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True Commitment

Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

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How to unlock the True Commitment achievement

  • D0PE B0ID0PE B0I745,285
    25 Feb 2013 24 Feb 2013 09 Jan 2014
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    As the 1st person to unlock True Commitment, Shopaholic and 1k this game, this is the method I used.

    [True Commitment] You need to reach level 60. It takes 1,771,100xp to hit level 60. I estimate it takes 12-15hrs to go from 0-60 depending on your speed.

    Edit The devs have been kind enough to remove the general as a requirement to unlock Shopaholic.

    This is a video showing and explaining my method. All video credit goes to SPHINX OG

    Play a private match of Rescue by yourself. Choose SURVIVORS as your team and max out the time (20min) and set the captures to 20. Equip the sprint perk (you get this at lvl 27) and 2x looting perk which is available from the start. I chose the level Beach as its small and thats less surface area. Now all you have to do is take the medical supplies to the designated area and drop them off, the pick up spot changes but the drop off point wont. Rinse and Repeat. Once you capture 20 the round will end.

    Now at this time you want to leave the match and it will not penalize you if you leave between rounds. You are doing this because in the next round you would play as the SOLARII and will have to stop the SURVIVORS from capturing the medical supplies but since youre playing by yourself theres nothing to do.

    Doing this you should average 27,000xp every 12-15min and you can do it all by yourself no sessions required. When you hit 60, go to load out and hit Y to Prestige.

    [Collecting Salvage] While recovering the medical supplies you should also run around and collect salvage from the boxes. Make sure you have the perk equipped that increase your salvage looting.Farming salvage is much faster than leveling up. You can get 230-300 salvage per box and there are several on each map and they respawn quickly. I personally only collected the 2 salvage boxes in and by the tunnel.

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    psportalI can confirm this solution and the tip from otaku1412 still works.
    Posted by psportal on 15 Oct 20 at 05:40
    AbyssalOrc33Video is unavailable.
    Posted by AbyssalOrc33 on 07 Sep 21 at 06:02
    Drazer76Adding to Otaku. You can get a Long then Medium carry on every box.
    Bring all the way to near the base, then drop as you come down the stairs or as you pass through the gap on that side. If on the right side then you drop out by the concrete juts before the destroyed hole.
    All three ways in will get a long and then when you drop off it will be a medium.
    Posted by Drazer76 on 27 Dec 21 at 09:35
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    By now everyone knows the Rescue/Beach method. But my advice - Don't quit after round 1!

    Round 1:
    20 Long Carry
    20 Medium Carry
    20 Medkit Recovered
    1 Completed Round
    1 Gopher
    1 Delivery Boy

    About 9 minutes for 30650 XP

    Round 2: Run around collecting Salvage (you'll need it)

    10 minutes for 10,000 - 12,000 Salvage

    Round 3:
    20 Long Carry
    20 Medium Carry
    20 Medkit Recovered
    1 Winning Team
    1 Gopher
    1 Delivery Boy

    About 9 minutes for 33,350 XP

    Total: 64,000 XP and 10,000 - 12,000 Salvage in 30 minutes.

    Salvage will rise to 15,000+ if you grab it on Round 1 and 3 when the opportunity presents itself. Just don't go out of your way.

    Don't forget to let your Salvage hit 100,000 for the "Waste Not" bonus worth 50,000 XP.

    With The General obtainable at Level 60 through a glitch (and possibly an upcoming patch) doing the above will get you both True Commitment and Shopaholic in 27 games.

    EDIT: This is with Second Wind equipped. Second Wind allows you to sprint for longer with less recovery time needed before you can sprint again. It is unlocked at level 27. Before then you will need to set the rounds to 12 minutes to retrieve all 20 Medkits.
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    GsO LightI was wondering why I got 50,000 extra xp while collecting the med kits.. is it only a one time bonus? Or can I spend some, and get 100,000 again?
    Posted by GsO Light on 28 Jul 16 at 22:35
    Pretty sure it's a one time thing.
    Posted on 29 Jul 16 at 00:55
    Kung Fu RikiThe medium carry is performed right after picking up the supplies. You can get a short carry too. Just drop the supplies right outside the drop point for the long carry. Pick it up and walk it in for the short carry. An extra 1500 xp per round (75 x 20). I choose 12 minute rounds when attempting this.
    Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 17 Dec 17 at 20:03
  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon538,464
    27 Nov 2013 05 Dec 2013 31 Oct 2014
    29 0 3
    All of the game's multiplayer can be completed in about 17 hours. It takes approximately 15.5 hours to collect the necessary 1,771,100 experience to reach level 60, and exactly 206,000 salvage to purchase everything.

    The following 9 achievements require other players, or you can simply boost them. The only achievement that requires ranked matches is I'm All That, so the remainder can be done easily in private matches with friends or boosters.

    Tomb RaiderSole SurvivorThe Sole Survivor achievement in Tomb Raider worth 26 pointsIn multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn't dead or incapacitated.
    Tomb RaiderGood SamaritanThe Good Samaritan achievement in Tomb Raider worth 24 pointsRevive a teammate in a multiplayer match.
    Tomb RaiderEntrapmentThe Entrapment achievement in Tomb Raider worth 19 pointsCatch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer.
    Tomb RaiderAdventurerThe Adventurer achievement in Tomb Raider worth 53 pointsComplete a match in all multiplayer modes.
    Tomb RaiderArtillerymanThe Artilleryman achievement in Tomb Raider worth 71 pointsKill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret.
    Tomb RaiderDown Boy!The Down Boy! achievement in Tomb Raider worth 28 pointsKill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer.
    Tomb RaiderMaster BlasterThe Master Blaster achievement in Tomb Raider worth 56 pointsKill 2 multiplayer enemies with a single explosive.
    Tomb RaiderLights OutThe Lights Out achievement in Tomb Raider worth 40 pointsKill 10 multiplayer enemies using your melee attack.
    Tomb RaiderI'm all that!The I'm all that! achievement in Tomb Raider worth 96 pointsWin a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.

    The following two achievements you can do alone in a private match.

    Tomb RaiderMonkey AroundThe Monkey Around achievement in Tomb Raider worth 50 pointsIn a multiplayer match, escape death 3 times by using the rope ascender.
    Tomb RaiderEscapistThe Escapist achievement in Tomb Raider worth 55 pointsSurvive 10 explosions in multiplayer.

    I disincluded these achievements intentionally:

    Tomb RaiderNarcissisticThe Narcissistic achievement in Tomb Raider worth 21 pointsPurchase a new multiplayer character.
    Tomb RaiderOn My Way UpThe On My Way Up achievement in Tomb Raider worth 22 pointsReach level 10 in multiplayer.

    ...because you can't miss them on the way to completing True Commitment.

    The solo method for gaining True Commitment is very simple. Play a private Rescue match to the best of 3 rounds (as Tomb Raider is one of those games where you can play a private match by yourself), set the number of medkits to 10, the round time to 5 minutes, and the survivor kills make no difference whatsoever so you can simply leave it at the default. Make certain to select Survivors as your beginning team as well (as once in a while, the game will make you Solarii when you start a match).

    In a Survivor round, ignore all the salvage and collect the 10 medkits. The time this takes can vary depending on how often the medkit spawns behind, or in, the wrecked building.

    In a Solarii round, ignore the medkit (you can't do anything to it anyway) and collect salvage.

    Make sure to vote to play Survivors at the end of the second round, or there is possibility you will have to play Solarii again. After playing the third round, you have gained 31,300 experience and approximately 5750 salvage in 16 minutes.

    Note: To edit the spreadsheets and keep track of your own progress, use the File > Make a Copy command on each sheet to make changes to your own copy. White boxes are cells you can safely change, while all colored boxes are fixed values or calculations.

    I have created a spreadsheet that you can use to get a good idea of the returns you're getting per match:

    You can fiddle with the number of medkits and the rounds per match, but 10 medkits and 3 rounds has the best returns of any setup. The amount of salvage playing as each side can be fine tuned at the top left. Salvage records can be found on another spreadsheet I have made:

    The General is absolutely not required to gain the Shopaholic achievement. You will collect enough salvage to buy everything by level 45, though some upgrades are locked through level 58 so it's not particularly worth bothering to buy anything until you hit level 60 and can get Lara.
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    Fancy BaconNice solution. This should be top rated.
    Posted by Fancy Bacon on 09 Jan 14 at 04:27
    DarKenshin13Hi my friend Mobius, I'm following your method to the letter but I'm getting double the salvage at around 10k. Oh and now after 27 with the fast sprint unlocked and collecting the center two salvage (under and on top of the cave) every time I go for the medipack I get around 13.5k. Always with 31k XP, Maybe the reward system has changed.
    Posted by DarKenshin13 on 27 Mar 15 at 15:24
    Mobius EvalonIt could have been tweaked a bit. When I was grinding for this I was doing 10 medkits in 5 minutes and could only get 5750 as a Solarii in the same timeframe. That's why I left the cells in the spreadsheet near the top left as modifiable though, since you can enter a custom amount of salvage and it'll calculate the grind for you.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 28 Mar 15 at 03:02
  • Silver MitsukiSilver Mitsuki191,089
    11 Feb 2015 07 Feb 2015 07 Feb 2015
    23 1 6
    Everyone is writing guides but anybody is talking about data corruption; what I'm writing now is not a tip/guide on how to get EXP, is about how to avoid trowing away hours and hours of grinding.

    People rarely read comments, that's why I'm writing this as a solution, so read carefully: during online matches you will earn EXP needed to Level Up - and everybody already got this - but nobody talked about that in some cases (after connection failures, xbox crashes and other problems happened during saves... sometimes even when you start a match!) your level can be resetted, falling back to 1 (that sucks, right? ù.ù)

    So, since we don't want that this happens MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVES. NOW!

    I don't know why, but your (online) level (not your loadouts, not your salvages, not your upgrades, your level only!) is stored in local, in the 88KB "Profile Data" save, so after 2-5 levels I suggest you to make a backup of your save: after 1 and a half years, today I began playing TR again and the second online match I did took me to lv1, that's why I know that restoring old saves works.

    In "System Settings" > "Memory" > "Hard Drive" > "Tomb Raider" you will find (alongside Title Updates and other stuff) different saves: the first one is named "Profile Data Tomb Raider - [INSERT DATE HERE]" (for example "Profile Data Tomb Raider - 05/05/2013") and is a 88KB file (the file you want to restore) that includes your multiplayer data, settings, preferences and menu extras, while other saves ("Slot 1,2,3, ..... 05/05/2013") are 3MB campain saves (and you don't need to restore them too)

    An extra note: losing your level means that you will lose characters and weapons you unlocked either (alongside your prestige), but not the upgrades you already bought (at least this is what happened to me...).

    EDIT: I forgot to write this, but since some people could be scared of multiplayer after reading this "guide" a clarification is needed: Data corruption do NOT affact your offline campain, only your ONLINE level, so if you like to play an online match just for fun once in awhile just do it ;)
    07 Mar 2013 07 Mar 2013 10 Mar 2013
    27 8 6
    Just to add to Dope Boi's solution once you know where to go the max XP that can be obtained is 30,650 in less than 10 min and you will get around 2,000-3000 salvage.
    20xlong carries
    20xmedium carries
    plus the 2 bonuses
    Once you have the Medkit on the way back fall off the ledge close to the circle either on the left were the weapon spawns or towards the right, the ramp with a zipline next to it. You will recieve a long carry +500. Pick it up and walk it to the circle and you will recieve a medium carry +200 and the medkit +750. The tricky one is the one on the top by the window, grab it, stay on the top walk backwards towards the circle(about 10steps) look to the ledge on the left you will notice a pillar, fall off in front of the pillar. You will recieve a medium carry (+200) and the medkit will be stopped on the ground by the pilar. Next let go of the edge and you will fall right in front of it. Pick up the medkit and walk down the ramp towards the circle and recieve a longe carry plus the medkit bonus.
    Note this is more efficient when you unlock the sprint perk at level 27. Good luck with the grind.

    Edit: Confirmed!! I understand there are different variations on how to get the XP, however I want to get the most points I can in the shortest amount of time without getting bored. So I found that if you use the same strategy as I stated above leaving the time at 10 min and switching to 10 medkits, you would finish a game in less than 5 min and get 16,150XP this will get you 193,800XP per hour vice 10 minutes or less, 20 medkits getting 30,650XP which totals 183,900XP per hour. For me personally this keeps me active and its not as bad of a drag. Good Luck on your grind.
  • PalesiusPalesius1,856,227
    15 Sep 2017 12 Sep 2017
    11 2 2
    I have a solution for the perenially lazy among us. You will need a turbo controller capable of turboing the start button. (And a rubber band). This is certainly not the most efficient in terms of your Xboxes time, but it certainly is in terms of your time.

    Start a private match of deathmatch.
    1 round, 5 minutes.
    Set the Start button to turbo and rubber band it down.
    You will get 3000xp at the end for "winning".
    It will automatically start the next match.
    The match will take just under 7 minutes from the beginning of one to the next.
    That's about 7.5xp/sec or 27k per hour. If you leave it on overnight for 10 hours, you will get 270k.
    You would need about 65.5 hours of this to go from zero to 60.
  • Afr Geo BlazeAfr Geo Blaze311,409
    10 Jun 2019 10 Jun 2019 10 Jun 2019
    5 0 0
    If you have a friend or a dummy account, you can use this solution.

    I made my own solution that can reward you over 40k+ in LESS than 10 min (loading times aside) in 1 match on maps like Beach or Underground. However, it's way less efficient on map that have the recovery area away from the spawn (avoid Monastery for exemple).

    You can improve it at your own, but those are the specifications I played with. It is a little different than the usual other solutions.

    Game mode : Rescue

    Time round : 10 min (no need to change)

    Number of Medikits : 3 (Yes, only)

    Number of Kills : 15 (No need for more, but you can if you adjust the time round)

    Survivor ability : Steph / -Any- (You can keep Advanced looting if you're aiming for salvages)

    Solarii ability : Accomplished killer / Advanced looting

    1st round : You're the survivor. Same tactic as usual : Collect all 3 Medikit as fast as possible while improving carrying distance bonus. You can also have some little bonus if you kill your boosting friend/dummy account by a headshot while you and him are close to the recovery area. You can get around 7200-8000 for 2 or 2.30 min if you kill your opponent.

    2nd round : That where the magic occur. Make your opponent to collect a Medikit fast while you're running to the recovery area. When your opponent is around 3 meters or less from the recovery area, shoot him in the head, and finish him off when he's down. You'll get :

    50xp by putting him down
    75xp headshot
    150xp for putting down a medi-carrier near the recovery area
    150xp for the kill
    200xp for the execution

    1000xp (!) for killing an opponent around the 3 meters I mentionned (750xp if more than 3 meters, so this one depend on how close the opponent is from the recovery area when you kill him)

    + bonus at 3 - 5 - 10 - 15 headshots (no bonus for more)
    + bonus for killing spree, the medi-carrier killing spree and the "putting down" spree
    + bonus for the "nemesis" statut, the win, CC kill (the executions count as CC), ...

    Well, you got the picture.
    Most bonus rewards can be obtained by 15 kills. You can be granted 34-37k xp for 6-8 min that way, and it's not a real pain like the Medikit one.

    Using this method, you can have 40k-45k for 10 min of playing (usually less if that's a good map). You can also restart the lobby if the map selection after the match isn't good enough.
  • GodLike499GodLike499345,216
    16 Nov 2018 11 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
    5 1 0
    This isn't exactly a unique solution, but more of a refinement of an amalgamation of the other solutions, along with providing a text description of what I believe happens in the linked video. Who has time to watch a video, when you've got 12+ hours of grinding ahead of you?

    Instead of doing a single Rescue match capturing 20 Medkits, do the default match, where you're only capturing 5 kits. The reason is because you will get the Match Complete, Gopher, and Delivery Boy bonuses every 5 kits instead of every 20. These bonuses combined are 1,650 experience. Since you'll be getting them 3 additional times, that adds up to 5,150 experience points. The down side of this you'll need to restart the matches more often, but since you're going with the default settings, it's not that much of a time sink since you won't need to modify the match settings. Also, during the 20 second match start timer, you can check your progress towards the next level by selecting the Loadouts menu item, and looking in the top right corner.

    When running with these settings you should be getting 8,900 experience per match for less than 2 and a half minutes of game time.

    Score Breakdown
    5x Long Carry - 2500
    5x Medkit Recovered - 3750
    5x Medium Carry - 1000
    1x Match Won - 300
    1x Gopher - 350
    1x Delivery Boy - 1000

    Instead of doing random runs as a Solarii to earn salvage, salvage can be gathered during your Survivor runs for making progress towards the Shopaholic achievement. When wanting to break the monotony of grabbing Medkits during a match, just grab the first four, and then begin running a circuit around the loot crates. If you come across a medikit, go ahead and grab it while your on your way to the next loot kit. You'll get an additional Medium Carry (for 200 experience), and if you leave it on the ground after getting your salvage, the Medkit will respawn in one of its random spawn spots after a short time. Once the match timer gets to less than a minute, grab and score the final Medkit to finish the match. If you can't score the Medkit in time, you'll still get the win for the match, you'll just be missing out on the 1,450 experience for the two carries and scoring the kit.

    If you're going to stick with the Solarii loot runs, you'll only need to run around ten10-minute rounds as the Solarii, probably less than that if you're fast and efficient enough in addition to the incidental salvage you pick up while grabbing medkits. If doing the survivor method mentioned above I would guesstimate you'd need to do this 15 times since you're not grabbing loot for the entire ten minutes.

    The four crates I found on the beach map
    *In the tunnel near the base
    *Outside the tunnel where the previous crate was
    *To the left of the medikit that spawns at the top of the stairs (see below)
    *Go up the stairs from the base, once at the top of the stairs, turn right 180 degrees and follow the edge of the pit to the wall of the structure that the survivors spawn in and you'll come to the only other loot crate I found on this map

    If there's another crate on this map, please comment and I'll update the solution.

    Also of import, do not spend any money until you get the Waste Not challenge for having 100,000 salvage in your bank. It's worth a whopping 50,000 experience, which is pretty nice. I wish I had known about this before I dumped all my salvage into crap I wasn't using while grinding this.

    If you're not paying attention to how much loot you've collected and how much you've spent, I want to warn you of a shock I received. The last Solarii bow that you unlock at level 58 requires about 30,000 salvage to fully upgrade. After this, the only thing left is Lara for 10,000 salvage.

    When running the level, Medkits will spawn in five different places:
    Top of stairs to right of your base
    Under a bridge leading to upper level
    Between the tunnels leading out of the base
    Top floor of a collapse structure
    Behind the collapsed structure

    When capturing the Medkits, you want to drop the kit once. This will result in you getting credit for two carries, one long and one medium. The best way that I've found to drop the kit is to pull the left trigger to aim down the sight of your equipped weapon. The best paths and locations to drop the kits are as follows:

    Top of Stairs
    The path to take is the most direct route to the base. Drop the kit at the bottom of the second set of stairs. Just make sure you're not dropping it at the top of the steps going down to the base. If the kit slides down these steps, you may get stuck with two medium carries instead of a long and a medium carry (the difference is 300 xp).

    Under Bridge
    From the base, stick to the right tunnel and head directly towards the kit. Once you have the kit, follow the same path back. To drop the kit, grab the salvage crate by the intersection with the other tunnel. If you don't want to grab the salvage (or it's not there because the kit spawned in the same spot twice in a row), drop the kit just before you come to the stone column in the middle of the tunnel.

    Between the Tunnels
    Take the left tunnel to the outside. Skip the first salvage crate that you come to, and grab the one that's outside by the entrance to this tunnel. Grab the kit, and turn around and come back the way you came. When you come to the crate that you skipped, pick it up so you'll drop the kit to get one long and one medium carry.

    Top of Structure
    This one was the hardest to figure out where to drop the kit to get the two carries. When heading for the kit, double jump up the wall to the left of where the kit spawns, and then double jump up the next wall, and then grab the kit.

    When coming back with the kit, walk around the spot where you did the second double jump, turn left and walk off the ledge. This should cause your character to fall passed the center ledge and go all the way to the ground below. If done right, the kit should follow you all the way down. When you fell and dropped the kit, you'll notice that you didn't get credit for a carry. What you want to do is pick the kit up again and take a few steps until you're just passed the large rock that should be to your right. Drop the pack for your long carry, and pick it up again and carry it the rest of the way to get your medium carry.

    When carrying the Medkit back to the base, head back the way you came towards the window that has a zip line. Instead of taking the zip line, turn left and walk off the edge. You'll drop the kit, get a Medium Carry, and grab the ledge you fell off of. Press (B) to drop down, pick the kit up again, and continue to the base to score the kit and a Long Carry.

    Behind Structure
    Drop the kit next to the wall that you had to double jump up to get a medium carry, and then get a long carry once you score the kit.
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