Royal Rumble Legend achievement in Smackdown vs RAW 2007

Royal Rumble Legend

Win a 30 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on legend difficulty.

Royal Rumble Legend0
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How to unlock the Royal Rumble Legend achievement

  • NiteJokesterNiteJokester1,021,667
    06 Mar 2009 07 Mar 2009
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    First got to create a superstar make a superstar that is a featherweight and copy him to all slots on CAW Now Start Royal Rumble under Exhibition and 30man Rumble (Make sure you have difficulty set to legend you can find it under settings. While in options move the AI sliders to the left to make it easier yet) Now Select the Great Khali or another larger wrestler. ( I used Great Khali, Undertaker and Cena) and make his entry #1 now make all other entries you CAW featherweight. When the match starts hold RB and A and a direction on the right thumb stick to irish whip. once you have thrown him over use RB and A to throw a hard punch to knock him off apron. (they may reverse the irish whip and/or the strong punch. Just rinse and repeat for remander of entries.

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    Crispy385Any tips on the fact that even with a 400 lb CAW rated 99 and a bunch of featherweight cawes ranked 34, they reverse no less than 80% of my moves. Even with the sliders all the way down. It's a problem THQ has had since No Mercy. Instead of making the higher difficulties harder, they just reverse everything.
    Posted by Crispy385 on 20 Nov 12 at 16:18
    Crispy385Got the bitch. Let me answer my own question. Set four short taunts, it makes keeping a stored finisher easier. If you do get knocked down, dont hit the face buttons to get up. Keep hitting rt to try and counter anything they do to you. Even on your feet, be ready for rt more than Lt; their strikes won't effect you. Finally, mix some strikes and quick grapples into your grapples.
    Posted by Crispy385 on 21 Nov 12 at 13:26
    TheHammerHawkThis was the only way I could get the achievement, after many, many, many attempts of doing it legitimately.
    Posted by TheHammerHawk on 18 Mar 13 at 00:06
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  • anyrudeanyrude54,559
    10 Jun 2015 10 Jun 2015
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    An easy (and non time-consuming) way of getting it as follows:

    As your superstar, pick The Great Khali, who is the only "Ultra Heavyweight" on the game. Now, he certainly is not the best of the bunch, but his weight class gives you an immense advantage, especially if you pick the right opponents, which is the following point.

    So after picking Khali as your superstar and setting him as the #1 entrant, make sure that the 29 other names consist of low-rated superstars (to make life somewhat easier), and more importantly only "Heavyweights" or under. Because of "Ultra Heavyweight" being two classes above "Heavyweight" (and three above "Cruiserweight"), Khali is able to eliminate all superstars (if there are no "Super Heavyweights" included) with a simple punch, meaning that the whole ring-out button mash will not be relevant anymore.

    Furthermore, by picking low-rated adversaries, the damage Khali endures is pretty minimal (as he's a freakin' machine), making long-term survival that much easier. The only thing with Legend difficulty is the amount of counters performed, which after a while does get somewhat annoying, as Khali isn't the most dexterous, to say the least.

    Whenever a new person enters the ring, just Strong Irish Whip (holding RB + A) them to the nearest vertex, launching them over in the process. To eliminate, simply move the right stick in any direction. On Legend difficulty, you'll be able to pull this off successfully at least 80% of the time. Try to avoid having more than three people in the ring simultaneously, as the risk is always there that you get eliminated when there are more superstars in the ring.

    Just to see whether this worked, I tried this three times in a row, and succeeded!

    Good luck!
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