Would you kindly ... achievement in Crysis®3

Would you kindly ...

Accept and complete 25 unique challenges

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How to unlock the Would you kindly ... achievement

  • TricKyRicKy xDTricKyRicKy xD1,563,667
    28 Feb 2013 28 Feb 2013 19 May 2016
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    In the multiplayer menu press start to bring up the challenge menu, there are 4 categories and you can select 1 challenge from each at a time.

    each challenge has a number of attempts written underneath, meaning if it has two and you fail once, you can try this one 1 more time before it changes.

    you CAN complete the same challenges again.
    the best way to do it is join a multiplayer game and keep quiting out so the challenges you have expire and that gives you a chance to find the easy ones. like kill 4 enemies, stay invisible for 90 seconds and so on.

    i can confirm that if you complete a challenge and quit out it does NOT count towards the 25! There is no way as far as i know to track how many you have done in the game itself, but if you go here http://crysis3s.com/ and type your gamer tag, and look on the right side of the page it will say how many you have done.

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    olde fortran 77Get as many achievements as possible before you pass level 10 because the multiplayer is absolutely dominated by a few level 50 players in other countries (with better network connections).

    Quitting out of multiplayer mode and then going back in to re-set the challenges is highly recommended! This wasn't consistent, but one Saturday I found that joining gave me one easy challenge. I would finish it, quit out of multiplayer, re-join, and the exact same easy challenge would be available. I got "stay in stealth for 60 seconds" at least 10 times in a row. The next day, I got "maximum armor for 90 seconds" repeatedly until the achievement popped.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 13 Apr 14 at 15:58
    Solario32Website still works great. Nice tribute to Bioshock 1 :)
    Posted by Solario32 on 11 Feb 15 at 13:35
    HieronimusSadly, the website has gone offline in October 2019.
    Posted by Hieronimus on 27 Jan at 16:28
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  • SmiththedudeSmiththedude1,078,577
    21 Feb 2013 21 Feb 2013
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    For this achievement, you need to complete 25 challenges off of the challenge menu. To see the menu, press start when you are in a game lobby, or on the main multiplayer menu. On this screen you will see 8 challenges. 3 are SOCIAL, 3 are from CRYNET, 1 is from your SQUAD (if applicable) and 1 is provided from someone in the LOBBY at random.
    For a while I thought that to get this you needed to complete 25 UNIQUE challenges, as in do 25 challenges that each require something different. Actually, this is not case. You can repeat any of the challenges given (if they are given to you). To be honest, at least 10 of the challenges I did were "Stay in ------- for 90 seconds" and I still got the achievement, very quickly mind you. So stick to the easier challenges. It doesn't matter if you have already done the same one, or a similar one. Just complete 25 challenges PERIOD to get this achievement.
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    SmiththedudeIt even says on the website that you have completed 36?
    Posted by Smiththedude on 19 Mar 13 at 04:27
    IgnoringFostersgreat soultion positive vote from me
    Posted by IgnoringFosters on 11 Jul 13 at 19:01
    togethawiistandI'm looking for help to boost any remaining Multiplayer achievements. Please, send me a PM or join one of my weekend sessions.
    Posted by togethawiistand on 06 Nov 14 at 00:43
    04 Dec 2014 06 Dec 2014
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    The above 2 solutions covers basically everything you need to know about the achievement.

    So here is my PRO-Tip to help get it faster :
    1. Start up Multiplayer
    2. Look at the Challenges offered in both Social & Crynet
    3. If you get one Easy one - (like use cloak, visor, armor for 90s) Accept and Attempt.
    Sometimes if you are really lucky you might get an easy one in each, so choose both.(like collect 2 dog-tags or get 2 kills)
    If you don't get one you like, back out of multiplayer and enter again. repeat till you are happy with your choices. Highlight and Accept then...

    4. Play and Complete the match - Get Credit for it, XP screen at the end confirms it.
    5. ***Most Important Part*** - Back out of the game lobby, before another game starts; you will see that the Completed Challenges have updated / changed.
    6. Now Back out of Multiplayer Immediately. Do not play any more games.
    7. Enter Multiplayer again, and the same challenge(s) previously completed will appear again - most times 1 of them not 2.
    8. Highlight & Accept same challenge(s) and play another game and get credit for it again.
    9. Rinse and repeat above method until you get 25.

    This Infinite Loop will remain until you dashboard the game, where all challenges will be reset, so attempt this when you have some time to invest without leaving the game.

    Good Luck !
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