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I Love the Corps!

Earn Rank 60 as a Marine

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How to unlock the I Love the Corps! achievement

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    After trying many ways this is the fastest way i can find... to farm marine xp replay mission 11 Home on Ultimate Badass over and over. This will net you 2850 xp in under 5 mins each time. You can do this solo or in co-op, each way is different

    Solo - Only Queen spawns
    Co-op - Queen and Soldiers spawn

    co-op is faster. Looking in the airlock direction where the queen spawns one guy stands inside the far right container and will be keeping the queen busy while the other runs around pressing the switches. Once the 4th switch has been done both of you run over to the 5th and final switch and shoot the queen drawing her over to the loader, then flick that switch to end mission. Just watch out for the alien soldiers that keep spawning.

    If the queen does not come over to the loader, then one of you will have to go over to her and lure her onto it.

    Rank 60 is 234000 xp total

    I strongly recommend you do all the challenges and complete campaign on Ultimate Badass before farming for xp, as by the time you have done all that you should be well into the rank 40's
    (I did 1 co-op playthro on Ultimate Badass, then completed all challenges which left me at rank 48)

    Edit - Just an idea on how long it takes using this solution, it took me just over a hour and half to go from rank 48 - 60
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    Lord Von Chimp with this being the go-to guide for this one it seems, can the writer please add a note on the end to warn everyone about something,

    If you clear your hard drive caché you WILL LOSE YOUR PROGRESS, found this out the hard way, was on level 53, and now back to level 1.....everyone needs to be warned about this massive flaw in the game's save system...
    Posted by Lord Von Chimp on 09 Aug 15 at 20:45
    EarthboundX Nah Darth, the lose progress bug is caused by not being signed in, when you start the game up. The save seems to be matched to you GT only.

    I cleared my cache 2 times doing my time playing, and my save was still there.
    It's still a godawfwul save system, but there's the reason.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Dec 15 at 07:53
    PrettyColt21109 ^^^ I cleared my cache and still have everything (whew!).

    Do you get XP in the story DLC 'Stasis Interrupted'? And do Xeno kills in that count towards your total? If so I think playing through the story DLC first is a good idea too
    Posted by PrettyColt21109 on 12 Jul 16 at 05:53
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