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Collect 100000 coins

Collect 100000 coins

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How to unlock the Collect 100000 coins achievement

  • neeker75neeker751,535,423
    22 Feb 2013 09 Feb 2013 24 Apr 2013
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    First things first: this achievement isn't cumulative, i.e., you need to have 100,000 coins in your possession at one given time for it to unlock.

    The fastest way to get this is to play endless mode, and using the following boosts as suggested in other guides:

    - x2 multiplier
    - hints
    - side by side

    As the game progresses, simply put the next block at where the game asks you to... endlessly, almost. Try to do this quickly to earn the various bonuses to speed up the tedious process.

    Every 100 points you score in the game gives you 1 coin. As such, to amass 100,000 coins, you'd need to score a total of 10 million points (!) in endless mode.

    Few notes:
    - The achievement doesn't unlock in the progress of a game. You'd need to end the game by dying for it to unlock.
    - You can quit the game by simply pressing the home button back to you phone's home screen. The game will resume from where you last quit when you select to play endless mode the next time.
    - Try not to use coins prior to unlocking the 100,000 coins. As mentioned, you need to have all 100,000 coins in your possession to unlock this achievement. Using coins before this would make it all the more frustrating to win this.

    In the process of doing the above, you'll certainly unlock most of the other achievements in the game (drop/ destroy X number of blocks, etc.).

    This will take many hours of swiping. I just gotten my 10,000th coin and I'm bored to the brink of death.

    Update 20th Feb:
    As suggested by OniKawazu, an alternate method is to set up the boosts as follow:

    - x2 multiplier
    - hints
    - match them all

    This negates any speed, number and color bonuses. However, it seems to increase the points faster.

    Try both methods and see whichever suits you the best.

    Update: 24th April:
    As mentioned in the comments, it'd be best to leave the game from time to time so as the game could register for the "destroy X number of blocks") achievement. It has been reported that some players have unlocked this achievement by not leaving the game at all, only to miss out of the destruction achievement.

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    SkrypekI suspect the game simply has an unfortunate way of counting the blocks. It seems to only count one block destroyed when making a match, thus the dropped counter runs several times faster than the destroyed counter. I guess you'll unlock the 10k destroyed after futher grinding.
    Posted by Skrypek on 27 Jun 13 at 06:22
    QcK Dagger HeaTEveryone says how bad this achievement on my third try as I broke 2 phones b4 logging this achievement......the first one I was 80% done. My last phone that just I was 300,000 point away crycrycry. Hopefully third times a charm
    Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 19 Jan 15 at 22:41
    A 0 UB3RLOZ3RUgh i don't think my coins earned is going up where do i check?
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 15 Oct 19 at 17:09
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  • MitoticActivityMitoticActivity684,740
    12 May 2013 12 May 2013 12 May 2013
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    An alternative "white matter-free" method is to play Endless with the x2 multiplier and match them all boosts, and just swipe down as fast as you can, ignoring any attempt to make appropriate matches. I tend to start on one side, fill a column, then move over one column and repeat, filling in gaps when they appear.

    Many swipes will destroy blocks without having to think. I averaged 500 coins (5000 points) every 3 minutes and 1000 coins every 5-6 minutes, sometimes faster if I got a lucky sequence of drops. I averaged 800-900 coins per game and my high was 1810.

    The obvious problem with this method is that by playing multiple games you would normally need to re-buy the boosts frequently. This would be counterproductive since you are trying to have 100K coins at once. Fortunately, I found a simple little trick to avoid this.

    Buy the boosts once and play a game as described, and when you lose that game start up a new one by selecting repeat on the end-game screen. Play this next game the same way.

    Now here is the important part: when you lose the second game select Main Menu, and then back out of the game using the Windows home button. Reload the game through the XBL tile, start a game of Endless and turn on the two boosts again in the pause menu.

    You'll notice both boosts are now refilled (it actually looks like they are 75% full but this is normal). Now just repeat the process over and over and you'll never have to buy another boost again.

    It is important not to start a third consecutive game as your boosts will be depleted at the end of it and you'll have to buy more. While this is still very tedious and boring, it was the fastest method for me and I hope it helps anyone else grinding this out.
  • DeviSlatorDeviSlator483,988
    15 Sep 2013 09 Sep 2013 20 Sep 2013
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    After hours of research, I have found a slightly faster way to grind out the achievement. Using this method I get 100,000 points in an average of 12-14 minutes so that's around 4-500,000 points an hour (4-5,000 coins).

    General hints and tips
    This achievement is not cumulative. You need to have 100,000 coins sitting in the bank. Therefore you'll want to avoid wasting money rebuying boosts until after you have this achievement. Luckily there is a handy glitch to avoid wasting your coins. Coins are earned for every 100 points got in the game. 100,000 points equals 1,000 coins or 1% of the target. This method will take you around 20-25 hours depending how many coins you have when you start and how quick you are. The bricks you get are random so the speed at which you earn points will vary.

    Free boost glitch
    I've found that after losing the game, return to the main menu, exit the game and restarting the game keeps all of the coins I've earned and resets the boosts to full. This works on Nokia Lumia 800, please leave a comment if this does(n't) work on your phone

    The method
    Start a game on Endless Mode and activate the boosts 2x points, Hint and Side-by-side.

    I've found that the highest bonuses come from destroying large chains of blocks. Destroying 8 blocks at a time yields over 9,000 points and a chain of 7 blocks gives over 6,000 points. So the idea is to stack 1s in the far right column until you have 6/7 of them and then complete the.chain to get a large bonus. To do this you can drop the first three 1s without worrying about accidentally destroying but then you must watch to make sure you don't 'short chain' yourself. I.e. If you have a column of four 1s, don't drop a 1 if the target is a 4 or 5. You need a target of 6 or higher to keep building the column. When you have a column of six 1s then you are ready to destroy it. When a 1 comes along with a target of 7 (or a 2 with a target of 8) then drop it and reap your bonus. A smaller percentage of the time you will get a couple of 1s with a target of 8 before you get one with a target of 7. This will allow you to claim the full bonus of destroying a chain of 8. I generally take the bonus of 7 rather than wait for an 8 to come along.

    So, what to do with the other numbers and columns? 5s are the hardest bricks to get rid of so put these in the first and second column. Make sure you start with the second column and that it is always 1 or 2 bricks higher than column 1. The reason for this is that the Hint boost will tell you when you can drop a 2/3 into column 1 and if you have 2 bricks in column 1 and 3 bricks in column 2 then you will take out 2 of the inconvenient 5 bricks at the same time.

    Columns 3,4 and 5 are used for bricks numbered 2,3 and 4. These can be pretty much dropped randomly at speed and will form chains and disappear without much attention. Column 6 is left empty to avoid accidentally destroying the 1s

    This will give you a screen along the lines of;

    ......3 1
    ..5342 1
    55234 1

    So, based on this, I will give some examples of where to drop various bricks;

    1 with a target of 4 - column 3 to destroy the two 3s Although columns 4 and 5 are fine also
    1 with a target of 5 or above - column 7 to add to the 1s
    2 with a target of 7 - column 1 to destroy two 5s
    2 with any other target - column 3-5, if hint is showing a location go with it otherwise any of those 3 columns are fine
    3 with a target of 8 - column 1 to destroy two 5s
    3 with any other target - column 3-5, if hint is showing a location go with it otherwise any of those 3 columns are fine
    4 place in columns 3-5, if hint is showing a location go with it otherwise any of those 3 columns are fine
    5 goes in column 2 to maintain the height difference of 1 or 2 over column 1

    Things to watch out for
    If you get a build up of 5s you can start to use column 3 but make sure you clear those first. Remember, the 1s should be your main priority and if the game ends you can just restart, there's no loss. This hasn't happened to me so I guess it's unlikely but there is a chance you won't get the bricks you need. Also, try not to waste your 1s. Sometimes I see the hint and drop them in other columns without thinking.

    I hope this helps, please leave any comments/suggestions below
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    XtowersGreat tip for never having to buy boosts.
    Posted by Xtowers on 12 Feb 14 at 18:17
    B8TINGUI love this method! Instead of only going to your point spread I just pause the game and keep coming back to it till I reach around 900k..then end it I average 10k in coins so this speeds things up quite a bit, instead of seemingly endless grinding.. Thanks! Thumbs up!!
    Posted by B8TINGU on 20 Nov 14 at 07:32
    tractakidThis method makes a dull dull game simply dull. I'll get there eventually, this is the best method around!
    Posted by tractakid on 17 Mar 16 at 23:54
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