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Fe Frog achievement in Zuma's Revenge! (WP)

Fe Frog

Complete the Challenge Mode

Fe Frog0
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How to unlock the Fe Frog achievement

  • MysticZippyMysticZippy1,026,253
    26 Feb 2013 26 Feb 2013 20 Jan 2014
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    This achievement unlocks when you complete Challenge Mode. This game mode has 60 levels which you have to unlock by beatting some of the previous challenges.

    To complete it you don't need to beat every single challenge, you only need to beat enough of them to unlock all 60.

    One challenge will count as completed, as GuinIceWizard has noticed, when you survive for 3 minutes, so it's not as hard as it seems.

    Some tips to beat the game:

    The best way to reach the socre to beat a challenge is to keep your chain the whole time. Don't try to get the multipliers unless you can get them in oneshot or you have the laser, as you will loose your chain, that gives you far more points.

    sorry for the bad english, but I hope it helps you, and thanks for those who helpped me to improve this guide.

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    GillesdeRaisThis achievement really doesn't seem to be random at all in popping. It pops after you have placed a score on all 60 levels. That means that you don't need to even complete the challenge score... just play it. I doubt that it's glitchy plus or glitchy minus. Just not well explained in the description.
    Posted by GillesdeRais on 01 Nov 15 at 12:46
    GillesdeRaisThis achievement really doesn't seem to be random at all in popping. It pops after you have placed a score on all 60 levels. That means that you don't need to even complete the challenge score... just play it. I doubt that it's glitchy plus or glitchy minus. Just not well explained in the description.
    Posted by GillesdeRais on 01 Nov 15 at 20:21
    MysticZippyDon't know where did you read anything about it being random.
    Posted by MysticZippy on 01 Nov 15 at 21:19
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  • coipcoip266,480
    11 Nov 2013 09 Jan 2014 18 May 2015
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    While the other solutions here detail the nitty-gritty details about when this achievement would pop, that was never a problem for me. My problem was that I just didn't understand the strategy involved in becoming a good Zuma's Revenge player. As a result, I spent many frustrating hours repeatedly failing levels. Eventually, I figured out that Zuma's Revenge is a game of strategy, and once I mastered that, I was able to beat all of the Challenge levels, many of them Aced.

    My solution here is to help you become a good enough player to beat the challenge levels. I found that playing in Challenge Mode was quite different than playing in Adventure Mode, requiring different strategies in order to beat enough of the challenge levels to get the achievement. In short, this game is all about strategically placing, and often prudently swapping, balls in order to build up consecutive combos and grabbing bonuses without breaking your streaks.

    My 8 Steps to Success in Zuma's Revenge: Challenge Mode:
    1. Set Up Combos: The best strategy is to keep combo streaks going. Combos occur when you shoot a ball of a certain color into a group of two or more balls of the same color (i.e. 3 or more makes a combo). But making combos isn't enough: you need to chain together streaks of combos (i.e. two consecutive shots that create combos is a streak). So getting long streaks of combos garners more points than just getting a bunch of combos, meaning, if you don't currently have a combo streak going, you should take that opportunity to set up future combos. This is especially true at the start of each round.

    At the start of each round, use a couple of balls to double up an isolated ball. That is, if you have a red ball in your mouth and there is a solitary red ball on the board, shoot it at it to set it up for a future combo. That way, when you get a red ball later, you can shoot it into the two red balls to create a combo. Do this for the first 3-4 shots, if possible, to make it easier to keep combo streaks alive once you start going for streaks.

    2. Go for Streaks: Destroying balls (i.e., matching three or more of the same color) in a streak--i.e. with as many consecutive shots as possible--is crucial to getting a high score and also for triggering reversals where the balls start rolling backwards temporarily to give you much needed breathing room. This is where rotating between the color in your mouth and the color on your back is crucial, which is done by simply tapping the back of the frog. Tapping the frog on the back allows you to swap the ball in his mouth with the ball in his back, and thereby keep some streaks alive.

    3. Go for Chain Reactions: As much as possible, try to destroy balls that set off combos (i.e. chain reactions). For instance, if you have 2 or more red balls surrounded by 2 or more green balls on either side, themselves surrounded by 2 or more blue balls--Blue.GreenGreen.RedRed.Green.BlueBlue--shoot a third red ball at the other red balls. Those 3 red balls will explode, collapsing the 3 green balls together, which will then explode thereby collapsing the 3 blue balls together. That is a chain reaction and it nets you massive points.

    4. Go for Gap Bonuses: When a chain reaction initiates, there is a small window of opportunity for a gap bonus: this occurs when a gap in a line of balls nearer to you opens up after the balls you just destroyed disappear. If you can shoot a new ball through that gap into a line farther away and have it create a new combo, you get a nice bonus. Be careful, though, as often the gap closes so fast that you can easily misfire, prematurely ending your streak.

    5. Go for Bonus Balls: Along the way, always go for the luminescent multiplier balls whenever they pop up (trying as much as possible not to break your streak), followed by other types of bonus balls (particularly the lightning strike and the laser strike).

    6. Utilize Power Ups: User your power ups intelligently: if you have the lightning strike or laser strike, blow up bonus balls and fruit, or balls that will set off chain reactions. I'll restate that: use the lasers and lightning strikes to directly destroy bonus balls and fruit. If no bonus balls or fruit are on the board, destroy solitary balls that will then trigger chain reactions.

    7. Fruits: Try to get as much fruit as possible, but don't break your streak to do so.

    8. Recovering: If you get a series of 'bad balls' and have to break your streak, repeat step 1: use 3-4 in a row to fix the problem of isolated balls, so as to set them up for future combos.

    If you make use of those strategies, I've no doubt that you'll be able to maximize your score and beat all of the Challenge levels. Good luck!
  • NuckinnNuckinn547,811
    07 Jan 2014 08 Jan 2014 08 Jan 2014
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    External image

    As you can see from the picture above you don't have beat the minimum score in all of them. Just have to beat enough to unlock them all and then survive the three mins in each level. To unlock each area of challenge you have to get to the boss of that area by beating the 10 levels. You don't have to beat the boss to unlock the challenge area just beat level 10 of that area. When you unlock a challenge area you are able to play the first 2 levels. You have to get the minimum challenge score in one of the two to unlock the next one. Each area has 10 levels so you have to beat 4 of them per area with the minimum challenge score or the Ace score doesn't matter which. What I did was focus on getting the highlighted multiplier balls and then of course try to chain moves together, but focus on the power ups so you can get the multipliers.
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    TRON0314Thanks for the update. Off the subject here, but what are stone and gold coins earned? Maybe I forgot something. Thanks again!
    Posted by TRON0314 on 18 Apr 14 at 16:11
    NuckinnTo be hones I have no idea what those are and I never won any.
    Posted by Nuckinn on 18 Apr 14 at 16:22
    DaOverUnderI was sorting windows phone games by time it takes to complete... This one is listed at 6-8 hours.

    I hate Zuma and Zuma type games so I wanted to look into it. The fact it took you 14 hours doesn't help...
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 20 Sep 15 at 02:07
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