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In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

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Achievement Guide for Shafted

  • RaiderhornRaiderhorn194,443
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013 15 Apr 2017
    49 9 49
    The perk/machine list is as follows:
    Quick Revive - 500 points (1500 Co-op)
    Speed Cola - 3000 points
    Who's Who (New perk) - 2000 points
    Juggernog - 2500 points
    Mule Kick - 4000 points
    Double Tap - 2000 points
    Pack-a-punch - 5000 points

    Amount of doors at the very least needed is 4. In my video below I show only 4 doors bought. All in all the smallest amount of points you will need is:
    Grand Total - 22000 (23000 co-op because Quick Revive is more in co-op)
    This total does not include costs for weapons that you might buy.

    If you happen to have a lot of money stored in the Bank, you can access your points in the Showers close to the Power room entrance. You could do this achievement on Round 1 if you have enough points stocked up.

    Put the difficulty to Easy to make this achievement easier.
    The trick is to buy Quick Revive and one/two other perks first, down yourself and get revived by the Quick Revive perk (or a co-op buddy), then purchase more perks. This is because there are six perks in the map and you can only hold four at one time.
    If you have Quick Revive and Who's Who at the same time, you'll enter Who's Who state first, in which you can revive yourself (netting you an achievement) and you'll lose only your Who's Who perk so try to get Who's Who last.

    -Quick Revive, Speed Cola, and Who's Who are in the skyscraper that you start in (3 shafts - all near the spawn/PDW-57 below spawn).
    -Juggernog, Mule Kick, Double Tap, and Pack-a-punch are in the skyscraper with the power (4 shafts - 2 are beside the power switch, 1 to the right of the power room, the other can be found on the roof).
    The perk locations (with the exception of Quick Revive) change location every game! However they will not change to a different skyscraper.

    NOTE: Getting the perk-a-bottle power-up drop from the Minions does NOT count towards this achievement. You must purchase the perks from the machines (as the achievement description says to use the perk machines).

    *Final update to this solution Apr 15 2017. Added a video and slightly changed solution wording. Also added Bank tip.

    **This achievement has had reports of being buggy/not unlocking when the requirements are met (this buggy behaviour is pretty old, like when the map first came out). I personally had no issues with it in solo but others have. People have reports of it unlocking properly after clearing their system cache, so if it doesn't unlock the first time, clear your cache and try again. Hope this solves some issues!
  • Iceonfire89Iceonfire89164,792
    05 Feb 2013 05 Feb 2013 20 Feb 2013
    23 1 9
    Hi all, just done this and as someone who's an average zombies player at best and was having trouble with this I thought I would add the following tips which really helped me. The guide is for the average player who's having trouble with the achievement after a few attempts.

    (I did this in solo)

    Firstly the steps I took;

    (works best if pack a punch is in one of the three easily accessible elevators in the power tower.)

    1.) Round one, shoot the zombies in the legs with five bullets then knife them, let them take down any barriers and repair them until you stop getting points.
    Round two, open the double doors and clear the debris on the escalator. go downstairs.

    2.) Round two, shoot the zombies in the leg with 7 bullets each then knife them, when you run out of bullets, run up to one and knife it, then back away heal your hit markers and repeat, two knifes will kill it. Buy the pdw off the wall and quick revive from the elevator, leave one zombie alive.

    3.) Make your way up to the spawn room, and get in the elevator that will crash to the floor, upon going down to the bottom the last zombie will normally die, here pick up an elevator key from the hallway in front of the elevator.

    Make your way to the end of the hallway jump across, open the doors once you have enough points (start using the pdw, but only ever fire off a few rounds to get headshots only.)

    Turn on the power.

    Leave one zombie alive and see what is in the two elevators to the right of the power, if one is pack a punch, stay here accumulating 5000 points to buy it for your pdw.

    Otherwise make your way to the roof on top of one of those two elevators.

    4.) Once on the roof kill the last zombie if it's not dead already. Camp and I do mean camp here until you have enough points to buy every other perk on the map and have approximately 3500 points to clear debris,

    Don't forget your grenades.

    On monkey round/strange jumpy things, camp in the corner where the navcard table is built, crouch down and fire at them once they are close to you, always have a full clip at the start of this type of round because reloading when surrounded by these annoying things will cost you the achievement. If you absolutely need to, you can try to run away a fair distance and then reload, but they are quick and you probably won't get chance.

    5.) Now you have enough points to buy everything, leave 4, that's right 4 slow walking zombies at the end of what must now be round 10/11.

    Go down to the ramp, clear the sofa and buy whatever perk is there when the elevator reaches you, (take the zombies on a guided tour of the yard above until it arrives).

    Get up the ramp and go right through the shed, buy the two perks at the elevators there. if you have to wait for the elevators train the zombies about.

    6.) Run up the long rusty ramp adjacent to the dragon, get off at the end and turn right, jump down here and down again to the last elevator in this tower, call it using the key, buy the perk and either ride it down to a floor where you can get to the roof or jump down at the end onto the corner of the floor below (careful not to die).

    7.) Either get to the roof by riding one of the two elevators or if you jumped down, buy the doors in your way and get to the 2 elevators, ride them to the roof, run up the rusty ramp again and off the end.

    Jump across to the other building (from a running start, you can fall and die otherwise),

    By this point you will have the maximum amount of perks you can carry (quick revive, double tap, juggernog and mule kick) down yourself here to get revived before buying more perks, (you can only carry four at once,) then buy the last perks.) (If you have been downed before this point you don't need to down yourself here as you will have no perks, also you will die.)

    buy the debris on your left, get the perk from the elevator there, wait for the quick revive elevator to take you to the original floor you started at. turn right then right again, in front of you is the last elevator. When the elevator comes up (train any zombies around) buy the last perk.

    The achievement is yours.


    1.) Headshots only.

    2.) Make use of the double points and instakills.

    3.) Ignore nukes unless there are 3 or less zombies left and you actually want this round to end, then kill the zombies and pick up the nuke too, easy 400 points, plus the points from killing the zombies.

    4.) Don't pack a punch your gun unless the elevator is newly arrived, if you pack a punch your gun then the elevator takes off with it you won't get the achievement.

    5.) If you have no ammo and only a few zombies and are in the power tower with enough points to spare, open some doors, clear some debris and get yourself a sliquifier, just in case things turn nasty.

    6.) Use those grenades.

    7.) Pause the game or train the last zombies to give yourself some time to think, I even paused the game several times to watch a few youtube video tutorials for clarification.

    8.) Repair any barriers you see, it's easy points.

    This took me six tries and I found the above to be the most cost effective and easiest method for an average or below average zombie player to get the achievement.

    9.) If for some reason you choose not to follow this exactly and you buy the perks out of order and go into who's who mode instead of quick reviving, beware the zombies will chase you in who's who mode and if they catch you it's over.

    Hope you get it, good luck and happy hunting.
  • Paul ZapPaul Zap175,349
    03 Jul 2013 28 Jun 2013 03 Jul 2013
    10 3 1

    Gather about 30000 points in the bank and store a good gun in the fridge (gun is optional - all of this is to be done in Tranzit games beforehand).

    Go into a solo Die Rise game on Easy difficulty.

    Immediately go down the elevator in spawn.

    Grab a key and put it in the wall before jumping across (in order to send the elevator back up).

    Jump across to the power building.

    Withdraw all the money and the gun from the fridge (the fridge is directly in front of you as you jump across, and you can withdraw the money from the right shower of the two showers located on the other side of the wall of the fridge).

    Turn on the power, go up to the roof, back to the spawn building and buy the 3 perks that that building has to offer (Who's Who, Speed Cola and Quick Revive).

    Down yourself by cooking a grenade in a safe and open area (such as somewhere in the spawn room or perhaps the cafeteria area in the level just below the level with the SVU-AS).

    Revive yourself (you'll be in Who's Who).

    Down yourself once again (by cooking a grenade), so that Quick Revive revives you and you lose that perk as well as Speed Cola (to make room for the remaining perks).

    Head over to the Power building again (either through the Buddha room or the spawn elevator method).

    Buy all remaining perks (Juggernog, Double Tap and Mule Kick) and Pack-a-Punch your weapon (wait for the elevator carrying Pack-a-Punch to come to your level, then immediately use it as it arrives - you don't want it taking off with your weapon, as it might do that if you use it when it's already been at that level for a while!).

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve my guide in any way and definitely write any questions down in the comments.

    Cheers and good luck!
  • MratttyMrattty299,186
    02 Feb 2013 13 Oct 2014
    7 1 0
    Pretty straight forward. To clear up confusion you can not use melee attacks on minions to obtain a free perk. You must actually use all perk machines. Keep in mind the power MUST BE ON for all elevators to work (except for quick revive if you're playing solo). If you bleed out at any point you will have to rebuy perks that you already bought. Quick revive (500 solo, 1500 co-op) will always be in the first elevator which is right in front of you when you open the door under the stairs in the starting room. Speed Cola(3000) and Who's who(2000) are in the spawn building as well. The two can switch elevators. One elevator is behind the quick revive one and the other is right of the quick revive one. You must clear the debris blocking the stair way. Head down and take a right to find the elevator. These are all the perks in the spawn building. In the second is Jugg(2500), Mule kick(4000), Double tap(2000), and pack a punch(5000). They will all switch elevators every game. I am using the roof as a reference point. Two of them are right next to eachother in the top right corner(bottom left being the dragons head). One is one floor below, head to the bottom of the ramp that leads to the dragons head. There is a small staircase near the dragons tail. Clear the debris and head down it to find another elevator. Lastly the final one is a bit tricky to find. Head up the ramp leading to the dragons head and make a right and drop down the small ledge. Then run straight until you drop down again to see your last elevator. Nowadays there is a bank making this achievement a complete joke. Good luck.
  • ZOMBl3 KlLL3RZOMBl3 KlLL3R350,592
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013 10 Feb 2014
    13 9 2
    Here is my video showing how to obtain the Shafted Achievement.

    *This achievement is easier now because there is a bank in the map so you can just do 1 game for rounds and when you can just deposit the points in the bank.
    When you have at least 30,000 points, end the game and start a new one and leave a zombie on round 1 and go to the bank and withdraw the money and start to spend it on the perks and pack-a-punch your main weapon so you don´t waste money in other gun.

    Check the video for all the perk locations and pack-a-punch (don´t forget that in this map the perks/pack-a-punch swith from locations but don´t worry it´s not too hard to find them)
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