Adera (Win 8)

Adera (Win 8)

Episode 3: Escape Into Light

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Glyph Master

Use the key glyphs to open the door to Amaro's Tower.

Glyph Master+0.1
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Achievement Guide for Glyph Master

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    Welcome to my full-walkthrough guide to Adera: Episode 3!
    PART 6 OF 6
    Make sure you do not click the hint button AT ANY TIME, as this will ruin progress towards the achievement for completing the game without using a hint.

    "Glyph Master" will be the sixth achievement you get in Episode 3.

    Click the key glyph, then click your glowing orb (bottom left corner).

    You'll now have to do another sliding-stone mini-game. This is a hard one, and I unfortunately can't help you... just keep rotating pieces around the board and you'll be able to do it.

    Once you've done the puzzle, pick up Key Glyph #3 to the left of the stone head.

    Next, you'll want to go back out to the fountain with the three brass turtles. You'll see that there is now a stone wreckage in front of it. If you click on the clickable area (to the right section of the wreckage). Your character will say that the wreckage is holding something. Click the purple dust/sparkle to go into another power-supplying octagonal grid puzzle. This one is slightly different to the last one, as you have to power up three different crystals. Luckily, you don't need to power them all up simultaneously, which means you can do one, and then adjust the 'track' to go to the next one, leaving the crystal powered up. Follow the pictures below, and you shouldn't have a problem:
    Episode 3 - Game 5 Solution - Part A
    Episode 3 - Game 5 Solution - Parts B & C
    After you've done this puzzle, you'll see the final key glyph is visible, waiting for you to pick it up.

    You'll now see a cutscene with your pilot. Go to the room with the stone hoops where you got one of the brass turtles (up the stairs to the right of the stone wreckage). Click the big, stone door. Drag the four key glyphs into the door. You'll find that you need a fifth one. Back out of the mini-screen, and you'll get a small cutscene with Billy. He'll give you your fifth key glyph, although it appears as a single item (i.e., it doesn't have #/4 on the item). Click on the stone door again, and apply the fifth key glyph to the door.

    You'll now play a different game than what you have played in Episode 3, so far. The game was obviously designed with a touch-screen device in mind, but it is not impossible with a mouse, it's just a little awkward. The five key glyphs you've put in the door with glow blue. Glyphs from around the edge of the screen will appear, some glowing blue, some glowing orange. You need to flick the orange glyphs away from the middle, towards the edge of the screen, whilst flicking the blue glyphs towards the matching glowing blue glyph on the door. For each blue glyph you flick to the glowing blue glyphs, blue energy will get closer to the middle glyph. For those playing on a touch device, you CANNOT drag the blue glyphs to the glowing glyphs on the door, you MUST flick them in the direction of them. When all five blue glyphs are connected, the mini-game will end.

    With the mini-game ending, you'll have a cutscene, where Billy chases off stone totem/dinosaur creatures.

    Achievement unlocked!

    If you've managed to go through this walkthrough without clicking the 'Hint' button, you'll also get this achievement:
    Adera (Win 8)Aderan IntuitionThe Aderan Intuition achievement in Adera (Win 8) worth 18 pointsComplete Episode 3: Escape Into Light without using a single hint.
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