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  • IKevIKevIKevIKev263,788
    18 Apr 2009 08 Oct 2009
    46 4 1
    I will be honest. This will take awhile. A minimum of 200 tournaments if everyone is kind enough to give everyone a chance.

    The best way to get this achievement is to find 3 players(4 including yourself). It would be best that you all have mics so you can communicate.

    First create a 4 player ranked tournament. It doesn't matter what the settings are.

    Before you start it decide what order each player will get his/her win. That way it is fair for everyone.

    When it starts there will be 2 games of 1v1. In the game where no one was decided to win both should quit out.

    Otherwise you will be forced to play a minimum of 7 minutes a match. The tournament is timed where who is winning when time runs out gos through.

    Once they are back in the menus, the player that also wasn't decided to win in the remaining game should also quit out.

    That leaves 1 remaining with the win. Then give someone else a go. Etc. Etc.

    This is a very time consuming achievement. You will need people who are committed to it. I hope this guide helps.

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    No, everyone should just quit at once and leave one winner.
    Posted on 11 Feb 15 at 13:30
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  • adiash73adiash73834,347
    02 May 2009 19 Dec 2009 02 Jul 2011
    40 0 6
    The solution posted by IKevIKev is the method that we used and it works well. This is to be considered an addition to that solution.

    We worked in a pattern where the person creating the match always went on to win. This allowed the next winner to create the next match and have it ready so saving a bit of time.

    It does take a while, but we all wanted it and worked as a team.

    I would add that you can also save a bit of time by avoiding any 2nd round matches.

    If the overall winner waits an extra 20-30 seconds before advancing from the 1st round match, it allows time for the winner of the other 1st round match to quit out.

    This prevents that person getting pulled into the 2nd round match of the tournament and therefore saving some time.

    The reason you can get pulled into 2nd round matches is that you will find that 1 person will quit out before the other and it then takes a bit longer for the remaining person to exit the game.

    If the overall winner is a bit eager on forcing thru to the next round the other 1st round winner will not have time to get back to the review screen and quit out.

    When you have 200 matches to do between the 4 of you, saving this small bit of time will add up over all the matches.

    We got into a good flow after about a dozen or so matches and only occassionally slipped up, mainly as not all of us were on mic in the party.

    Once you get into the flow of things it's easy enough, and the overall winner started to use the rotation of the table to judge when to continue.

    I understand it's not a full solution and maybe it should have been added as a comment, but as this is my first, I'm hopeful some will find it handy and it's OK.
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    Wehttam 360Just to let people know I did this with a team of 3 others and all 4 of us managed to have the achievement in 7 hours.
    Posted by Wehttam 360 on 22 Jul 12 at 14:12
    troyoyI did this by myself with 4 boxes. Then every friend I have wanted me to help them :( Sorry guys, thats alot of time and not why I bought so many.
    Posted by troyoy on 10 Sep 12 at 23:16
    HardstyleIdefixthanks for the solution! it saves me and my buddies a lot of time with the avoiding this 2nd round matches trick :)
    Posted by HardstyleIdefix on 14 Sep 12 at 15:23
  • SlightlyEroticSlightlyErotic1,046,146
    09 May 2013 09 May 2013 15 May 2013
    15 3 3
    This will only take from 1:30-2 hours!!!!!!!!! Read below.

    I did this very recent and I got the achievement in 2 hours ONLY how?

    Simply one player host Timed Tournament and the others search and you will eventually find it make sure that you change the number of players needed from 8----->4 players.

    Now as soon as the character ready to serve all the three players press start and quit at the same time, and leave one player to get the win. Now all you need is to press A quickly and host while the other player (the winner) back as on his screen there will be stats popping up saying he wins the tournament. It will take him 30 seconds or so to back to the lobby.

    If by any chance you didnt guys quit at the same time you dont have to start another match as the one who couldn't make it wait 5 seconds and press B it will say you will lose! press yes and by doing this you will deny playing another match and loading screen ...etc

    Now for me I got 2 xboxes same as my friend and we got 65 wins in 3 hours session! we both live in Australia so we didnt have any issues with connection except few however we backed out and restart the modem\router and then all good.

    I have one TV and even though All I did was simply pressing the A button without the need to switch the cable between the 2 xboxes!
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    Mr GranstaffHm. Seems like a stellar solution. I wonder why you're getting negative votes?
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 04 Sep 14 at 17:56
    LvxProbably due to this solution counting on people having more than 1 Xbox. Obviously this takes less time when only 2 people need it...
    Posted by Lvx on 29 May 15 at 15:22
    SlightlyEroticthe solution works, and xbox 360 are next to nothing £$£ second hand now. the game its self is priceless...worked for me.
    Posted by SlightlyErotic on 29 May 15 at 15:34
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