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Slippery When Undead

In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

Slippery When Undead0
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Achievement Guide for Slippery When Undead

  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6299,183
    31 Jan 2013 02 Feb 2013 02 Feb 2013
    44 0 4
    Here is my guide form my channel, Toslow Gaming. The goal here is to kill five zombies with one shot form the Sliquifier. The parts are located on the level of the table or the floor above. You will need 2500 points to open all necessary doors. The parts are a base, foot, handle, and a bottle. Train up a group of zombies and explode your way to the heavens! Make sure you put HD.
  • agent2498agent249864,297
    30 Jan 2013 01 Feb 2013
    14 2 0
    To build it you will need a total of 2500 whatever the currency is on Black Ops 2, but that will let you open three necessary doors. To get to the rooms where the pieces to build the weapon are, you need to take first the broken elevator from the first room, where you start the game, and keep going until you jump to the next building.

    One of the pieces could appear where it appeared on the video, right in the kitchen, but that same piece could also be on top of a container next to the stairs shown in this video where the building room is. I want to point out that you don’t need to turn on the power, it’s just not necessary.

    The first piece is right next to the building table. It is an extinguisher and it is in a cage. Press X to take it and press X again in front of the table to start building the weapon.

    The second piece, and before it is important to say that the order does not matters in this case, so I was saying that the second piece was in the kitchen but it could also be on top of a container when you go down stairs to the building room. Do the same process until you finish with the two remaining pieces.

    The third part is in the power room. When you enter the room, turn right until you get to a table before the elevators. Take it and add it to the weapon.

    The fourth and last part is right when you go upstairs. It is in front of a tv laying on the floor.

    Now that all the pieces are together, take the weapon and gather as many zombies as you can. They need to be very close to each other, otherwise it won’t work.
  • MrCaffiene82MrCaffiene8254,170
    06 Feb 2013 25 Feb 2013 26 Feb 2013
    6 0 0
    This Video Will show you how to do the slippery when undead achievement/tropy on die rise. this video shows you how to do on level 2.

    Build the sliquifer
  • RazorableRazorable155,525 155,525 GamerScore
    31 Jan 2013 04 Feb 2013
    8 2 0
    Easy, Build the siliquifier, then train at least a group of 5 or more zombies, make sure you bundle them close, if you can shoot at the floor to slow them down and drag them together then shoot like hell into the stack, achievement unlocked!.
  • Edgrr Allan BroEdgrr Allan Bro320,488
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013 30 Jan 2013
    8 3 0
    Relatively easy to achieve. You can get to the power room by taking the elevator at the start of the level and jumping a gap after the corridor where the elevator falls. It will cost you 750 to open the door to the power room. As you work your way down towards the power room, you will find the parts around that general area. It might take a few waves to gather enough points to open the doors surrounding the power room in order to find the parts for the wonder weapon. Once you have the gun built, just shoot the center mass of a zombie and he will explode, and as long as there are zombies around him, the goo on the ground will take care of them. Note that this will only work on zombies that do not have body armor, as it goes through them, and in later waves the normal zombies will most likely slip instead of die, as they did in my game in the later waves.

    Also, in case some need help finding the parts, there is a video below to help out.
  • A Strange MeA Strange Me56,484
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013
    6 4 1
    Simple build the wonder weapon, theres a great tip on youtube and get 5 together and bam when 5 blow up you gwt the achievement
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