The Tailor achievement in Rockstar Table Tennis

The Tailor

Every outfit in the game has been unlocked.

The Tailor+0.2
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How to unlock the The Tailor achievement

  • Lonsta DaMonstaLonsta DaMonsta516,718
    28 May 2006 04 Oct 2009
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    There are plenty of methods used to unlock outfits. Here is a list of them:

    * Shutout the CPU in at least 1 Game in a Match
    * Won a Match using a Backhand Shot
    * Won a Match using a Forehand Shot
    * Won a Match using a Smash Shot
    * Won a Match using a Slow Shot
    * Won a Match using a Lunge Shot
    * Won a Match using a Heavy Backspin Shot
    * Won a Match using a Heavy Leftspin Shot
    * Won a Match using a Heavy Rightspin Shot
    * Won a Match using a Heavy Topspin Shot
    * Won a Match using a late swing
    * Won a Match with a Really Fast Shot
    * Won a Match with a 4 Point Deficit Comeback
    * Won a Match with a 5 Point Deficit Comeback
    * Won a Match with a 6 Point Deficit Comeback
    * Won a Match with a 7 Point Deficit Comeback
    * Won a Match with a 8 Point Deficit Comeback
    * Had a Rally of at least 40 Hits
    * Had a Rally of at least 100 Hits
    * Won a Match by forcing the CPU to hit the net
    * Won a Match by returning a shot from the CPU that dropped short
    * Won a Match by making the ball bounce 2+ times on the CPU’s side of the table
    * Beat a circuit in less than 20 minutes
    * Overcame a 2 game deficit to win a 5 game match
    * Won at least 22 Matches with a Character (22 gets you one outfit, 23 gets you another outfit, etc)
    * Win a match at a character’s recreational venue (Whatever level you unlock with a character, that is their “venue” -- example: Win a Match at the Factory using Juergen and you unlock an outfit.)

    These methods can be used on any settings. Once one criteria is used to unlock an outfit for someone, it cannot be used again. If you run out of methods, you can still win 22 matches with that character to unlock their remaining outfits.

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    MattiasAndersonI got it when i tried to unlock a new table with soft shot.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 04 Jul 14 at 22:55
    On Phone EmCan you use the SAME METHOD with 2 DIFFERENT characters ?
    Posted by On Phone Em on 12 Mar 16 at 15:23
    Lonsta DaMonstaNo you cannot. In the end you'll probably end up having to win 22 matches with different characters in order to unlock all the outfits.
    Posted by Lonsta DaMonsta on 15 Mar 16 at 02:41
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  • ValentinianValentinian543,066
    22 Jul 2012 23 Jul 2012
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    Once you have used all of the easier outfit unlocks, (deficit comebacks, win with forehand, backhand, etc.), the best way, and possibly the only way to unlock the rest of the outfits, is to win 22+ matches with each character.

    **Only the matches that would unlock you outfits (22nd match, 23 match, or higher) need to be played against a computer. The rest of the matches can be boosted with two controllers by yourself.**

    To clarify, matches 1-21 (all wins) can be played in exhibition with two controllers. You will only need to win matches 22, 23, or higher against a computer (easy difficulty works well).

    *To change match settings: from the main menu, go to options, then game options.*
    *Recommended settings:
    -games per match 1 of 1
    -points per game 7
    -points per serve 5 (you may prefer 2)

    *To check how many wins you have with a particular character, from the main menu, go to extras, and then stats.*
  • iDuLiDuL199,251
    24 Jan 2019 24 Jan 2019 24 Jan 2019
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    This can be unlocked while going for "The Veteran" achievement with a turbo controller. (Rack up 10 hours of offline game time)

    First, you'll want to go to Options and set the game to 7 points & 1 round.

    Set your turbo to press "A" on the slowest setting, then highlight Exhibition and set difficulty to Easy.

    For almost every character, I used Luc as my opponent. The only two characters which I had to use a different opponent were Jung Soo and Juergen.. for them I had to use Haley as an opponent.

    According to the posted solution on "The Veteran" achievement, all a single character needs to unlock all outfits is 22 wins, however I won 17 games with Juergen and still unlocked all of their outfits.

    Set the turbo on, come back in a few hours then switch characters. Always check if you have all the outfits before you turbo your next character! This should take you around 2 days. Good luck!
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