exit to menu and then continue, it takes you back to the last checkpoint without the score decrease.

    PERSEVERE!! Do not give up ive had to do some missions 5-6 times before nailing the SSS rank.

    Be comfortable with the mission, as you need a good time to get the SSS rank too (You could play SOS before doing jt on nephilim so that you know the layout of the mission before you go for the speed needed for SSS. You can also spam angel boost which is far quicker than running.) Credit to xMANNY FRE5Hx for these tips!

    Overall its not too hard, just a little time comsuming i myself had never played a DMC game before this and ive done this.
    These are just ways in which ive found help me the most.

    TLDR; demon doge = power buff = killer score
    Need collectables
    Be quick
    Dont give up
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