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Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

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Done That

Complete all Hammerlock's Hunt side missions

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  • MetalThreshkeenMetalThreshkeen156,877
    02 Sep 2013 02 Sep 2013 13 Jan 2014
    105 1 13
    Novaan Verdiano did a nice job covering all the quests you need and the general tips; I'm just going to focus on explaining how I did the most annoying quest I Like My Monsters Rare

    First of all - take this sidequest (I Like My Monsters Rare) as soon as possible. To complete it you'll need to kill a number of rare variants of the monsters and it's random whether the monster will spawn in the rare variant. But killing a rare before taking the quest is a waste; so take the quest ASAP (but then feel free to ignore it until you've done the rest of the missions).

    Second - the best way to try to wrap up the remaining kills is to constantly hit areas where the base monster type spawns in numbers. Then once killing everything (or determining that the rare type isn't there) quit and the continue the game; that'll reset the area while you're still nearby so you can check the spawns again.

    Here's where I did my rare hunting:
    pink borocks - Start at the transport station in Scylla's Grove; drop down the cliff and land by the catch a ride station. Go through the connection to Hunter's Grotto. run down the path, take out the borocks (stay on this side of the river/falls) then run back to Scylla's Grove. (You need to reenter Scylla's Grove or else you restart all the way over at the lodge)

    tailless scaylions - Start at the transport station in Ardorton Station; run down to the curve of the road. (While working here you may also get a slagged spore or two here). [A spore always spawns here so you get lucky and may pick up a few slagged spore kills along the way; but there's a more efficient spot to finish that challenge off]

    two-legged drifters - Start at Hunter's Grove - Lodge; head out on the path towards the catch a ride, a drifter will usually spawn to your left and also just off to the right of the station (about 40-50% chance of seeing a two-legged variant)

    albino skags - Scylla's Grove (same spot as the quest to clean up skag piss). Start as the transport station, grab a ride and go south until you get to the next catch a ride station. Head through the little group of buildings back into the cave.

    slagged spores - Ardorton Station, next to the entrance to Scylla's Grove (far end of the map from the transport station). Stay to the left and drop down the cliff, down by the giant tree, and two spores will spawn (double your chance of a slagged compared to the same map near the transport station).
  • Novaan VerdianoNovaan Verdiano135,634
    15 Jan 2013 15 Jan 2013 15 Jan 2013
    83 7 27
    This will most likely be the last DLC achievement you get.

    General tips:

    * Play on Playthrough 1 with a level 50 character as this makes killing the raid boss (Voracious the Invincible) and the whole playthrough itself much easier. In Playthrough 1, Voracious will only be level 32.
    * Accept + finish quests as early as you can.
    * An exception is the quest "I Like My Monsters Rare", which you want to accept as early as possible (You get it after the first main quest at the black board) but instead of going to finish it, just keep it in your log and play through the DLC. This quest requires you to kill various rare variants of monsters. Since they spawn randomly, you don't really want to search for them, only when you're finished with everything else. A good way to get your last kills is to force the spawn by saving and quitting, then entering the game again. (Thanks to dfutyut2 for reminding me of that)
    * Always check all your active quests in your current area on a regular basis, as you may for example pick up an item for a different quest while doing your active quest, thus saving time.

    Here's a (hopefully) full list of quests (17 in total) :

    Savage Lands (Main Mission)
    Professor Nakayama, I Presume? (Main Mission)
    A-Hunting We Will Go (Main Mission)
    The Fall of Nakayama (Main Mission)

    Egg on Your Face
    An Acquired Taste
    I Like My Monsters Rare
    Palling Around
    Still Just a Borak in a Cage
    Urine, You're Out
    Follow the Glow
    Ol' Pukey
    The Rakk Dahlia Murder
    Now You See It
    Big Feet
    Voracidous the Invincible

    The quests are not sorted since I can't remember correctly where you pick up each quest. You rarely have to run back to get another quest though.

    Also, it is not needed to kill Dexidious the Invincible as he isn't part of any quest.

    If I forgot something/got something wrong, please correct me.
  • Dark StarscremDark Starscrem409,911
    16 Jan 2013 16 Jan 2013 16 Jan 2013
    95 37 14
    Its only guide for animals:

    Fastes method for me was, in Hunter's Grotto you only kills Two Legged Drifter next go to Scylla's Grove in the place were Claptrap tell you to clean the skag piss here you have Albino Skag, next go to entranc to Ardrton Station and you have ther Tailless Scaylion, enter next location. After going down on the left you have Slagged Spores on the right Pink Borok. For spawning animals use Save and Quit trick. Sory for my bad English im from Poland :D . If i helped thats great, if not well.
  • HighT3chR3dn3ckHighT3chR3dn3ck945,548
    23 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016
    7 0 0
    This is probably one of the worst collectible guides I've ever seen, but at least it's a collectible guide for Egg On Your Face. I take no credit for it:

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