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Epic Fumble

Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding.

Epic Fumble0
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Achievement Guide for Epic Fumble

  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS916,224
    07 Mar 2013 07 Mar 2013 21 Mar 2013
    39 5 7
    For those having problems getting this, I also had difficulty doing it at the location mentioned in the other guides.

    I did get it in that location but used a slightly different method.

    You won't have an opportunity any earlier than when you meet grim in the shanty town and get ambushed and you will know it when it happens

    What I did was focus on the guy in the middle of the lover level, above him is the guy on the siren, what I did was wait for the lower guy to light his dynamite and uses a rope arrow (rb) on him, as this wont kill him only stagger him and make him drop the dynamite, the explosion should kill him and the guy to the right of him.

    If you are going to reload the check point wait a few seconds as the achievement took longer than I would expect to pop on screen for me.

    This should make it easier to get for people.

    Edit: Also worth noting that you can try the left or right guy if you feel they are in range and have a clearer shot at them lighting the dynamite, logic would suggest that if middle guy blows up right guy then the same is true in reverse !!!!!
  • Soaring Eagle5Soaring Eagle5113,454
    06 Mar 2013 06 Mar 2013
    26 4 1
    This achievement is for killing two enemies with dynamite, by making one of the enemies fumble it when they go to throw it. One of the best places to get this is when you get ambushed when you go to meet up with Grim. See the video for more information.
  • atheistiumatheistium121,808
    03 Mar 2013 03 Mar 2013
    22 1 8
    When you meet up with Grim (Old Scottish bloke), you will be ambushed.

    The upper level enemies will throw dynamite at you. Equip the rifle and keep shooting in their general direction and one will fumble and drop the dynamite.

    If you don't get it try to reload the checkpoint before killing the last one.

    This is also the perfect place to get Boom Goes the Dynamite achievement:
    Solution for Boom Goes the Dynamite in Tomb Raider
  • paulinovinopaulinovino313,577
    09 Mar 2013 09 Mar 2013
    6 0 0
    Later in the game, you will reach the Shanty Town. After a little exploring in it, you will meet up with your shipmate, Grim. The dynamite throwers will appear around this time, when you are forced to hold off a wave of them. I simply used B to scramble from cover to cover, and look to see which ones were throwing the dynamite. Kill the archers, but keep the dynamite throwers alive.
    There will be two machete wielding guys who will rush you on a zipline. When they move near the thrower, if you time it right, you can hit him right when he starts to throw, and the achievement should pop!
    You can always reload this checkpoint or do this later. This is not the easiest way, but it is the first available one.
  • kloakaTVkloakaTV335,390
    14 Jul 2013 19 Jul 2013
    6 0 0
    Just like to share my achievement guide on youtube.

    There are multiple parts in the game where there are a group of guys throwing dynamite at you.

    Simple when someone prepares one shoot him but not in the head because that kills him instantly and you want him plus another one get killed by the dynamite.
  • MABNMABN37,354
    11 Jan 2014 11 Jan 2014 11 Jan 2014
    3 1 0
    I got the achievement after getting the grenade launcher. While escaping from the Solarii fortress, you will fight several enemies. At one point, in a yard with trees and low walls that work as covers, there are several enemies around a dinamyte thrower. Shoot him with the pistol and... voila!
  • Guile132Guile132404,577
    02 Jul 2015 02 Jul 2015 02 Jul 2015
    1 0 0
    I got this achievement in the Chasm Monastery area where you swing the giant ornament into the 2 wooden beams and into the giant bell so the Bell can shatter the floor below, allowing you to escape. Apparently, a few guys come out (one holding dynamite) and I startled him causing him to drop the dynamite, killing everyone that was around him and the achievement unlocked so whoever's trying to get this achievement and haven't gotten to this part yet, it's after the part of the game where Lara was captured and hung upside down inside of a room filled with dead bodies and you have to break free to escape.
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