In Ring Technician achievement in Smackdown vs RAW 2007

In Ring Technician

Defeat every Superstar on the roster by pin or submission at least once on hard difficulty.

In Ring Technician0
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How to unlock the In Ring Technician achievement

  • STZ513STZ51377,685
    05 Sep 2009 05 Sep 2009 27 May 2012
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    You must win via PINFALL or SUBMISSION with all 67 characters on the roster. This includes divas and legends. Seeing how long it takes to complete this achievement you should pair it up with In Ring Journeyman (Win a match as each superstar). Make 2 lists of each character on the roster and simply cross each off as you do them.

    Note: Do a separate one for Divas since them against Superstars would be a bit frustrating.

    EDIT: DOES NOT STACK WITH "Complete Domination!"

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    CleverChris68cool Thanks
    Posted by CleverChris68 on 30 Apr 10 at 15:05
    AckisMight want to update this to state that it doesn't stack with the legendary one. :(
    Posted by Ackis on 27 May 12 at 20:48
    EL RCMAlso make sure you DONT CLICK REMATCH at the end of your match because if you do youll have to win the match have to win the match and then click EXIT for it to count towards the having to go back and redo this from the beginning due to not remembering when i accidently clicked rematch....hope this helps
    Posted by EL RCM on 12 Jan at 02:06
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  • assassinDMGassassinDMG882,433
    11 May 2011 11 May 2011 11 May 2011
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    Credit for this solution goes to Fried Cola aka Archer Spense at

    Here's a step by step guide to beating the CPU opponents in hard and legend difficulty in LESS THAN A MINUTE.

    Firstly, complete GM mode and win the GM of the Year award to get unlimited EXP points.

    Then go to Create a Wrestler and give him whatever settings you like (you can make him completely default) and give him maximum stats (you can do this in the create menu or by going to the Punching Bag in the locker room).

    Then customise his move set and give him the following:

    Quick Grapple:
    RS Left and Right: Body Knee Strikes
    RS Up and Down: Headlock Takedown.

    Ground Grapple (at head, opponent facing up):
    RS Up, Left and Right: Abdominal Stretch 3

    Set your Options to the following:

    Match Rules:
    Entrance: Off (saves time)
    Rope Break: Off
    Ring Out: Off

    In Game Options:
    Difficulty: Hard or Legend (depends on whichever achievement you are going for)
    Stamina System: Off
    HUD: On

    Custom AI Settings:
    Put all freq's of COM's usage sliders all the way down to the left.

    Now its time to wrestle. From the menu, select EXHIBITION>SINGLE>NO MANAGER. Select your CAW and then choose your opponent. There are 67 wrestlers to beat in total, which include all the Divas and all the Legends.

    Once the match starts, quickly use your Body Knee Strike repeatedly (you can hold the Right Stick at the given direction) until your opponent's body damage indicator turns red. Once this happens, use the Headlock Takedown to bring them to the mat. You'll be already positioned next to their head, so lock on your Abdominal Stretch for a submission. Start tapping your buttons when your bar shows up on the screen until they submit. If they do not submit the first time, you can lock the hold on again. Matches should take no more than a minute and on average you can win a match quite easily in around 30 seconds using this method.

    Bear in mind that sometimes the CPU will be awkward and counter your abdominal stretch. Dont get frustrated. Just land another knee strike, take him down with a headlock and try again.

    On a special note from Fried Cola himself, "be conscious of weight class. A tiny mexican doing this vs Great Khali will result in them grinding the opponent's forehead on the rope instead and the CPU ALWAYS reverses this right away."

    The only thing that will make this method drag out is the insane loading times. They will usually last longer than the matches do, but you could probably get this achievement with a few hours' grinding. I won 14 matches in 45 minutes, and could have won more if not for the loading times.

    You can get 50 and 100 wins quicker also doing this method. Good luck!

    EDIT: In the Complete Domination solution, D4RK I FuRy I posts the same guide.
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    assassinDMGI honestly can't say for sure but I think I did it in one sitting...but I'm not going to be blunt and suggest that. If you put a gun to my head and told me I had to suggest something, I would say do 50, come another day, earlier, and do another 50, and if it doesn't pop, hopefully you'll have time to do 50 more right after.
    Posted by assassinDMG on 01 Oct 16 at 09:57
    03 May 2011 26 Mar 2011
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    I'd like to say this is 'quick and simple,' but it is neither. Thankfully, here are some tips to make it a bit quicker and a little bit more towards the 'simple' end of things.

    First off, this achievement requires you to set your difficulty to Hard. It does not stack with the Legend one, so don't get your hopes up.

    Max out yours and decrease the CPU's.

    Great Khali.
    Love him or hate him, you'll love him during the duration of doing this achievement. Use him because he's a powerhouse and will quickly do damage to each of your opponents.

    Woman's Toe Kick, Big Boot, Big Splash, RKO.
    Edit Khali's moves. Woman's Toe Kick will damage all body parts and combined with Khali's power, Khali kicks most ass while kicking like a woman, apparently. Start your match by doing this over and over until most limbs are red, then do a big boot. More than likely, you'll bloody your opponent, but this still isn't enough to score a win. Use the Big Splash instead of a regular pin, as it's a high damage move with a pinning combination. It'll also give you a finisher (in case they kick out) if you have the Smackdown meter fill settings on highest, so give Khali an RKO finisher for a quick nail in the coffin, but you'll rarely need it except for fellow tanks like Batista or Triple H.

    That's about it. Make a list, grind it out. As far as I know, this will not work with multiple controllers, nor will it work using Elimination Chamber/Battle Royal & manually eliminating every opponent. You have to do it the boring way: 1 on 1. Pinfall or submission.

    I have read that KO victories work but I wouldn't risk it, and frankly it's faster to pin with this method rather than using a finisher or KO move.

    For match rules, turn off ring out just in case your kicks knock your opponent out of the ring. I'd turn off DQ and KO (your choice on that one) just to be safe.

    It could be worse; there could be no sliders.
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    NevrSurrenderThis was a good read, but one last thing. The achievement doesn't pop until you actually beat Khali. :) This was a beast of an achievement, even if each match was less than a minute. +1 positive for me.
    Posted by NevrSurrender on 20 Oct 12 at 13:12
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