Adera (Win 8)

Adera (Win 8)

Episode 3: Escape Into Light

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Snake Charmer

Chase snakes away from the clogged water channel.

Snake Charmer+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Snake Charmer

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    Welcome to my full-walkthrough guide to Adera: Episode 3!
    PART 2 OF 7
    Make sure you do not click the hint button AT ANY TIME, as this will ruin progress towards the achievement for completing the game without using a hint.

    "Snake Charmer" will be the second achievement you get in Episode 3.

    After the cutscene where you get separated from Billy, pick up the cog-like gold key in front of you, on the rock.

    Click the down-pointing arrow next to the hint button. Again, make sure you do not click the hint button. Clicking the down-pointing arrow will take you back to the previous room (the starting room).

    On the right of the screen, you'll see a wooden cabinet on the wall. Click it. Click the gold key. Click the middle of the wooden cabinet. You will now have a Find-the-item minigame. The picture below shows the items:
    Episode 3 - Game 1 Solution
    You will get Matches, Surgical Hook, & Iron Forceps after completing this puzzle.

    Go back down the hole. Behind the rope, in the background, you'll see a furnace. Use the matches on the furnace, and then click the pressure valve above the opening of the furnace. This will send power through one of the pipes going through the room, and will open a door.

    Go through the newly opened door. Use the matches on all four glowing puzzle pieces, to find that they are all torches. Pick up the right-most torch when you light it. Click on the deactivated aqueduct pedestal to the right of the room.

    On the mini-screen for the deactivated aqueduct, to the left, you will see a fuse. Pick it up. 1/4. Click the pipe section in your inventory, that you got from the broken elevator in the first room, and click it on the glowing puzzle piece on this mini-screen. It will open another door. Do not go through it yet.

    To the top left of this screen (the room screen, not the mini-screen), you'll see you can click on a blockage on the aqueduct. Go up there, and you'll see the blockage is guarded by snakes. Use the torch on them. Achievement unlocked. Remember this place, we'll be coming back here in a short while.

    Continuing on the multi-achievement walkthrough, please go to my solution here, to continue on: Solution for Pulse Perfection in Adera (Win 8)
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