Aren't You Thankful? achievement in Dead Space 3

Aren't You Thankful?

Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

Aren't You Thankful?+0.3
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How to unlock the Aren't You Thankful? achievement

  • Leeroy1975Leeroy1975This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    16 Feb 2013
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    Not a solution but helpful.

    Once you have the Devil Horns unlocked from completing Classic mode, you will need to disconnect from xbox live. Delete your cache to get rid of the update, then start up the mode you want to play, get to CH. 3 access the bench on the Roanoke the Devil Horns will be there. Make a save after collecting them resign into xbox live update the game and carry on in SP or CO-OP.

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    The S bot 9000Wanted to also add the following tips:

    1.)You can revert checkpoint and save/quit whenever you want (only host can revert checkpoint) so you can use this whenever you get in a pickle and don’t think you’ll make it out alive
    2.)Use the item duplication glitch in chapter 8 to max out your rig and have spare resources for medkits, ammo and stasis packs
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 27 Sep 21 at 04:16
    dan0wnzI decided to do it legit, and I ended up getting it on my first attempt thanks to God, (yes I'm thankful).

    The Item duplication glitch in chapter 8/9, and the save/quit option helped a lot in several areas, just as The S bot 9000 above said. Although keep in mind, when you return, you will return with however many health packs/ammo you had left when you save/quit'd as well as health, you may need to backtrack to a bench to restock, I had to do this in chapter 18 with the unitologist ambush from both sides of the railing, I was yellow bar and had no health packs, ended up going all the way back through the bench area and then restocking on health and coming back. Enemies don't respawn when you go back as I understand it.

    I would also add to complete Survival mode to get the mega resource deposit (one time), I was able to make my favorite gun in chapter 3 in my first work bench and upgrade my rig quite a bit. Having a dead space 2 save to unlock the "legends" suit which gives you an automatic 25 spaces instantly when you change into it is also a major help.
    Posted by dan0wnz on 22 Nov 21 at 02:45
    RopeADerpI got the devil horns offline on the 360, then copied my save to the cloud and finished the run on my series X. I was making copies of my cloud save to my 360 HDD, but I never had to use them.
    Posted by RopeADerp on 04 Sep at 21:11
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  • dude17252dude17252324,412
    08 Feb 2013 08 Feb 2013
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    another way to make your life easier while playing this mode, is after you make your save to take a break, make a second copy to a USB drive.
    here is a video that explains it alittle more. not my video. credit goes to nAaTeGaming
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    Sneaky G WizardWell it does and a good thing too because doing this legit is stupid. The game has too many set-piece action sequences that can kill you through bad luck rather than skill.
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 09 Aug 13 at 20:24
    dude17252that's good to know. haven't tried it on hardcore yet
    Posted by dude17252 on 09 Aug 13 at 20:29
    spxyu02Warning, novel of a post incoming...

    (The USB slots on my xbox no longer recognize thumb drives, so I went the way of the Cloud, but wanted to make sure my Cloud backup would never get overwritten/synced with my HDD save after dying)

    How I proceeded to use the Cloud as a backup save was as follows:

    1. Main save ("Choose storage device...") is always my normal HDD.
    2. Playthough Hardcore until the first save point after acquiring the Devil Horns from my bench's safe (was playing offline to this point).
    3. Save and Quit, return to dashboard, plug in ethernet cable, and sign in to LIVE.
    4. Go to System > Storage Devices > HDD, find my Hardcore save slot and copy to Cloud.
    5. Return to Dead Space 3, select HDD as my storage device as usual (see #1), load my Hardcore save, and once I'm in the game, I pull my ethernet plug to play offline (you could really do this directly after #4 also). This is so there is NO chance that a death on my main HDD save writes/copies over my Cloud backup save.
    6. Repeat steps 3-5 as needed when you feel you've passed a stressful section, or are coming up on a heavy 1-hit-kill area.

    To recover your save / load your backup:
    When/if you die, as I did once on the stupid ice-cliff stasis part, follow these steps:
    1. Immediately pause.
    2. If you are not already off-line, make sure you have pulled your ethernet cable, unplugged your wifi adapter, or whatever steps disconnect you from LIVE (but leave your profile signed in).
    3. Dashboard
    *. This next step makes sure your bad HDD save can not sync to the Cloud. Cloud syncs should only occur as you exit your game and go to the dashboard. Since you disconnected from LIVE prior to dashboarding, the save will not sync until you reconnect to LIVE. However, you have to reconnect to LIVE to grab your backup from the Cloud. To avoid the sync that will overwrite your good backup with the death/wipe save from your HDD, follow this step...
    4. Go to System > Storage Devices > HDD > System Items and find "Cloud Storage Console Copy" (or something like that).
    5. Delete this file. This is the local cache of your cloud storage and contains the bad death/wipe save from your HDD. It has no effect on your Cloud backup save. By deleting this file, you ensure that your bad death/wipe save won't sync over your good Cloud backup save upon reconnecting to LIVE.
    6. Now, still at the dashboard, reconnect to LIVE.
    7. Go to System > Storage Devices > HDD, find your bad death/wipe save and delete it (you will see it has progress set to 0% on the save title).
    8. Go to System > Storage Devices > Cloud. It will not show empty/free space, but rather will prompt you to Enable Cloud Storage. Choose Enable and you will see all of your Cloud's contents (not synced yet, but that is expected as we just deleted the local cache).
    9. Find your good backup save and copy it to your HDD.
    10. Disconnect from LIVE and continue playing as outlined in the initial steps listed above.

    To finish the game on hardcore with a timestamp (since I was playing offline so much).
    1. I made my last backup save at the bench/suit kiosk prior to the last space flight + boss.
    2. I simply stayed connected to LIVE, continued my game and finished. Had I died on the space flight (slight possibility) or the last boss (very small possibility), I would have paused, disconnected from LIVE, then followed the recovery steps listed above.
    3. The key is that, supposedly, Cloud saves don't sync until you exit the game, so as long as you disconnect from LIVE while in-game, your bad/wipe save won't have a chance to sync until you take the recovery steps listed above.

    Sorry about the novel here, but hopefully someone finds it useful if they don't have a USB stick or their xbox is on its last legs with half the things not working, like mine.
    Posted by spxyu02 on 29 Nov 13 at 23:07
  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy729,081
    12 Feb 2013 11 Feb 2013 22 Jul 2013
    34 3 26
    After playing this difficulty there are only a few things you need to be aware of compared to standard difficulties:

    1. Back-up your save data on either a USB memory stick or Cloud storage (remember if using cloud storage, disable it during playing or it will sync to your hard-drive save. This invalidates your save data if you die).

    2. Watch out for instant-kill areas and quick time events (QTE's). Although the QTE's are easily done don't get distracted when they're nearby. Some areas may slip you up if you rush such as chapter 14's gassing rooms, 16's spinning fan blade, and especially the falling rocks/stasis areas when scalling the icy mountains in chapter 13.

    3. Play the other new game+ modes first as you'll get a good feel for the levels and enemy spawns. You also get packs of equipment etc for completing modes like Pure Survival or collecting the collectables.

    4. Skip all optional missions as they'll only slow you down.

    5. Stick to one weapon (plasma cutter, evangelizer or something similair) and keep upgrading it.

    6. Upgrade your armour and health as soon as you can.

    7. Take regular save breaks for your USB (I did it from Chapter 8 the beggining to the arrival at Tau Volantis, Chapter 14 and then the beggining of Chapter 19 (in-case the flying objects of death hit me). You can save more than this if you're not very confident you'll do everything fine.

    8. Sell unused weapon parts (i.e. attatchments, upgrade circuits & handles). You'll want the extra resources.

    9. The enemies known as 'Feeders' (starved looking agile ones) are a pain as they usually attack in large groups. Later in the game they also become a dark shade of black with red eyes and are very difficult to kill as they cannot be dismembered. Headshots work wonders, but if you only use 1 gun in the game you might consider also buying a contact beam for your second gun as its secondary fire mode which shoots the ground. This when upgraded with damage and fire rate is great for feeder swarms.

    10. Learn to use the combat roll effectively. By double tapping the LB you'll perform a combat roll. When rolling, 9 times out of 10 you'll negate any damage so it's very useful if a necromorph has the jump on you and is about to attack. You can also chain rolls for certain scenarios such as dodging bullets from Danik's gunships, or simply distancing yourself from a swarm of necromorphs.

    11. Save up your ration seals till you get 60, always sending your bots out to get resources from resource spots (you'll hear a noise chime). You can then go to a bench, select downloadable content (Y button) and buy an Epic weapon & resource pack with the seals (X button).

    1x Epic pack contains:
    240 tungsten
    800 semiconductors
    2000 scrap metal
    400 somatic gel
    200 transducers
    2x Weapon parts

    NOTE: People have mentioned in many ways how it is more efficient to buy the smaller packs. If you REALLY want to get lots of resources you can instead buy smaller packs to have earlier access to upgrades etc. However it is by no means essential for this difficulty.

    Lastly remember to back-up your saves (which I highly reccomend). Even if like me you don't actually die during this difficulty mode, if you don't back-up your saves you could get killed by a jammy enemy or QTE.

    (V Sully posted a great tip for a useful weapon in the comments):
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    Triple G AndyDevil Horns are for wusses laugh
    Posted by Triple G Andy on 11 Nov 14 at 10:59
    ParadoxReal8Devil horns are way better than all the weapons you could suggest. Why doing it the hard way when it could be so simpler? That weapon is so funny!

    @ Ursiform yeah! That section is a big pain! I stasised they elevator so many time and jumped to the other side just to slide for no apparent reason and come back to the original side, then caress the still in stasis elevator, but of course just touch an object that can kill you is enough to do it. The worst moment in game.

    If you have the devil's horn, practically only QTE can kill you. Back up often and you should have too many trouble.
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 13 Mar 17 at 11:39
    AxelSteel15So, I just had the same problem as TheDevilishEyes: got to the platform for the final boss, instantly fell through and died. Thankfully, I have my save backed up on a drive. Will reloading the backup fix the issue or will it just keep happening when I load it up?
    Posted by AxelSteel15 on 04 Sep 18 at 13:14
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