Epic Tier 4 Engineer achievement in Dead Space 3

Epic Tier 4 Engineer

Complete the game in Classic Mode.

Epic Tier 4 Engineer+0.3
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How to unlock the Epic Tier 4 Engineer achievement

  • Icy iNsIcy iNs236,000
    11 Feb 2013 09 Feb 2013 10 Feb 2013
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    This achievement is for beating the game on Classic Mode. This is under New Game+ once you beat the campaign for the first time. You start completely anew with no items from your previous save.

    The difficulty is automatically set for hard (which when you beat the game on impossible and go to hard afterwards, doesn't seem all that terribly hard)

    In this game mode, the difference from the standard campaign is that only classic weapons are available for crafting (i.e no acid attachments, or anything that was introduced in Deadspace 3 to the player)

    You begin with a plasma cutter which i suggest using throughout the campaign as your main (and if you so chose) only weapon. The first chance you get you should upgrade the plasma cutter with 4 +1 Damage +1 Rate of Fire circuits on the top circuit board and 4 +1 Reload circuits on the bottom.

    The bottom circuit board on the plasma cutter seems to be only effected by reload circuits, so putting anything else there is just a waste. eventually you should aim to have damage full and pile everything else that you can (on the top circuit board) to rate of fire.

    With still a fairly sizable chunk of the campaign remaining. it is possible to collect a full set of a type of artifact which unlocks certain circuits that you can craft and then use for the rest of the campaign. I myself used the +3 Rate of fire +2 Damage circuits on my gun's top board and it was essentially a hand cannon that shoots at a ridiculous rate. (As long as you have a good amount of ammo) you don't really even need to be a good shot. Just unload and watch enemies just drop before your eyes.

    Co-Op is disabled for this game mode and therefore can only be completed solo. (If you're waiting for your friend to get the game after you've beaten it already so you can play Co-Op together, but you still want to play then classic is the way to go because you can't play Co-Op on it anyways)

    Finishing the Classic Mode campaign unlocks the "Devil's Horns" which is a weapon that is a foam finger (like what you'd see at a sports event) Although in Deadspace 2 you could also unlock a similar (if not the same) weapon and it had unlimited ammo and killed everything in 1-2 shots. I cannot yet confirm whether the gun does actually still have unlimited ammo and is as powerful. I will when I complete this difficulty though.

    Remember...aim for the limbs ;P Good luck.

    *EDIT* Ricky Horror commented that "The Devil's Horn's uses ammo. And yes, (it) is very powerful. All stats on it are completely maxed except for rate of fire."

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    Im the LoraxThe quit and save is only to save your inventory, the spot where you are in the game is determined by the auto save feature. Thts how the infinite item exploits are used because it wnt save ur SPOT it just saves ur items so you can get items, save quite n reload and then get the items again etc..
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 06 Oct 15 at 22:48
    jcrankinCan you collect collectibles in Classic mode?
    Posted by jcrankin on 26 Jul 21 at 17:25
    AchievedSinsI’m finding preserving ammunition in this mode difficult does it get better later on because it’s Infuriating to be playing a mode with such a lack of ammunition drops.
    Posted by AchievedSins on 07 Sep 21 at 14:55
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  • KnightRadiant88KnightRadiant88401,702
    17 Feb 2013 16 Feb 2013 16 Feb 2013
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    Not exactly a solution but since you can't upgrade weapon parts etc. in classic mode I suggest you only buy the cheapest supply pack with ration seals.

    See comparison

    normal pack cost = (10 ration seals)

    60 tungsten
    200 semiconductors
    500 scrap metal
    100 somatic gel
    50 transducers

    epic pack cost = (60 ration seals)

    240 tungsten
    800 semiconductors
    2000 scrap metal
    400 somatic gel
    200 transducers

    So you see if u buy 6 of the normal packs you will receive

    360 compared to 240 tungsten
    1200 compared to 800 semiconductors
    3000 compared to 2000 scrap metal
    600 compared to 400 somatic gel
    300 compared to 200 transducers

    So yer there is is no parts in those packs but you can't use them in classic mode anyways
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    MagnumZeroI just realized this myself when starting my Classic run this past weekend. :)
    Posted by MagnumZero on 19 Feb 13 at 12:37
    HyperglideGood idea. This will help me max out my Rig faster and buy an alternate for my Planet Cracker.
    Posted by Hyperglide on 25 Mar 13 at 05:22
  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy729,481
    10 Feb 2013 10 Feb 2013
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    Additionally although this mode doesn't allow you to craft customised weapons, you are allowed to use DLC ones. For example I used the Evangelizer weapon (Pre Order DLC) throughout the whole game and it counted.

    You can also use stuff from the Tau Volantis pack, sharpshooter pack etc.
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