The All-Star achievement in Rockstar Table Tennis

The All-Star

Beat the All-Star Circuit on default settings.

The All-Star+0.2
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How to unlock the The All-Star achievement

  • The lMlanThe lMlan1,178,083
    01 Aug 2010 01 Aug 2010
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    Before you read this solution, be warned that great reaction time, analog stick placement, and patience are the way to getting this achievement...i used Juergen to get this because of his great side to side movement and his spin. you can easilly use the "Ace the Serve" method mentioned in the other guide in order to get all the way into the final tournament and then this is where the serve becomes almost useless.

    When i used Juergen against Jun Soo and Mark, about 10 tries into getting owned by Jung Soo, I found that hitting across the table close corner shots with "focus" being used will either make the cpu do a bad shot or put the ball into position for an easy shot to the other corner for a point.

    So another way to say this is that if you were on the left corner of your side of the table and you wanted to hit it into the right side of the opponents side of the table, then you would click A and B (hold if you have time to charge the shot) and then aim your left analog stick down and to the right so that the shot is aimed close to the net and at the corner. With Juergen's great spin it made the cpu get into a bad position for him to hit the next shot... and then if you wanted to hit it left, press A and X (possibly charge it) and aim the left analog stick down and to the left.

    The part that helps to get the cpu into a bad position is any focus shots you can use by holding RB and then doing which ever shot you were planning on hitting... this is best saved for when you feel that the cpu can be put out of position or if it can help bury a ball in the opposite direction of the cpu's location.

    Just try to hit the ball to the opposite corner every time or else the power of both Jung Soo and Mark can kill you when you hit a same side shot. Using this method on both jung Soo and Mark I was able to beat Jung Soo 11-7 11-5 and then Mark 11-7 11-4.

    Hope this can help you.. any questons or side notes that can help in this solution should be put into the comments.
    Good Luck

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    grex9101There's a TA vid on Youtube about acing Mark - just go all the way right and X spin.
    Posted by grex9101 on 02 Jun 13 at 23:52
    xSt0n3dxD3athxat the half way point of the tourney with jesper and gunna just say the only person ive had any issue with what so ever was luc haley was so easy i shut her out both games but i haven't seen marc or jung soo yet but i just thought id post that jesper's power isnt a bad way to go about this achievement either
    Posted by xSt0n3dxD3athx on 03 Nov 13 at 20:00
    idlebluei get the ace most of the time but was having trouble getting an extra point on some characters. HIGHHANDS solution of spamming "Y" + left stick down works wonders!
    Posted by idleblue on 05 Feb 14 at 22:38
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  • Removed Gamer
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    This works for both allstar and pro circuits of course allstar is slightly harder. NOTE "The pro and allstar achievements don't stack so you will have to do them both seperately."

    Firstly make sure it is default settings which is first to 11 with 2 of 3 games needed to win. This can be changed in the options menu simply by pressing the x button.

    Character: I choose Mark other characters will work but might have a different version of the servie trick, Also if you struggle beating Solayman try playing as him, However i also heard that mark is fairly hard to beat if your not playing as him.

    Method: On your serve use the ace serve trick, take on step back and five to the right and hit a heavy leftspin serve across the court, (the other method mentioned in previous solution of stepping left and using right spin does not work.) Using this method you will ace the serve 9 times out of 10 and if not the the CPU wastes their star power bar trying to return. Then all you have to do is win at least one point on the oppositions serve and hold your own.

    Problems: You will have to play nine/ten people in total through the three stages (three in the first, three in the second and three/four in the last) In allstar I came up against three players (Hayley, Solayman and Jung Soo) who were difficult to beat as they manage to return the ace serve trick more times than the other players. However still use it because as mentioned earlier most of the time they use there star power to get it back. You can always rematch if you loose but when playing these three try to move the about and also try to avoid playing shots down the line as they can get you out of position and make you vunerable to either a heavy spin shot or a smash. Also wait until your star power is full and automatically goes down rather than using it on specific shots as you will get to green quicker and be able to win more points from smashes. (Against Solayman be careful when smashing as he can return them very quickly and win the point.)
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    sliceasaurusNot gonna vote down just cause i cant get it but im on begin lvl and have not gotn 1 ace yet!! :(
    Posted by sliceasaurus on 31 May 12 at 20:10
  • HardstyleIdefixHardstyleIdefix200,478
    23 May 2014 23 May 2014
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    I just got the achievement and want to share the way I did it with you.

    First you need to have the default settings. You can change them in the options menu by pressing X.

    I recommend to choose Jung Soo for this achievemant because his ace serve trick also work for Mark! When you serve you take 6 steps to the right so that you are in the right corner, press X and look to the left by pressing the left trigger to the left. Then try to do a heavy leftspin serve. That could be a little bit tricky but with a little practice its not that difficult. For me this ace serve trick works against every CPU almost 100% perfectly.

    I found a video on youtube to show you the ace serve trick with Jung Soo vs Mark. I do not take credits for the video.

    Next thing you have to do is when the CPU serves try to press LB + Y + B and hold the left trigger down and right with every shot you do. It will take some time but when you do this you can be sure that the CPU will either hit the ball into the net or can't get the ball at some point of the match. As I said it may take some time but you only need the CPU to do a mistake once per match when you get all the other points during your serve. Against some CPU it works better then against others but it works with every CPU and sometimes you can easily win a game with 11-3 for example.

    Its not easy to get the achievement but with a little practice and patience you can get this done.

    This was my first solution and I hope it helps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)
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