The Savant achievement in Rockstar Table Tennis

The Savant

Beat the All-Star Circuit with every character.

The Savant+2.9
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How to unlock the The Savant achievement

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    Hi, so heres my guide to getting this achievement.

    First off I'm not going to say "all you have to do is" or "it's simply a case of" or "you can easily", this achievement has a high ratio for a reason, it's challenging. You will need patience, luck and skill to get it, unless of course you are some sort of gaming God, I'm not so I needed all the above.

    You will probably find that there are only 2 characters that give you a problem each time you play-through, Jung Soo and Mark, so this is really a combination of methods that worked for me when beating them myself,

    Most people know that you can adjust the game parameters for the tournaments in the game options menu, so set the games to 1 of 1, points per game = 7 and points per serve = 5. (if you haven't got The All-Star yet (my advice use Mark), you can restore default settings).

    Ace Serves
    I've found that you can get an ace serve past everyone except Jung Soo and Mark.

    Some people have asked me to say where to stand for each one, but this isn't practical, there are several spots to stand in to get an ace, and although you can often use the same spot, you may need to alter it depending on who you are playing with or against.

    For example, you could stand 6 sidesteps right and one back, then use X holding down and left and get an ace, then against the next opponent they will return that type, but by standing 7 sidesteps and using X holding left you will ace them.

    Ace positions that worked for me included
    1. 4 sidesteps to max sidesteps right, X and hold left
    2. 4 sidesteps to max sidesteps right and back one full (or the little shuffle), X and hold left
    3. as 2, but hold down and left

    Try to get max power and spin if you can.

    The most common position seemed to be 6 or 7 sidesteps right, 1 back, X holding down and left, althought 7 sidesteps right, X holding left also worked well.

    As it differs with who you play as and against, use the above as a basis and you shouldn't go far wrong, don't expect to get ace serves everytime against every player, but I found if they returned my first shot I needed to change my ace serving position and that usually did the trick.

    Jung Soo and Mark. (sometimes Juergen)
    Dont try to ace serve them, they will return it everytime, try using a low powered Y, aimed to the left generally, I found that if I served with the speed bar at around 30ish % (usually at the level the outer edge white spin meter gets to) they didn't do an unreturnable return of serve.

    I did find that Carmen was able to do a B based Ace serve (sidestep left) attempt that forced Jung Soo so wide when he returned I was able to immediately counter and win a point everytime.

    Returning Serves.
    This doesn't work everytime, but by returning with a Y&B and holding down and right, quite often they will return it into the net, or it will drop over the table and they can't return, it works better against some than others, but it is a cheap way to get points and is usually a safe way to keep the ball in play.

    General Tips.
    This is vital when playing against Jung Soo and Mark, but helps with some others. Each player has a side where they can return very fast low shots, hard to counter, so try to keep them on the opposite side, I prefered to keep playing to Jung Soos right and Marks left (but Mark is tricky so I varied it depending on who I was playing as).

    It's boring but try to use LB&Y holding down and left, hitting across the table onto their right. This keeps the play sort of slow and you can win points by either them playing it into the net, or under the table, or with time you will get an opportunity to do a X or X&A and force them very wide, you can then counter with a A or B&A to the opposite side. This does not work every time, but more times than not, and can be flipped so you play onto their left and use B or B&A to send them wide, countering with A, X, or X&A.

    Focus Bar
    Some characters build up the bar quickly, which is helpful, so use it when you have it, but don't worry about trying to fill it, let it happen and just concentrate on staying in the rally. I found that using with the focus using a Y&B onto their left gave a good opportunity for a counetr X&A to their right.

    Final Adivce
    This game will frustrate you, so I broke it down. I would play through until I got to Jung Soo, give it a few goes and if i kept losing, turn it off and play something else, then come back to it and find I beat him fairly quickly, I did the same with Mark, the good thing is once you beat Mark the match for the final is usually easy as they will be vunerable to ace serves.

    With some characters I actually found it easier to win points from their serves than my own, so if you are struggling you can try that approach.

    Well, thats about as much information as I can pass on, I wish you well and good luck in your attempts to beat that git Mark.
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    NINja277^I found Grex9101 info above to be the best for Jeurgan with Kumi...Just to add my bit to this thread vs. Jeurgan if you get passed Kumis serve phase against Jeurgan and lose a few serves to him you can easily win 2-3 points off of Jeurgan's serve.

    To start off do not move Kumi an inch keep her where she begins ,As he serves the key is to start charging your return the INSTANT the ball hits his paddle on his serve. Once the ball hits the paddle during his serve start holding down right with LS and hold A+Bas well. Near the very end of charging your controller is likely to shake DO NOT stop charging it is unlikely it will go off the table. If he happens to return this just keep returning with Down Right on LS and A+B. I was able to consistently get 1 or 2 points away from his serve doing this.

    NOTE: I also changed serves to 5 in the options instead of 2.

    EDIT2:All the info above just worked brilliant at Mark for me as well. Beat him second try 7-3. One more thing to add if after Grex's serve spot Mark returns keep hitting to the same side you started if possible. If you ever see Mark activate his Focus ( he will go into slow motion) on the VERY next return activate yours and hold down the same direction you have been hitting plus A as long as possible do not let go. I was able to score on him almost everytime this happened.

    In otherwords say I am serving using Grex to the right side of the table using B and Y. If Mark returns use B and LS to the right. Returns again B and LS to the right. If Mark activates focus to get the ball then HOLD RB to activate focus the instant his slow motion stops HOLD B and A and do not let go til it hits the ground. The ball will curve like crazy and he will not be able to get it.

    If you were playing the left side of the table all the above would apply except it would be X + A instead of B + A.
    Posted by NINja277 on 25 Jul 13 at 17:30
    xSt0n3dxD3athxjust wanted to state that i constantly have issues with jesper as well so people should be weary when against him hes no where near as bad as mark or jung soo but he can give issues as well with his brute force just a warning for everyone who might decide to do the game near future but great guide adiash very helpful
    Posted by xSt0n3dxD3athx on 04 Nov 13 at 15:17
    xSt0n3dxD3athxalso i could really use some advice on beating the allstar tourney with kumi she's absolutely horrid to play as help please
    Posted by xSt0n3dxD3athx on 04 Nov 13 at 17:01
    South Park TFBWKumi vs Mark was a fucking nightmare. It's basically 100% luck. angry
    Posted by South Park TFBW on 25 Mar 15 at 22:13
    Piston ToyotaHaving just beaten the All-Star circuit with Haley, I thought I'd throw in some Haley-specific advice for anyone still working on this, since she seems to give a lot of people trouble.

    One big thing I noticed was that her service ace "sweet spot" is four steps to the right, one back and hard leftspin to the left side for most opponents. Even Jesper, who seems somewhat resistant to aces, falls for this in my experience. The only person besides Jung Soo and Mark that this didn't work on was Kumi, but she seems to fall for five steps right and one back instead.

    Aside from that, I can't stress enough how important it is to play defensively. Every point I scored that wasn't an ace was earned by spamming LB+YB aimed back and to the right. Just keep doing that and playing conservatively until they make a mistake. I tried to avoid getting greedy and going for a hard smash to the other side unless I forced my opponent WAY out of position, since if they do return an offensive shot like that it's pretty much guaranteed to get by you because of the high speed.

    A lot of this advice applies to Kumi as well. The big difference is that her "sweet spot" seems to always be five right, one back and hard leftspin. Also, her super high Spin stat means that she can have difficulty getting the ball over the net if you use those low, weak backspin shots since the backspin will affect her shots more. Because of this, you should be a bit more gentle with aiming the shot backwards than you would with others.

    Alright, that's all I have. Just remember that there is a strong luck component to this, no matter how good you are. So just stick with it and it will work out eventually. Good luck!
    Posted by Piston Toyota on 07 Jan 16 at 22:13
    Dragonborn GearI never really had any trouble with Kumi. I must admit she never really scored aces for me, but she was agile enough to where I could keep the ball from going past me until I got focus to score on the opponents. Playing her after immobile Jesper was great. I struggled with him greatly on some characters like Haley until I found away to get aces with him.

    My only real bit of advice is to just experiment with minor adjustments like maybe one more step left here or there and hold left AND down on the left stick while serving X. Beyond that, make sure to turn of Event Camera. That slo-motion crap threw me off so many times. I found myself much more successful with scoring on the table with that momentum buster turned off.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 28 Feb 16 at 22:08
    FL trooper beI found Jesper the easiest player To complete All star with. The women were a pain against male players on All star
    Posted by FL trooper be on 29 Feb 16 at 08:37
    On Phone EmJasper cannot ace serve. Worst character ever made in the history of video games. Just a ugly gorilla dumb and useless amond the stupid and ugly characters of this game.
    Posted by On Phone Em on 19 Mar 16 at 04:03
    AlysandrosIt's true that Jesper cannot ace serve but he's so powerful that I could rather easily score with him. I played with him for the All star with default settings and it was far from easy especially against Jung Soo and Mark but much easier for me than with other players such as Juergen or Luc.
    Posted by Alysandros on 01 Aug 16 at 18:35
    AlysandrosIt's true that Jesper cannot ace serve but he's so powerful that I could rather easily score with him. I played with him for the All star with default settings and it was far from easy especially against Jung Soo and Mark but much easier for me than with other players such as Juergen or Luc.
    Posted by Alysandros on 02 Aug 16 at 10:05
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