Deadeye achievement in Tomb Raider


Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.

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How to unlock the Deadeye achievement

  • Wrongway1985Wrongway1985136,106
    24 Mar 2013 25 Mar 2013 01 Apr 2013
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    First off if you haven't played the game yet use the other guides posted and gain this achievement it will save you some trouble.

    If you pass the Shanty Town/Gondola sections without gaining the achievement you will have to use this method once game is complete.

    I had completed the game and realized I had missed this thinking another playthrough was required I read some comments on here from Ryozenzuzex
    to which I give full credit for helping me and hopefully others in the same predicament...

    Fast travel to Helicopter Hill in Shanty Town, go to here on the map to be exact

    You Should be looking out to tower above something like this (If zipline isnt where it is on picture you will have to climb tower to make it so) jump on rail in front of you and to the roof behind jump on zipline and use the rope ascender (hold x) to get to the top.

    Enemies should spawn (If they don't re-enter Helicopter Hill I could only get enemies to spawn in the daytime) turn around zip down to where you were and enemies should follow I found the rifle works best to knock them off the line but weapon of choice is up to you, once they're killed run back to zip-line ascend again enemies spawn again and repeat until achievement pops.

    Cheers to SiebeTolsma who used this guide and was kind enough to make a video version

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    Legendkilla XCame back to this after several years and used the pistol. Popped on a headshot.
    Posted by Legendkilla X on 18 Feb 18 at 04:25
    RAREBORNthey won't show up at all for me
    Posted by RAREBORN on 12 Apr 20 at 21:14
    z RagnaroK zI also can't get the enemies to show up (beaten game already).

    From what I have gathered though, you can't kill yourself after finding guys to farm either. I tried doing this towards the end of the game by killing the same set of 4 guardian soldiers over and over and then jumping off a ledge myself. I must have killed 40 enemies this with no achievement. Not sure if you need to go "save" at a campfire/quit to menu but it definitely seems like dying resets the counter in some way.

    Hope this helps.
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 21 Apr 20 at 19:23
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  • AvalonDstrOfMenAvalonDstrOfMen71,720
    13 Mar 2013 13 Mar 2013
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    You can start on this achievement as soon as you are at the base exterior after you cross the bridge and kill a few guys going up an incline, a few more bad guys will shoot arrows at you from above, two or three guys should use the zip line, shoot them off with your rifle.

    After that, you have to take out a few more guys and you will end up on top of a concrete slab. Dodge the arrows and a few about two or three guys will use the zip line as well, so if done right you should have about 4 or 6 kills from the ziplines.

    The rest will come at Shantytown, when you get ambushed, shoot a few guys until you arrive at a cutscene, pull out your shotgun and shoot those that come down the zipline. If done right you should have the achievement, if not there are two other locations in Shantytown where the ziplines are used. Below is a video of of a couple of the Shantytown fights.
    Credit for the video goes to Solestro, I take no credit for his work.
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    DiscobadgererI'm having the exact same problem, I've killed more than 10 in Shanty Town post-game, and I definitely got a handful during my playthrough, but it ain't popping. Reckon it's just a bit glitchy...
    Posted by Discobadgerer on 10 Jul 13 at 19:34
    Shinerbock88I'm guessing this is glitchy as some of you have mentioned. I was pretty sure I killed a lot more than 10 before beating the game, but figured maybe I just missed it due to shooting them too early or something.

    I've completed the game and went to Shanty Town and there are two Solarii that spawn right above a zipline. I've shot them off the zipline 40 times and the achievement hasn't popped.

    So I thought maybe CD just didn't clarify the achievement requirements in the description and maybe we actually have to kill the enemies before they hit the ground. I've done that 17 times now and the achievement hasn't popped.

    I also make sure they're about halfway down the zipline sto ensure I don't shoot them early. No popage.

    There are only two explanations I have for this:

    1. The achievement is glitched.
    2. Perhaps killing the same two guys that respawn in the same place still only counts as two since it's technically the same enemies.

    I seriously doubt it's #2 because I was pretty sure I got a lot more than 10 during the campaign and I also doubt the same two respawning enemies only count as two zipline kills if you kill them once they respawn. I feel that's stretching it when looking for an explanation as to why this is happening, but I cannot rule it out. I suppose another explanation would be that perhaps these two enemies are glitched and don't count as zipline kills, but that would still fall under the glitched category, it's just more specific.

    Good luck to everyone trying for the achievement. I HIGHLY recommend you do ALL your achievements where you have to kill a certain amount of enemies BEFORE you complete the game. Also, change save slots at the Fast Travel Camp where you get the "Point of No Return" message. That way you can just load up that save after you've completed the game and fast travel to areas you prefer and it won't count as completing the game. This is definitely a headache...
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 23 Jul 13 at 09:13
    Lazy with StyleI missed the opportunity at the base exterior. But then, the walkthrough on this site says that the enemy who rope down to the chasm monastery hall also count. At least the sound effect is the same :). I killed 6 of them on the rope and then 7 enemys at the dynamite fight in Shanty Town. Makes 13 in total but no achievement. I think it really has to be a zip line. So I have 7 now and need 3 more but I heard there will be more opportunities later on. An advice for the dynamite fight in Shanty Town: Do NOT kill the guy at the alarm or the guys just shooting at you from far away. Let the alarm make sound, more waves of enemies will come like this and more enemies will use the zip line to get to you before they retreat! As stated, I got 7 kills like this!
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 07 Jan 16 at 09:52
  • atheistiumatheistium125,625
    03 Mar 2013 03 Mar 2013 05 Mar 2013
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    The best places to get this achievement are during the fights in the Shanty Town and Transport Gondola sections of the game. Keep an eye on enemies using the zip lines and shoot them down when you see them.

    The guys who jump on the zip likes are usually the ones holding swords, axes or melee weapons.

    Below are tips from NeXuS23 -

    If you die during these sections it will reset how many times you've killed guys off of the zip lines so make sure to try do it in one go.

    Transport Gondola: It's best to stay behind cover when you drop down and not go forward. This makes sure that they keep using the zip lines so you can shoot them down. I counted 14 till it popped!
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    Streak Leader@Ryozenzuzex: I was using the Shantytown spot and attempting this over and over after completing the game. It was only after reading your post about going for headshots that I finally got this achievement to pop. I hit 2 more guys with headshots (after literally piling up bodies on previous occasions) and it worked! You CAN get this after completing the game! Thanks so much for posting this.
    Posted by Streak Leader on 11 Jun 13 at 03:10
    DWilhelmsson@Ryozenzuzex / Streak Leader Your comments regarding head shots were a huge help! Like others have said was accumulating a silly body count at the bottom of the tower in Shantytown...two head shots later and *kaplink*! Thanks!
    Posted by DWilhelmsson on 12 Jul 13 at 22:21
    QuizabuckWant to add that I also needed head shots. Put about 30 down and only after going for head shots did it unlock.
    Posted by Quizabuck on 01 Nov 13 at 21:41
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