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Who Wants to Live Forever

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How to unlock the Who Wants to Live Forever achievement

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    Well, the achievement description is pretty clear. You have to play an entire game (with three characters) without dying once. This can be pretty hard. My suggestions:

    * Take three easy characters with good abilities and a quick and easy puzzle. I recommend: the knight (easy and fairly quick puzzle; special ability lets him be immune to falling damage), the monk (easy puzzle without much opportunity of dying), the scientist (easy puzzle, not much to die for here either), the Hillbilly (can dive under water as long as needed but a long puzzle).
    I don't recommend: the time traveller (puzzle too complicated), the twins (puzzle too long), the adventurer (too much possibilites where you can die)

    * Most important: Don't fall to your death! If you try rushing too quickly through your adventure, you will fall and die. That's why I recommend going with the knight always head on - you can prevail dying by using your special ability cn_Y.

    * Try avoiding the following, avoidable deaths: staying under water for too long, getting squished by an elevator (happens often enough...), getting squished by the boat in the last puzzle on the island (if you dive underneath the boat, you will die), staying too close to an exploding dynamite, getting squished by a mine cart arriving (happens often enough...)

    * If you do die - head to the dashboard immediately! Press the Xbox Guide button cn_guide, then cn_Y and quit the game! If you choose to leave ingame, the game will save and you will have to start over again! If you play on Xbox One, just hit the Guide button and close the game ("menu" button on the tile) or load up a different game, this way the game won't save your progress (thanks to Beatmosh for the tip).

    * You can skip a complete passage while replaying! In the very first puzzle (where you have to lure the monster to the hot dog on the stick to pull it up with that lever), take a second hot dog with you! Carry it on at all times through the following puzzles (first character puzzle, then the mine carts puzzle, then second character puzzle)! Always carry it on until you get to the zoo. Stop now! Take a character who DOESN'T have the hot dog. Walk with him and he gets "eaten" by the monster. Now, remember the puzzle? Still got that hot dog? You can skip all that recorder getting and so on, just take your character with that hot dog, lure the monster onto the bridge and BAM - you just skillfully skipped an entire puzzle and made your journey a little shorter. ;)

    * You can skip two passages (including the above mentioned one) while playing with the monk and the knight which cuts down a lot of time. Thanks to Stavia and SFDATX for this tip: "You can use the monk's telekinesis power to skip the elevator part of the knight's trial by stealing the dragon key through the wall, and to skip all of the hunter (zoo) puzzle by stealing the hot dog out of the machine."

    * Be patient. Sometimes it is better not to rush too much in order to avoiding easy deaths. And good luck!
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    BeautifullySeenThank you for all the great tips here. Got the achievement with Monk, Knight and Scientist. Monk made it a lot easier and the dashboard saved by butt many times! Great guide! wink
    Posted by BeautifullySeen on 20 Mar 14 at 12:36
    EarthboundXThat's a great tip about the holding onto a second hotdog, but don't do it, if you don't have all the Cave Paintings, as I think you might miss a couple.

    I just finished and got this with the Hillbilly, Scientist, and the Monk.

    I died quite a few times(That stupid Ferries Wheel at the Carnival killed me twice, the character just love slipping off it). But I made sure to dashboard, before each respawning.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 25 Oct 14 at 08:05
    Seraph MetatronI know this thread is a bit old. But another suggestion to add is that you can save and quit and the immediately reload to save progress in each puzzle. That way if you die and dashboard, you won't have to do the entire puzzle again as you may have to do for many puzzles. It's almost like creating manual checkpoints for yourself.
    Posted by Seraph Metatron on 14 Jan 17 at 12:35
    BeatmoshIf you're playing on Xbox One where dashboarding won't make a difference because when you reload ur in the same place, remember you can dashboard then load any other game and The Cave will not save, then when you reload The Cave it will be at the previous save point (before death)
    Posted by Beatmosh on 15 Jan 17 at 04:01
    SPEKSNKdoaf78Unlocked this one yesterday, thanks a lot.
    Posted by SPEKSNKdoaf78 on 16 Jan 17 at 14:22
    gaiaquasarThe Monk can also grab the bucket from the well in the Employee's Area without having to run back and forth with the crowbar and then the well crank. Just another time-saving tip!
    Posted by gaiaquasar on 16 Jan 17 at 20:54
    metallicafan459For Xbox One I assume the equivalen t of dashing is pressing home then 'Start' and chosing quit before relaunching the cave - no need for loading another game as Beatmosh says
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 20 Jan 17 at 19:34
    GRAND NOBLEOK. I've beaten the game twice now, with no "real" deaths. I've died a few times, but immediately hit dashboard and quit game, restarted and continued. But nothing!

    So now I've done 7 playthroughs, and my love for this game is waning. FAST. I really don't want to do an 8th playthrough with the same results.... any advise anyone?
    Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 08 Apr 17 at 06:29
    Seeker74Saving a lot in dangerous areas is a great idea. Places like the mine, before you catch each dynamite, and the Adventurer's task, as long as you don't save somewhere that it matters where your other two are standing, are good places for this. On the island, you can push the boat to the right at the beginning to avoid the chance of dying in the water later.
    Posted by Seeker74 on 02 Jun 17 at 05:44
    EthigyGreat solution. Those tips were very useful.
    Posted by Ethigy on 23 Feb 18 at 00:16
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