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Facing the Dragon

In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

Facing the Dragon0
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Achievement Guide for Facing the Dragon

  • iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX411,294
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013 31 Jan 2013
    53 5 2
    When you start Die Rise go into the elevator and it will take you down, knife two zombies so you have 750 points. Take the first right then jump over to the opposite building, continue through the building then open the green double doors. Turn on the power at the opposite side of the room the jump on the elevator, ride the elevator to the top and when you get off you will see the dragon, jump in front of its head and the achievement will pop.

    Video below for more help...
  • Duhmino cRDuhmino cR79,049
    01 Feb 2013 01 Feb 2013
    18 2 3
    How to get this SOLO in under 2minutes ?

    -At the start go in the elavator
    - Then get 750 cash by shooting on random zombies
    -Open the door that lead you to the electricity
    -Go on the pack-a-punch
    -Stay on the pack-a-punch until you reach the roof
    -Aim to the dragon
    ...and there you go you got your achievement
  • agent2498agent249864,329
    30 Jan 2013 01 Feb 2013
    13 0 0
    You just need 750 points to open the power room door, so take the broken elevator from the spawn room. By the way, make sure you do this before the second round, that means it can only be done on the first round. Once you get off the elevator, keep going until you jump to the other building and pass through the kitchen.

    When you are in front of the power room door, just make sure you have the enough points to buy it, if not kill a couple of zombies and open it. Turn the power on. It is necessary to turn it on or the elevators won’t work. Once you hit the switch, go right and get on the left elevator. It will go down and then up to the roof.

    On the roof, follow the path through the house and take the ramp until you stand in front of the dragon. Then, just jump to the tower while looking at the dragon and the achievement will unlock.
  • ZOMBl3 KlLL3RZOMBl3 KlLL3R351,189
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013 07 Feb 2013
    12 4 0
    There are already good guides but THIS IS THE FASTEST Way to get the Achievement! You can get it in 1 Minute!
    I already got the achievement so you will not see me getting it in the video.
  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6299,163
    31 Jan 2013 31 Jan 2013
    8 2 0
    Here is my guide from my channel, Toslow Gaming. Your goal is to go head-to-head against the dragon before round 2. I suggest doing this solo, since it would be easier. Your going to need 750 points to only open just one door. Then, turn the power on to ride the elevator up top to the roof. Finally, meet your fate and confront this beast! Make sure you put HD.
  • RazorableRazorable155,530 155,530 GamerScore
    29 Jan 2013 29 Jan 2013
    9 3 1
    This is the first achievement I unlocked for the new Revolution DLC.
    just follow what i do in the video, easiest done solo and probably the easiest zombie dlc achievement ever!
  • MrCaffiene82MrCaffiene8254,170
    29 Jan 2013 13 Feb 2013
    7 2 0
    The fastest and easiest way to complete this achievement is to use the video below. Takes about 2 minutes and can be done with - 2 3 or 4 players.
  • GsH Prinz BonteGsH Prinz Bonte570,347
    23 Apr 2013 03 Mar 2015 03 Mar 2015
    3 0 0
    Ther are so many great english guides so i make my Video in german :

  • NemoNobody2092NemoNobody209278,014
    03 Feb 2013 03 Feb 2013
    5 2 0
    This is a walk through for the facing the dragon achievement in the black ops 2 dlc.
    Please check it out, hope it helps!

    Black ops 2 achievement - facing the dragon 10g
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