Adera (Win 8)

Adera (Win 8)

Episode 3: Escape Into Light

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Steam Punk

Obscure the stone mask's vision in the bath house.

Steam Punk+0.3
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Achievement Guide for Steam Punk

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    Welcome to my full-walkthrough guide to Adera: Episode 3!
    PART 5 OF 6
    Make sure you do not click the hint button AT ANY TIME, as this will ruin progress towards the achievement for completing the game without using a hint.

    "Steam Punk" will be the fifth achievement you get in Episode 3.

    On the right of the door opposite you, there's a ball, pick it up. Above the door and to the left, there is a bit of material hiding a brass turtle figurine. Use the spear on the material. Pick up the turtle that drops out. Go out of the door opposite.

    Nothing to do here yet. Go through the exit at the top of the stairs to your right.

    Click on the hoop to the left of you, closest to you. On the mini-screen that comes up, use the ball. Brass turtle #2 will drop. Pick it up.

    Click the sparkly area further down the left wall for another find-the-item mini-game. Items are displayed below:
    Episode 3 - Game 3 Solution
    Please note that the 'Helmet' item is behind the 'Pennant' item.
    After this mini-game, you'll get to keep the Mirror & the Machete.

    Press the down-pointing arrow to go back to the previous room. Use the machete on all of the vines, branches, and tangles. Face the door behind you but do NOT go through it. Look to the bottom left of the door, and you'll see Brass turtle #3. Turn back around to where you just cut the vines, and click on the newly opened fountain mini-screen. Drag the turtles onto the fountain. The fountain will activate.

    Look to the right of the stairs where you went into the room with the hoops. You'll see a glyph in a compartment. Click on it to zoom into the compartment to find a key. Take it. Use your glowing orb and complete the mini-game. This one is tricky. I can only suggest try moving the square pieces as much as possible, and move the rectangle pieces as little as possible, so really, just use the small pieces to make space for the big pieces to move out of the way. Sorry I can't be more help, but it's one of those puzzles where it's hard to explain. Once complete, you can pick up Key Glyph #2.

    Go back to the previous room (the one with the big stone head), by pressing the down-pointing arrow. Now you have the key, use it on the locked door to the right of where the ball was. Go through it.

    You have another find-the-item mini-game. Answers below:
    Episode 3 - Game 4 Solution
    Note the soap is slightly off the screen and you can move your gaze to the right to see it fully.

    You will get the curved pipe for your efforts.

    You will then be taken back to the previous room, with the stone head. Attach the curved pipe that you have just got to the steam-release to the right of the stone head (a mini-screen will pop up before you can do this).

    The stone head's eyes will light up. Use the mirror on the two glowing jigsaw pieces that appear after the curved pipe has been placed.

    Achievement unlocked!

    Continuing on the multi-achievement walkthrough, please go to my solution here, to continue on: Solution for Glyph Master in Adera (Win 8)
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