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Online XP Level 50

Reach Online XP Level 50

Online XP Level 50+1.4
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How to unlock the Online XP Level 50 achievement

  • Edward HyenaEdward Hyena497,090
    18 Aug 2010 31 Mar 2009 09 Feb 2012
    39 2 24
    In order to unlock this achievement, you must have 15,975 XP points. XP points are earned in online races, either player matched or rank matched. Following is a chart saying how many points you get depending on how you place (Last place always gets 0 points):
    2 Players: 28 - 0
    3 Players: 30 - 14 - 0
    4 Players: 32 - 20 - 12 - 0
    5 Players: 34 - 24 - 16 - 10 - 0
    6 Players: 36 - 26 - 20 - 16 - 10 - 0
    7 Players: 38 - 30 - 24 - 20 - 14 - 8 - 0
    8 Players: 40 - 32 - 28 - 24 - 18 - 12 - 6 - 0

    While there was formerly a way to keep track of your XP, the EA web redesign removed this. It is still possible to level up, but you need to keep track of when you should be levelling up to keep track of whether your XP has stopped. (Thanks for the updates everyone)

    On occasion, you will stop gaining XPs. This happens if you are playing the same person or group of people for a prolonged period of time. You can either try disconnecting mid-race to restart the XP process, or try hooking up with a different group.

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    iKiller KofCyea u can still get xp just fine. its just the former need for speed carbon website got shut down.
    Posted by iKiller KofC On 15 Apr 12 at 14:57
    PirS92is it still possible to play online with this game?
    Posted by PirS92 On 16 Sep 15 at 00:10
    Draxler Knight7I'm level 4 and I was boosting for like 1 hour and still level 4! and the weird part is that I got the cheevo for unlocking 36 cars but I didn't get any xq while boosting! fucking EA
    Posted by Draxler Knight7 On 08 Oct 15 at 02:56
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  • Lozzy DentonLozzy Denton98,409
    15 Dec 2009 03 Dec 2009 13 Apr 2012
    31 2 15
    I know Edward has covered most of this, but I'd like to explain my boosting method for 2 people. I personally find having just 2 people to be the easiest option, as you only need to rely on one person, rather than trying to manage more people who are all hungry for their achievements and who will likely not be available all at the same time.

    To start off with, me and my partner get into an unranked Canyon game, on the track 'Lookout Point' and selected the same car. Then, we start the race, remembering who the party leader is. Once the race has loaded, the leader needs to press start, then exit(the pause menu is disabled for a short period when you start).

    This will put the second player back in the lobby as leader. They will then need to invite the other player to the game, before starting it and quitting part way through just like the first player had done. This process may seem strange, but for whatever reason, it will allow you to gain XP for about an hour's worth of boosting. Edit: Previously, it was possible to find out when you stopped earning XP on EA's website, but now you may just have to run through the reset process every hour to ensure the XP keeps rolling in.

    Onto the actual boosting. The main thing to do is drive off the edge, then have the other player drive off the edge on the next race. This will end the race and award the winning points to whoever did not fall off.

    To automate things a little, both players can choose the same car, and leave a rubber band around the accelerator. That way, the lead car will always fall off first, and the leader switches each race.
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    MutantJawsi found sometimes if u leave the rubber band on every hour u sometimes get uneven wins best way is u win one and then ur boosting friend wins one this way u two can skip the countdown which is 2mins 30 secs and 30 more secs after winning, so ur saving about 3 mins every race if u do it like me.
    Posted by MutantJaws On 11 May 12 at 15:38
    Exalted EntityGreat advice. This works awesome if you find a buddy that boosts overnight while rubber banding.
    Posted by Exalted Entity On 24 Jun 12 at 07:30
    Exalted EntityAdding to the math by athiktos, it would take around 30 hours of boosting, actually. It would take you around 15 hours to get all the wins for yourself, but most of us boost with someone. So that would be 30 hours, so considering 2 hour sessions, you would need 15.

    I use the rubber banding method, so roughly 40 hours total.
    Posted by Exalted Entity On 08 Jul 12 at 19:06
  • Dexter XBADexter XBA301,380
    31 Aug 2011 30 Aug 2011
    25 0 6
    Here's a tip if your XP stops counting and racing a different player or disconnecting doesn't fix the problem:

    "Player1: create an unranked 'Custom Match';
    for expediency sake select 'Pursuit Tag';
    for expediency sake set 'Max Players' to 2;
    Player1: invite Player2 (anyone who also wants to start getting OXP again);
    Player1: start the race;
    Player1: 'exit' once the race starts (i.e. disconnect), which will end the race;
    Player1: Join Session in Progress by selecting Player2 from FL/Recent Players;
    Player2: start the race (after Player1 returns to race lobby);
    Player2: 'exit' once the starts, which will end the race;
    both players resume normal racing habits until OXP stops going up again;
    rinse and repeat as needed. "

    Credit goes to xOBKx on the old Xbox Forums

    Another thing I found out on my own:
    If your XP stops counting and you keep on winning races all the XP earned during this "XP glitch" will count again once you solve the "XP glitch" (by the method described above for example).
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    II REB III think the use of expediency is fantastic :P
    Posted by II REB II On 14 Aug 12 at 18:22
    Crimson RidleyCheers dude, it's worked at least once so far. However, I can't confirm the part about the XP that didn't add on at first coming back, as I raced enough races during the "stop" to level up twice, and didn't when it started again.
    Posted by Crimson Ridley On 03 Mar 13 at 16:43
    Chaos Mythologythis does not work for me sorry. there needs to be more info on this.
    Posted by Chaos Mythology On 24 Aug 17 at 22:34
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